Monday, March 2, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Lord Stirling
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I have been asked by readers what they should do to prepare for a possible World War and for ever worsening economic conditions. I have a private direct one-on-one service for advice. The cost is US$100 for a half hour. 'ETHER' hosts the service and the contact information is above.

President of Guinea-Bissau killed by troops ~ link

Video - Three-wheel all-electric "spaceship like" car set to go into mass production in USA ~ link

Drug War tragedy that is Mexico ~ link

After the financial crisis, Civil War? Get ready to 'leave your region' ~ link ~ I address these issues in my private one-on-one phone conversations.

US Secretary of Defense publicly corrects the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - says Iran is NOT close to nuclear weapon ~ link

Military to use new bullet-proof gel ~ link

Ahmadinejad's Apocalyptic Ambitions ~ link
Sometimes I am just not sure who is more crazy, nut job Ahmadinejad or Netanyahu.

Lockheed's super-strength military exoskeleton with video ~ link

Too Big to Save? ~ link ~ The US taxpayer is now on the hook for $9.5 TRILLION!

Japanese Emperor and Empress to visit Pearl Harbor ~ link

Obama pushes health care centers as one focus of health care reform ~ link

Ukraine in trouble as tens of thousands cannot get their money out of the banks ~ link

Obama ready to drop European missile shield plans for Russian help on Iran ~ link

Israel's Attorney General ready to indict Olmert ~ link

What the Holocaust Debate is Really About ~ link

Obama kicks up White House entertaining ~ link

Russian President Medvedev in Spain on State Visit ~ link

US Sec. of Defense Gates: US Military can help Mexico with Drug War ~ link ~ The Perfect Hellstorm Is Gathering

Majority of US Government actions are unconstitutional ~ link

Beginning Now: The Panic Phase of the Collapse ~ link

US Senator Whitehouse is preparing the nation for torture horrors ~ link

AIG gets more new US taxpayer aid after record breaking $61.7 billion loss ~ link ~ You know, if you rob a bank or grocery store you go to jail, even if the amount is a few dollars. How come the bastards that robbed these institutions keep their freedom, jobs, income, instead of going to jail??????????

Ukraine teeters on collapse as its citizens blame banks and government ~ link

EU leaders reject bailout for Eastern Europe ~ link

PM Gordon Brown seeks a 'global grand bargain' to save the world's economy ~ link ~ Would you even buy a used car from this man?

United Nations Command
and North Korea military hold urgent talks at Korean DMZ amid heightened tensions ~ link

Where the Money Goes ~ link

Defense Minister Barak presses for Labor Party to join Netanyahu coalition ~ link

Radio chip - RFID - in your driver's license coming ~ link

Mercury in high fructose corn syrup in almost one-third of 55 popular food and drink brands ~ link

Second Avian Flu release on the general public - accidents by Big Pharma ~ link

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