Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Special Link

The Target is Iran: Israel's latest gamble may backfire ~ link ~ Great article but it fails to cover the fact that Iran already has GLOBAL STRATEGIC WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION - Advanced BioWar - which gives Iran a MAD (mutually assured destruction) capability against Israel/USA and the EU. This means World War III/Armageddon in the event of a all out war against Iran/Syria/Lebanon. That the NeoCons do not publicly speak of the counter-strike dangers from Iran, and that the mainstream news media also embargo's the topic, does not make the danger go away. It simply means that the masses of people are unaware of the grave dangers facing us in the near term in the Middle East. Either Obama controls the Israelis and ends the NeoCon agenda in America, or we will face the greatest loss of life among Americans (living in America) in history in the event of a general Middle East war.

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