Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Did Florida abortion clinic throw newborn living baby away after botched procedure ~ link

China to increase defense spending by 15% ~ link

The headset that mimics all five senses - will make virtual world "real" ~ link ~ This is a technology that I have some knowledge of. They also have to get the system linked either to a chair with feedback and/or to a movable "dome/ball"; very high bandwidth is required as well as an advanced control computer system.

Death does not stop debt collectors (often the people who "owe" the debt, do not realize that the statue of limitations means that they own nothing or that the chain of paper work was not fully transferred when the debt "paper" is sold off) ~ link

FEMA Internment Camps for civil unrest ~ link

Pakistan says "We are at war" ~ link ~ see also The US-India-Mossad Connection ~ link

Iranian missiles can hit Israeli nuclear sites ~ link ~ Are there any adults at home in the Israeli government or in the mainstream news media??? This focus on Iranian missiles and Iranian "nuclear technology" is such bullshit! The real clear and present danger is the 18 year old very advanced biological warfare program that the Iranians have (begun by top ex-Soviet biowar scientists). It is a strategic global-reach MAD counter-force that has the potential to kill up to a third of the world's population. It is also a excellent reason NOT to go to war with Iran.

Morgellons Disease becoming pandemic - linked to GM food technology ~ link

Did ancient endogenous retroviruses spur human evolution? ~ link

Three Canadians killed in Afghanistan blast - two others wounded ~ link

Obama hopes to save billions in federal contract spending - targets bloated defense spending especially no-bid contracts ~ link

US lawmakers to chose between supporting rich farmers or feeding more hungry children ~ link

A world awash in oil as Great Depression 2.0 saps global demand ~ link

Gordon Brown in economic rift with his Chancellor - made worse by visit to America ~ link

Mexican drug war behind Vancouver gang violence ~ link

Why is the Bank alone playing Monopoly? ~ link ~ Go to "Banks" and click for this article.

Systemic Failure: Capitalism "Lays An Egg" ~ link

The International Criminal Court issues war crime warrant for President of Sudan ~ link

Playing the Banking Game - How cash starved US states can create their own credit ~ link

How can the United States recover without manufacturing capacity ~ link ~ The answer is it cannot. This new Great Depression 2.0 is a created nightmare - part of the strategic road map to a New World Order/one-world slave government for and by the global banking families/the Illuminati

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