Friday, January 23, 2009

Links of the Day

Home repossessed every ten minutes in United Kingdom ~ link

UN shocked by Gaza War's destruction ~ link

Growing concern over Israel's weapons use ~ link

Interesting reflections ~ link

Farmers blocking roads across Greece ~ link

North Korea's Kim meets Chinese official ~ link

Annular solar eclipse on January 26 ~ link

Vatican launches Pope's YouTube channel ~ link

Death agony of Thatcher deregulated finance model ~ link

Sarkozy's France sending frigate to support Israel in Gaza arms lock down ~ link

Rioting brings down Icelandic Government ~ link ~ Is this the beginning of something?

UN may prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld for torture and mistreatment of Guantanamo prisoners ~ link

Cameron warns UK will 'have to go begging to the IMF' ~ link ~ Dear old Gordon Brown, like his buddy George Bush, has spent hundreds of billions bailing out private bankers.

Jewish leaders interfere with Pope's control of bishops over a bishop's questioning of Holocaust numbers ~ link

Suspected US missile strikes kill at least 20 in Pakistan ~ link

Gordon Brown - The Premier in the Iron Mask that disguised a buffoon ~ link

Organized chaos - Turkey's dark history of assassinations ~ link

The British Pound: Not so Sterling ~ link ~ Note: My title, Earl of Stirling (as well as my title Viscount of Stirling), is linked to the ancient capital of Scotland, the City of Stirling not to 'pounds sterling'.

Saudi prince says US ties at risk over Gaza War ~ link

Three killed, including two infants, and ten injured in knife attack in Belgium day care center ~ link

New York Governor picks attractive blond upstate conservative Congresswoman as Clinton's replacement as US Senator ~ link

CellAdam: Remarkable new natural cancer drug ~ link

Australia concerned over China's growth collapse ~ link

Mystery prison buses in the desert ~ link

Former French President Chirac mauled by his pet dog ~ link

UK's Labour Government has unleased government bullies at all levels ~ link ~ 'Tell me about it' - I wrote a book about it ~ link to book.

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