Friday, January 2, 2009

Links of the Day

Rabbi Michael Lerner: Israel in Gaza - Right but NOT SMART ~ link ~ I like Rabbi Lerner

Bank of America - Now number one US bank ~ link

Open Letter to Obama from former PM of Malaysia ~ link

Israel set to begin ground war in Gaza ~ link

US call up of a war vet, aged 50 and out of service for 15 years - Involuntary Recall ~ link ~ Sounds like slavery by another name to me.

Historically important British title, Baron of Greenan, for sale - one million UK pounds ~ link

Pasteurization: Pulling the plug on scientific fallacies undergirding our industrial food and drug culture ~ link

Diamonds link comet to mammal extinction ~ link

US governors seek $1 trillion federal assistance ~ link ~ Sure the global banking families, who own the Fed, would just love to loan America another trillion and have Americans pay interest on this for a generation or so.

Israel prepares to send in the tanks ~ link

Argentina: Celebrating Democracy ~ link

Obama's big oil decision ~ link

Labor pushes Rudd for early vote on Australian republic ~ link ~ The Royal Family should send several of its princes to serve as Governor-Generals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other nations where the Queen is Sovereign. Otherwise, over time, the thrones throughout the Commonwealth will all be lost.

Could Americans today survive a Great Depression? ~ link

Israel attacks new Hamas targets as Gaza rockets hit Ashkelon ~ link

The Financial Crisis: The Crisis of Common Sense ~ link

The Vatican City State will no longer automatically adopt Italian laws ~ link

The Huffington Post - Israeli Occupied Territory (the tie-in to the Israeli arms industry) ~ link ~ You know, the question that Israeli supporters need to be asking of themselves is: Exactly where has all the massive effort to control American and western nations gotten Israel? Israel has had just over sixty years of war, war, and more war. Only a fool would blame all this on the "Arabs". The war party in Israel and the NeoCons have established and maintained a losing strategy. It is highly profitable for the global banking families, who feed on war and the like, but Israel is a small nation that continues to roll the dice with its very survival. A strategy that would establish peaceful relations with neighboring states and pay off the millions whose families have lost land in the creation of Israel and the wars since, would make a great deal of sense. Instead we get the Holiday bombing of one of the most densely populated areas on earth and more hate generated against Israel. This does not make good sense.

Gaza's rockets puts Israel's nuclear bomb making plant at risk ~ link

New law in Russia ends jury trials for 'crimes against the state' ~ link ~ Russia still has a long way to go to ending the influence of the KGB/communist police state.

Rising desperation as China's exports drop ~ link ~ The global bankers created the modern Communist Chinese economy. I wonder how the Chinese will react as their new hot economy goes to hell.

Rare look at a Russian prison reveals contradictions ~ link


Anonymous said...

US ok's Israeli Gaza ground attack

Who is the aggressor, the Zionists or the USA?

Anonymous said...

The bible is an old account of a War that engulfed a whole world in a distant past yet to come.
Religion was the means to control a reality that yet to be is soon set to pass.
How this? A question that in itself leaves only one answer- Jesus Christ as being that man to come came and brought what is to be set into a distant event that found itself to be a written account of our present unfolding future!
We are now witnessing that event to be brought about. Your name and blog tells a lot. A Kennedy was once with his brother later assassinated due to the effect that he was in that lineage of a bloodline of twelve set to hide the thirteenth bloodline! All of nobilities are of those twelve families being at a place called the stables of Solomon. They all met at that place and hours to witness a hologram evolve into a test run called at those times the Templar- through ages were they assembled in Scotland and their money bought up all those titles securing the transition into nowadays decision makers.
Scotland was the cradle of nowadays kingdoms called states and democracies!
This is why Templar was founded in Jerusalem- they had to secure the lineages through ages to assemble at designated places and from there to fulfil the accords of the bible as a whole.
These are the events now unfolding and from where do these events come?
They are purely spiritual. These are those which manifest into this reality- US of America will surely be erased to be a nation. Tabula rasa!
USA gave the orders to invade Israel, which on the contrary what peoples believe lies on the other side of Philistine. That place or that place the bible defines to be Israel is USA and Gaza! Edom is USA, the land beyond Egypt and Ethiopia is USA! Philistine is present geographic Israel- this is sad indeed!
Canada though is Lebanon in this saga- Mexico is surely Egypt! This is without any exception the key to understand the events that are set to be!
Olmert once said- there are giants in the lands!
A world is set to be ensnared.
Atrocities will be in the land of Israel!
We are surely all Israelites- we are all children of the twelve tribes of Israel. Children tend to forget their father but they recall all the way the love of their mother hopefully nursing them. Beyond doctrines is a universal truth- there is always a father, mother and their offspring this we all are! Twelve siblings fighting for more of more, that we are as well! That is our world- a world of strife and sorrows for widows.
There is a hint out there- maybe is there salvation and redemption at hand?
Let us hope that the birth pangs will soon be over- let us hope that the mother will not abort this infant child! Let us hope that the mother knows how eager that child wants to come forth!