Monday, February 23, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Paradise lost as civil war looms in Guadeloupe ~ link

Russia: No money to buy beef on international market ~ link

120,000 Protest in a Ireland already hard hit by unfolding Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

UK Police bracing themselves for summer of rage against unfolding Great Depression 2.0 ~ link

Obama sets out high-risk financial agenda for USA ~ link

Brown: World needs 'global new deal' ~ link

Bibi's warmonger cabinet doomed from the start ~ link ~ That just means that he will push for war all the quicker in the limited time that he has.

Anxiety spreads across the US-Mexico border ~ link

Black Sea: Pentagon's gateway to three continents and the Middle East ~ link

Angry citizens spray paint Congressman's car and home ~ link ~ There are growing indications from around the world that people will take the issues from the new Great Depression 2.0 directly to those responsible. This could get interesting.

Milwaukee Archbishop named Archbishop of New York ~ link

Barak joins Livni in rejecting Bibi's offer to join unity government ~ link ~ They know Bibi and don't want anything to do with him and his new government.

Citigroup's clever plan to screw the taxpayers again ~ link

Comet Lulin - the strange green comet - will be visible to the naked eye over the next few days ~ link ~ Historically comets are said to presage wars. This is a really strange comet and it comes right when dear old super war hawk Netanyahu is forming his war cabinet. His attack on WMD-armed Iran will begin WWIII.

Monetize This: Resolving a spiraling public debt crisis ~ link

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