Saturday, January 3, 2009

Links of the Day

Israeli ground troops invade Gaza ~ link ~ I think that the Israelis have taken the bate. Two and a half years ago, they did the same thing in the Second Lebanon War, and were defeated. Hamas has been preparing a massive 'killing field' for Israeli armor. This will cause super-war hawk Bibi to win the February election and serve to set the Middle East and the World up for the Final Battle.
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See also very powerful video of immediate aftermath of Israeli airstrike on civilian food market, many many men/women/children killed and injured ~ link
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Yellowstone earthquakes raise fears ~ link ~ Possible tie-in to Gaza War. There is a large and mostly secret branch of warfare called Scalar War. Much is based on the work of the late Nicoli Tessa; the father of modern electronics. Scalar warfare includes such things as weather war and also the setting off of earthquakes. Before you dismiss this, take the time to read up on Scalar War. It may well be that America is being sent a warning by a foreign power to either: (1) not support Israel in this expanding Gaza War; or (2) to support Israel in this expanding Gaza War. A number of nations and perhaps some groups have access to advanced Scalar War technology. The Yellowstone super caldera, if it blows up, would effectively destroy several western US states. However, its super-volcano last erupted 70,000 years ago - how coincidental that the earthquake warning signs are coming JUST NOW. Also see ~ link

The Wall Street Ponzi Scheme called Fractional Reserve Banking ~ link

India demands Pakistan hand over Mumbai suspects ~ link

Warning to the World on Gaza War from the legendary Bulgarian Prophettes Vanga ~ link ~ Vanga is dead now, but I am long time friends with someone that helped her.

US gives Israel free rein on whether to invade Gaza ~ link ~ I have a feeling that things will not go so good for the land invasion of Gaza, Israel should back off.

Gordon Brown: Wrecker of family life and enemy of Britain ~ link

Week 2 of Gaza War ~ link


John said...

Here's what really worries me about Israel forces on the ground in Gaza. Syria and Hezbollah might use this opportunity to attack while Israel's forces are stretched thin.

John said...

You know, I'm really surprised that Israel and the U.S. haven't already developed a short range mini version of the Patriot missile system to deal with these rockets coming out of Gaza.