Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Bibi Netanyahu's three strategies against Obama ~ link

Barak and Livni avoided Netanyahu 'like the plague' ~ link ~ They 'know' dear old Bibi personally and are afraid of what he will cause to happen to Israel and the world.

Jupiter-sized Comet Lulin to streak past Earth tonight ~ link ~ Comets presage war historically in human events - but this is one very strange comet. What with super war hawk Bibi Netanyahu coming to power, it is fair to ask: "Does this comet presage Armageddon itself?!!"

Earl of Stirling's Speaking Fees
USA & Canada ~ US$1,000 per event
Elsewhere ~ US 1,5000 per event
Plus business class airfare, approved hotel, and ground transportation.
Contact: Rt. Hon. The Earl of Stirling at earlofstirling@yahoo.com

The Second Amendment to the United States of America Constitution - The Right To Bear Arms - video ~ link ~ Thanks to a kind reader who created this YouTube video and sent me a copy of it to share with my other readers. Tim Earl of Stirling

Majority of US States join sovereignty movement - assert 10th Amendment Rights of States to all powers not specifically appointed to the Federal Government in writing by the Constitution ~ link

Groups request special prosecutor for Bush & Cheney ~ link ~ Hang the murdering, thieving, traitorous bastards!

Questions raised about Rahm Emanuel's housing arrangements in DC ~ link ~ How about questions relating to his dual citizenship and membership in Israeli intelligence?

Papa Bush and JFK Assassination - Part 2 ~ link

Rumors: Netanyahu wants to by pass Levni ~ link

Our economy cannot sustain AIPAC's and Israel's influence over us ~ link

Thousands of UK police to lose jobs as police forces feel the pinch ~ link

Opening 9/11 Pandora's Box/Sibel Edmonds Video ~ link

Eurozone credit contractions raise alarms ~ link

Shanxi H5N1 Clade 7 changes raise pandemic concerns ~ link

Very brief video: We Got Your Money ~ link

Sir Allen Stanford had links to Fund run by Bidens ~ link

Paul Craig Roberts: HOW THE ECONOMY WAS LOST ~ link ~ Very good article.

The Obama Depression ~ link

"You've lost all my money, you #@^*&!+" ~ link

Iran Nukes - Weapons of Mass Deception ~ link

UK former cabinet minister opposed sale of part of Royal Mail ~ link

Jack Straw blocks release of Iraq UK cabinet minutes ~ link ~ I have personally had dealings with Jack, he has a problem with the truth!

Russians retrench as crisis evokes memories of 1998 ~ link

Sex, drugs and Islam ~ link ~ Thanks to a reader for suggesting this article.

Nature's Inspiration from MotiVation In A Minute ~ link

Corn and soybeans price drops due to Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

Stormy opening session in Knesset forecast ~ link

Eastern European bailout proposed ~ link

Putin faces rising anger from within Russian Army ~ link

Now two US Congressmen have had their homes and cars spray painted by fed up citizens ~ link ~ The modern day version of 'tar and feathering'

So many questions and so little time to answer ~ link

Number of Eastern European migrants in UK falls 40% as Great Depression 2.0 unfolds ~ link ~ Does this mean that I will have British citizens as taxi drivers, waiters, clerks, etc. now when I travel to London?

Scottish title of 'Baron' for sale - One Million Pounds Sterling ~ link

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned recently that Hitler took the guns away from his citizens. Today, I came upon this (Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945):


It appears that the common myth that the National Socialist government was anti-private gun ownership is incorrect. Indeed, unlike American Presidents, Hitler never needed to wear body armor or hide behind bulletproof glass when appearing in public. He didn't fear the Germans: the Germans loved him.