Monday, January 26, 2009

Links of the Day & Great Depression 2.0

Clues to Noah's Flood in prehistoric site ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu and Likud maintaining edge in Israeli election race ~ link ~ Bibi is a war hawk/nut that will get his people killed and a large part of the world destroyed.

The banks have stolen enough - it's time to take them over ~ link ~ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Ice circle' mystery in Canada ~ link

Brown warns against 'pessimism' ~ link ~ Kind of like the captain of the Titanic warning of pessimism.

Lending drops at major US banks as billions and billions continue to pour in from US taxpayers ~ link

Is the NSA training its expensive US taxpayer paid for spy satellites on the American public? ~ link

Citigroup buying new $50 million corporate jet while burning through $45 billion 'rescue' from US taxpayers ~ link ~ If the public is so stupid as to allow this crap to happen they deserve it.

Israeli author: Israel screwed itself with Gaza war - the world sees it as a 'blood stained monster' ~ link

Gordon Brown calls for a 'new global order' ~ link ~ Illuminati mouthpiece!

Twenty-five people at the heart of the economic meltdown ~ link

Putin blames Bush for gas war - 'optimistic' on Obama ~ link

NATO will not admit Georgia or Ukraine ~ link

Nationalization of key US banks being considered ~ link

How to move a 700-year-old church - photos ~ link

World applauds departure of George Bush ~ link

Russian Orthodox Church selects top 3 contenders for new Patriarch ~ link

Ukraine drifting towards default ~ link

Major corporations cut 74,000 jobs today alone ~ link

Major new attack on the Internet and our right to use it ~ link

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