Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Post

"In all, across Europe (European Union and wider), eight countries have declared states of emergency. A further 10 European countries, including Germany, Italy and France, have taken emergency measures. It is clear from the Energy Ministers’ meeting yesterday that all countries in Europe have an interest in an early resolution of this dispute." This is from a statement made by the British Foreign Secretary and copied as part of a written answer to a peer's question in the House of Lords (I receive a daily update from the UK Parliament - House of Lords). The current crisis on natural gas in Europe, involving the Ukraine and Russia is growing more serious each day. There is good evidence to suggest that the Ukrainian Government is being encouraged to cause the crisis by the Bush Administration and the global banking families. The stage is being set for the Third World War and the natural gas crisis is simply one phase in the strategy.

Link to a story where Russia claims that the US is behind the crisis.

Link to a German story re: Russian Security Plan Prompts Fears Of Gas Wars

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