Thursday, January 15, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

EU stalls on closer EU-Israel links in response to Gaza War ~ link

Fidel Castro - gravely ill ~ link

Mexican President - reeling from escalating violence - warns Obama of Mexico's security needs ~ link

Russia calls summit to resolve natural gas crisis ~ link

Russia concerned by increasing death toll in Gaza War ~ link

Chinese warn USA over arms sales to Taiwan ~ link

Citigroup in serious trouble ~ link

China - facing global economic crisis - warns against protest as unemployment rises ~ link

US Military Warns: Mexico and nuclear-armed Pakistan both at risk of 'Rapid and Sudden Collapse' ~ link

Mossad and CIA implicated in coup plot in Turkey ~ link

Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev to purchase London Evening Standard from Lord Rothermere ~ link
Also see ~ link

British Jewish MP likens Israeli efforts in Gaza War to Nazis ~ link

NOTE: Thanks to Dr. Bill and for another interesting national radio talk show interview this afternoon with Lord Stirling.

UN Secretary-General leads protests as Israel hits Gaza hospitals and UN Headquarters in Gaza ~ link
Also see this story in UN publication ~ link
Also see ~ link

Airliner crashes in Hudson River in New York City after multiple bird strikes cuts both engines - All 150 on-board safe ~ link ~ The flight crew are responsible for saving 150 lives; they did a great professional job.

NSA'a wiretapping of Americans outsourced to Israel ~ link

Hereditary Communist Dictatorship: North Korea's Kim names 3rd son to succeed him and his father before him ~ link

Israeli forces shell UN Headquarters in Gaza ~ link

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