Sunday, March 1, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Gordon Brown hopes to forge partnership with Obama for "global new deal" ~ link ~ Dear old Gordon is going to help fix the global mess that he had a big part in creating. NOT!

Sarkozy: Switzerland 'could be' placed on tax-haven list ~ link ~ I think that NeoCon Sarkozy just likes to hear himself talk.

Canada warns about travel to Mexico as near civil-war continues ~ link

As new Great Depression threatens to spin EU and Euro currency apart, EU chiefs meet in emergency summit ~ link ~ It is important to note that the current EU is largely shaped by the Rothschilds and other global bankers in their guest for a one-world government.

India begins building home-build aircraft carrier ~ link

Mexican drug gunslingers undaunted by government plans to increase number of troops ~ link

Chechen leader imposes extreme brand of Islam including so called "honor killings" ~ link

Rt. Hon. Clare Short: 'There was no cabinet debate in run-up to war' ~ link ~ What a bunch of evil corrupt worthless bums the current Labour Government is. No debate on committing your nation to war - just fall in line and keep the money and perks and power coming in.

Obama delays decision on the USAF F-22 fighter ~ link

Ireland on the brink of an economic collapse ~ link

US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen: Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make a bomb ~ link ~ Bullshit! Mike Mullen knows better than that. The nuclear fuel that Iran has is low-enriched uranium in the 5% or less grade (great for nuclear power stations NOT for bombs), not the 90% + high-enriched weapons grade required for a atomic bomb. The process of upgrading the low-grade material to weapons-grade is a very time consuming and expensive process and the material is under UN observation. Admiral Mullen is serving as a mouthpiece to the Illuminati/NeoCons who are planning a war with Iran and the Third World War. They are using the bullshit about "enough nuclear fuel to make a bomb" as a cause to go to war. However, they never comment about the massive almost twenty year long advanced biological warfare program that Iran has because this is a global MAD counter-force (on a par with a massive nuclear MAD counter-force) that is a very good reason NOT to go to war with Iran.

The Rothschild link to: The New Israeli Supreme Court Building; the Temple Mound; the Anti-Christ; the Illuminati ~ link

Ron Paul: Get rid of the Federal Reserve ~ link

Liberty groups, in large meetings across the United Kingdom, unite to defend peoples rights from the growing police state ~ link

Canadian Prime Minister Harper: NATO cannot defeat Afghan insurgency ~ link

Charles Freeman tapped to head the National Intelligence Council in spite of deep opposition from the 'Israeli lobby' ~ link ~ Now this is a GOOD SIGN.

Economic Doomsday Scenario ~ link

Cardinal may become the first Catholic bishop to sit in the House of Lords since the 16'th Century ~ link

Buffett: Economy in shambles likely well beyond end of 2009 ~ link

MI5 Alert on coming bank riots - MI5 and Special Branch "targeting"activists ~ link ~ But no arrests for the criminal acts that have caused the new Great Depression.

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