Thursday, January 1, 2009

Links of the Day

Israelis feel empowered by attacks against Hamas ~ link

IDF recommends major but brief Gaza War ground offensive ~ link

Jitters across EU as Russia cuts Ukraine fuel supply ~ link

Rockets are again at the heart of a Mideast war ~ link

Recent Yellowstone earthquakes ~ link

Vienna tourists hang on as carriage horses bolt ~ link

Israel kills top Hamas figure - escalating campaign ~ link

Was the "credit crunch" a myth used to sell a trillion-dollar scam ~ link

US Stocks - 2008 was worse year since Great Depression ~ link

Tough talking Putin gives Ukraine gas ultimatum ~ link


John said...

When will Israel learn that violence only begets more violence. I wonder if they are doing what we did in the Iraq war with Al Quaeda which was to pay off their own people to turn in the terrorists. If not that way, I'm sure there are less violent ways of getting rid of the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it takes violence to stop violence.why do people assume that everybody is willing to talk over their differences.if someone hijacked a plane you were flying you would be a fool to sit back and assume you could talk your way out . some people just want to kill. they will only be stopped by overwhelming force.