Sunday, January 25, 2009

Links of the Day

Why hyperinflation will begin in China (early this year) and how it will destroy the US Dollar ~ link

Mexican 'Stew Maker' dissolved 300 bodies in acid for drug lord ~ link

oogle wants to gather ALL power in the Internet to itself ~ link

Texas about to execute an innocent man according to four pathologists ~ link

Second Vatican Council began 50 years ago ~ link

Ford, GM, Chrysler lost almost 1000 dealers in 2008 ~ link

Four Labour Peers facing police probe over taking cash for House of Lords actions ~ link

Study finds troubling pattern of Southern California quakes ~ link

Canada's $75 billion dollar bank bailout ~ link ~ More free taxpayer money for the rich bankers. Someday people will look back at 2008/2009 and wonder how the public could have been so STUPID as to allow the politicians to loot the public treasuries for the corrupt bankers. When the bankers have spent all the money, we will still be in a new Great Depression, and in debt much much worse that before, and be in a far worse position economically. But the mainstream news media, bought and paid for by the Illuminati, is telling the sheeple that this makes good sense, and most people just go along with it - trained not to think for themselves, not to question, not to get outside of the box no matter what.

Rabbi Lerner at the Inauguration ~ link

Britain facing three-day work week as economic depression worsens ~ link

The Eiffel Tower that tourists never see ~ link

Israel switches to Iran after Gaza War ~ link ~ Iran is not some mostly helpless Gaza - Iran has spent 18 years building one of the most deadly Advanced BioWar programs on Earth. Attacking Iran will open the gates of Hell.

NeoCons to Obama: Give talks with Iran no more than three months ~ link ~ Then what - World War III?!!

Fight over bankruptcy judges redoing mortgages in US ~ link

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