Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

Giant rockets could revolutionize astronomy and space travel/transportation ~ link

Gulf Arab Sovereign Funds: multi-billion dollar losses ~ link

World Economic Forum: Chinese slump biggest risk to global economy ~ link

Despite the Deal, EU still awaits flow of natural gas from Russia - Ukraine blocks gas transmission ~ link

Blair's War Medals ~ link

Rockets fall on northern Israel - Israel shells southern Lebanon - as truce efforts intensify over Gaza War ~ link ~ Was the firing of rockets from some splinter group or a false flag operation by Israel? Will the current war become a general Middle East war?!! Another story on this ~ link

Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel ~ link ~ What total bullshit! Bin Laden has been DEAD for years, he died of kidney failure seven years ago. "Al-Qaida" is simply a CIA-Mossad front. The name means "little toilet" in Arab slang, not a name that any real "terrorists" would use. The whole Al-Qaida/9-11/7-7/etc. thing is a scam to bring the world into many very profitable wars, while allowing Israel to continue its Greater Israel expansion strategy using western money and blood. The intelligent people of this world have seen through the scam, but not everyone has. The Illuminati/NeoCon trash intends to take us all into the Third World War.

How to Resolve the Credit Crisis: Credit where credit is due ~ link

Indian army chief confirms Pakistani troop movements ~ link

Netanyahu calls for the destruction of Hamas 'in defense of democracy' ~ link ~ Of course, old Bibi does not mention that Hamas was elected by the voters in Gaza. Bibi Netanyahu is the most dangerous man alive. If he is elected Israeli Prime Minister in February he is almost certain to trigger a general Middle East War that is apt to quickly become a new global war involving weapons of mass destruction and billions of deaths throughout the world.

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