Thursday, January 22, 2009

Links of the Day

Europe lauds Obama's shutdown of secret CIA prisons ~ link

Israel: Determined to destroy the world? ~ link ~ I would say 'some' in Israel are determined to follow a course that could end up destroying the world.

Spook politics in Hollywood ~ link

Another level of the real estate meltdown crisis about to hit ~ link

Obama issues directive to shut down Gitmo ~ link ~ But why in 'one years time'? Why so long?

Obama re-takes his oath of office ~ link

The Revolution in Mexico has begun ~ link ~ This may be a possibility and could add a very dangerous mix to the next few months.

Obama urges Israel to open Gaza borders ~ link

India says Pakistan must be disciplined ~ link

What is the real story behind the Caroline Kennedy US Senate bid? ~ link ~ I don't know the family (only saw JFK, RFK, TK like millions of others; had lunch with one of her cousins, once; tried to hire her late brother to be my anchor for the 'fourth national evening television newscast' that I was setting up 11-13 years ago), but I don't believe the BS coming from the mainstream news media. Something big just happened, but we are not suppose to know anything about it.
The powerful Kennedy Clan just effectively lost its US Senate seat, as Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy is dying and in the near future there will be no Kennedy senator to protect the Clan's interests. Also see ~ link
Also see this very good ~ link

Tijuana, Mexico so dangerous it is 'off-limits' to battle hardened US Marines ~ link

New 'Age of Rebellion' and rioting stalk Europe ~ link ~ Question: 'Will this spread throughout the world'

23 Proofs of Israeli defeat in the Gaza War ~ link ~ Keep in mind that this is coming from an Iranian site, however the Israeli population does not seem to feel that any victory was won and Bibi Netanyahu is apt to win the election next month and that means a much worse war is coming.

On Day One: Obama overturns era of White House Secrecy ~ link

Antarctica's 15 million year old lake - A living bio lab ~ link

Pakistan's shift alarms US ~ link

India admits cruise missile test a failure ~ link

Astronomers find a super-Neptune planet ~ link

Gaza War widens lead of Netanyahu ~ link ~ Watch Bibi - he is highly apt to ignite a war with Iran that is likely to become WWIII.

Committee concerned over House of Lords reform ~ link

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