Monday, January 19, 2009

Links of the Day

Militants in Pakistan bomb 5 girls schools, kill soldier ~ link

Indian Army lacked ammo for war with Pakistan ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland loss a all-time record for a UK firm - shares in freefall ~ link

Georgia and Abkhazia trade border fire ~ link

'Civil war' and vigilantism gripping Mexico ~ link

Caroline Kennedy to get Hillary's US Senate seat ~

Historic Camelot Barony title for sale ~ link

Sarkozy's "reform" of French justice system causes outcry ~ link ~ His so-called "reform" is just an attempt to end the independent role of judges that can investigate HIM.

Pelosi open to prosecution of Bush Administration officials ~ link ~ So why did she kill all impeachment efforts regarding Bush and Cheney for years?!!

Britain faces bankruptcy ~ link

US Secret Service sigh of relief after 8 years of the Bushes and the Cheneys - Parody ~ link

Lindsey Williams - The Next 12 Months - Video ~ link ~ Most interesting.

Russia agrees to Afghan request for defense aid ~ link

Dispite warnings, Canadian PM touts fixes for short term ~ link

Most US airlines expect to report losses ~ link

Obama and top military officers to meet on first day ~ link

Marriage between two branches of Georgian Royal Family strengthens possible future Royal Restoration ~ link

Obama embodies America's hopes ~ link

Turkey's PM in Brussels as Turkey's EU ambitions face decisive year ~ link

Bush fails to pardon Lord Black ~ link

Global areas that will need Obama's attention ~ link

Obama must right the wrongs ~ link

Joe Biden has Lord Kinnock as quest for the inauguration ~ link

The Scot in America....Scottish-American Societies ~ link

Gaza War falls silent as foes pursue stable peace ~ link

US files WTO case against EU ban on American poultry ~ link

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