Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Russian Orthodox Church elects 16th Patriarch ~ link ~ For many of the years under Imperial rule (under the Tsars) there was no Patriarch, otherwise the number of Patriarchs would be much higher. Also see: Icon at the new Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow has started streaming myrrh very intensively ~ link

Is financial chaos all a big plot? ~ link ~ YES!

NFL fantasy files - great video ~ link

The UK House of Lords - the perks, pay & pomp ~ link ~ I have to admit the place has a nice feel to it (loved it when I sat there, on a visit to the UK, as Lord Stirling).

Argentina in drought crisis ~ link

Bibi positions himself for win in Israeli election ~ link ~ Very bad news for us all.

Clegg wants tougher rules for peers in House of Lords ~ link

American exporters making last-ditch efforts to stop trade barriers ~ link

Dividends being cut - fastest pace in half a century ~ link

Icelandic PM: world's first leader to step down over Great Depression 2.0 ~ link ~ We need many many leaders to get the ax over this disaster.

British pub beer sales down 10% ~ link ~ When the Brits cut back on beer in their local pubs, you know things are really getting bad - scary bad!

The looming food crisis ~ link

Russian Orthodox Church electing new Patriarch ~ link

Leaders of southern Africa press Zimbabwe for power-sharing deal ~ link

Cuba aims to become tourist magnet ~ link

Drug violence surges in Mexico ~ link

USA vows 'direct diplomacy' with Iran ~ link ~ About time.

Fighting between Sir Lanka troops and Tigers cause fear for civilian population ~ link

Drug gangs have Mexico on the ropes - severed head of police commander left in ice cooler in front of police state with Sinoloa drug cartel calling card latest outrage ~ link

Mexican President seeks to dispel talk of 'failing state' ~ link

US envoy former Senator George Mitchell kicks off Mideast tour in Egypt ~ link

Bombing and Israeli airstrike shake Gaza truce ~ link

Gordon Brown: 'New World Order' after crisis ~ link ~ When you hear a senior world leader using this term, he/she is catering to the Illuminati global banking families and their satanic plans for a global slave state.

Kadima kicks off Israeli campaign - threat to assassinate Hamas chiefs high on list of promises ~ link

Gaza War aids Likud and Bibi Netanyahu ~ link ~ Bibi - the man most likely to begin World War III

Sky TV and BBC condemned by UK lawmakers for Gaza aid appeal rejection ~ link

Sarkozy's handling of financial crisis results in mass strikes - will paralyze France this week ~ link

Iceland to have new government headed by center-left party after collapse of old government due to rioting over economy ~ link

UK bank mortgage approvals down 52% ~ link

Ancient British title of Baron for sale ~ link

Is Europe's state welfare system a model for the 21st Century? ~ link

CIA Director says Mexican violence a threat to USA ~ link

Sarkozy offers Obama French help with Guantanamo closure ~ link

Eight babies born to California couple ~ link
Also see ~ link

Russia is planning a naval base in Abkhazia ~ link

Banks may need more says VP Biden ~ link ~ Sure, why not just give the friendly bankers EVERYTHING! Actually, we should nationalize the banks needing taxpayer money.

US forecasters see historic drop in retail sales ~ link

Wave of layoffs in US and Europe show severity of economic crisis ~ link

Gaza War ended in utter failure for Israel ~ link

Obama: 'Rigid ideology has overruled sound science' ~ link

'Fannie Mae' and 'Freddie Mac' could tap US Treasury for $51 billion in coming weeks ~ link

Jimmy Carter: Israel to face 'catastrophe' without Palestinian state ~ link ~ Former President Carter can see it, hundreds of millions of well educated people in Europe, North America, etc., can see it, but not the NeoCons and Likud Party nuts.

Russia stops USA on road to Afghanistan ~ link

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Anonymous said...

The oppression of Palestine fuels hatred of Israel in Arab nations. Israel in turn uses her fear of Arab nations to keep her various rivalling Jewish factions united enough for there to be a nation in the first place. Without perceived outside threat, without a continuous threat, the Jewish State collapses in internal struggle. It's the same story with the Holocaust myth. Without the myth of perennial persecution, Jewish identity will vaporize.