Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Comments

I just posted a comment on OpEdNews, responding to an article titled "Is Prince Harry Really Racist". My comment was that the recent 'News of the World' story about Prince Harry was just nonsense. It was reflective of the intense newspaper competition in London and NOT reflective of the truth. I quoted, in my comment, a brief section from a article in this blog some months ago. I thought I would repeat it here:

I am breaking my rule, not to publish on members of the Royal Family, to offer a brief story about HRH, Prince Harry, the second son of HRH, The Prince of Wales and the late HRH, Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho (younger brother of HM, King Letsie III of Lesotho) have formed the Princes' Fund for Lesotho ~ now called Sentebale. Lesotho is a beautiful but dirt poor landlocked nation surrounded by South Africa. Of the 1.8 million people living in Lesotho, fully one-third have HIV/Aids. This has resulted in a truly massive number of orphans, fully 40% of all the children in Lesotho are orphans.

Prince Harry and 26 of his comrades from the Household Cavalry of the British Army are spending three weeks of their own off-time in back breaking labor building a dining hall, wheelchair ramps, and a septic tank system at a elementary school to help out the orphans. Harry is right in there doing all the manual labor and "leading from the front". To me this is what real leadership is all about.

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Ronald said...

Sir - well said. On balance, both Prince William and Harry have done well having grown up in the glare of 24 hour news. It is unfortunate that the newspapers seek to tear down the Sons of Diana for the sake of profits...