Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Links of the Day

First 100 Days: Manufacturing a dream and a recovery - "Obama can lead the nation to a renaissance in American manufacturing" ~ link ~ There are many things that Obama should do; re-establishing the role of American manufacturing as the world's leader is near the top of the list.

Sell sterling - take cash out of UK says top financial adviser ~ link

Will candidates' DNA play a role in future elections ~ link ~ This article refers to Burke's Peerage's past claims that every US presidential election "has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes". When I was Scottish Editor at Burke's Peerage I felt that this claim was mostly 'BS'. An interesting bit of information is in the article: US Secret Service agents bag any glassware used by the president to keep his DNA secret. My guess would be that this has to do with designer drugs and viruses that could be used to attack the president but not those around him.

Obama meeting with top military officers on Iraq and Afghanistan ~ link

Turkey blackmailing EU over gas pipeline ~ link

Obama pledges new start with Muslins ~ link ~ The NeoCon idiots managed to empower the Iranians; lets hope Obama can do a lot better.

Dissident author reveals Ho Chi Minh's tragic love secret ~ link

Barack Obama's triple test ~ link

White House stops pending Bush regulations for review ~ link ~ More good news from the new Obama Administration.

Obama's Inaugural: Why the crowds? Why the joy? ~ link

Edmund de Rothschild dies at 93 ~ link ~ One of the senior members of the richest and most powerful family on Earth.

The threat of a global trade war ~ link

USMC: New gun ~ link

EU: Europe must invest in energy security ~ link

Judge grants Obama request to suspend Gitmo trial ~ link

Obama: Amaze us ~ link

Last Israeli troops leave Gaza ~ link

North Korea and Iran open to US efforts to defuse tensions ~ link

Brown insists on 'special relationship' between UK and USA ~ link

Roubini: US financial losses could reach $3.6 trillion ~ link

Pakistan warns US over drone strikes ~ link

Is Sarkozy the new Napoleon? ~ link

No confirmation vote - yet - for Clinton ~ link

India test-fires Mach 2.8 surface-to-surface BrahMos supersonic nuclear capable cruise missile - missile test-fired near Pakistan border ~ link

Russia OKs US use of routes into Afghanistan ~ link ~ An olive branch to the new Obama Administration?

President Obama wears bullet-resistant suit at Inaugural ~ link

Gordon Brown takes UK to edge of bankruptcy ~ link

Icelanders in angry demonstration demanding Government resign over economy ~ link ~ This is something we will be seeing a lot more of around the world in the months to come.

Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecutions ~ link ~ This is a good sign!

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