Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Links of the Day

Teddy Kennedy collapses in convulsions at luncheon for new President ~ link
Also Senator Byrd - President Pro Tem of the US Senate (third in line to the presidency) - also taken from room needing medical attention ~ link

Medvedev: Sanctions for nations arming Georgia ~ link

Obama's "beast" of a new limo revealed ~ link

Russia-Ukraine Gas War: Europe's winter of discontent ~ link

Kenyans toast Obama presidency with beer and parties ~ link

Worldwide hopes soar from Obama inauguration ~ link

US reaches deal on Afghan supply routes to troops ~ link

Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America ~ link
Also see ~ link
Also see ~ link

Obama's New Cadillac Limousine Officially Unveiled ~ link

Obama steps to the door of the White House and history ~ link

King of Thailand receives UN award ~ link

25% of American retailers may go bankrupt ~

Experts: Mexico bigger threat than Iran and Iraq ~ link

Sustained H5N1 transmission in Shanxi China raises concerns ~ link

Bush's Legacy: Conservatives were betrayed ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland's sharp drop in shares raises nationalization fears ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

"Obama can save us", says America as polls show wave of optimism sweeping the nation ~ link


Anonymous said...

US-Egyptian Red Sea hunt for Iranian ship carrying 60 tons of arms for Hamas

US and Egyptian warships were scouring the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea Tuesday, Jan. 20 to waylay an Iranian freighter carrying scores of heavy rockets for delivery to Hamas. DEBKAfile's exclusive sources report they were acting on intelligence that a ship loaded with an estimated 60 tons of arms to replenish Hamas' depleted war stocks had set out from the Iranian Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas on Jan. 17.


Федоренко said...

A new price on Russian gas for Ukraine is about $230 for thousand cubic meters. Nobody will say more precisely today. A word «about» is a new know-how of the Ukrainian government, that hides the unwillingness of Julia Volodimirivna to acknowledge that she handed us to Russia.