Saturday, January 17, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

The recession crime wave ~ link

Guantanamo defense calls for all charges to be dropped due to torture ~ link

More instability in Eastern Europe due to economic depression ~ link

US Economy is being marched to the gallows ~ link

The Palestinians say: "This is a war of extermination" ~ link

North Korea has 'weaponized plutonium' ~ link

No solution yet to European natural gas crisis ~ link

Where are the weapons from the "arms smuggling" in Gaza ~ link ~ You know, the arms smuggling that is one of the "casus beli" for the current Gaza War according to the Israelis.

European GEO 600 Detector finds scientific proof that the Universe is a giant hologram ~ link ~ I have done several links on the Universe as a superhologram and written an article on this (please see the archives).

Economic riots spread to Lithuania ~ link

83% of big US corporations and contractors use offshore tax havens ~ link ~ While 99% of US citizens pay their taxes. Also see this story ~ link

Fail to the Chief - photo collection from the Bush years ~ link

21,000 jobs worldwide erased in one day ~ link

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