Saturday, January 24, 2009

Links of the Day

Brown pawns Britain ~ link

Vatican criticizes Obama on abortion issue ~ link

Israel finds huge natural gas reserve ~ link

Greek police are again battling with rioters ~ link

Russia: New Georgian military deployments alarming ~ link

Pope move ignites Holocaust row ~ link ~ What arrogance! It is the Pope's business and Catholics business who is a bishop and no one else's. Also see: Pope lifts excommunications of four bishops ~ link

Cell phones are being used as bugs - video ~ link

The Second Most Powerful Man In Washington ~ link

Obama's 'Window of Opportunity' for improved Russian and EU ties ~ link

Overdue library book leads to woman's arrest ~ link ~ What Nazi assholes the cops and "criminal justice" system is in that community.

Obama signals that there will be tough new restrictions on banks in rescue package ~ link

Some in Europe eying troops and aid to cage Gaza even tighter than before ~ link ~ This is just more crazy NeoCon/Likuid Party strategy; strong on violence, weak on smarts.

Israel must stop fanning the flames that will consume us ~ link ~ Not likely if Bibi gets elected in three weeks time as PM.

China cautions US Secretary of State Clinton on currency row ~ link

Freddie Mac wants $35 billion more from US taxpayers ~ link

Lights go out across UK as recession hits home ~ link

'Hobbit skull' from Indonesia is not 'human' ~ link

Just how big is UK's toxic debt ~ link ~ More important question: Is not the whole financial crisis a planned event, made worse by the efforts of governments "to save the banks/etc.".

German chipmaker Qimonda goes bankrupt ~ link

Queen and Duke of Edinburgh 'take an interest' in crop circles ~ link ~ So, do I. I have corresponded with some of the researchers. Many crop circles are just man made, but not all and the human makers of most of the circles did not begin the process of circle creation. I am not sure, just who or what is behind the crop circles however.

A priest who serves the poor, visits the jails and cares for strangers ~ link

Pakistan urges Obama to halt missile attacks ~ link

City Minister in UK Government Lord Myners attacks bankers for arrogance and greed ~ link

Senior Mexico cops charged with favoring drug cartel ~ link

Baroness Tonge on Israel and the Gaza War ~ link
This is a video from the House of Lords

The World will not purchase unlimited US debt ~ link

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Andreas said...

Yes, it's definitely none of the Jews' business as to who is part of the Catholic Church and who is not. It's a shame they get upset about things. Also, the Vatican press office did issue a note stating that if Bishop Williamson wants to make stupid comments on secular matters, then that would involve his opinion only, and he would not be speaking for the Church. Only when a bishop comments on matters concerning faith and morals is he speaking on behalf of the Church.