Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

UK: Cross-party fury of MPs at Israel ~ link ~ Why are 98% of American Congressmen and Senators so 'bought and paid for' and so totally gutless.

The Time Clock Has Run Out: Israel ready to strike Iran ~ link ~ This article is very pro-Israel yet fails to say that Iran already has global strategic weapons of mass destruction that can kill hundreds of millions in North America and Europe. Of course that is a reason NOT to go to war instead of a reason to go to war. No one in their right mind wants to go to war with a nation that has a MAD in place, but the NeoCons and the Israeli hardliners do. I rather think that is so illogical that it is simply satanic in nature.

Bush gives Blair highest US civilian honour ~ link ~ Rather like a whorehouse madam giving one of her "girls" a medal for good moral conduct.

NOTE: Thanks to Dr. Bill and NutraMedical for the nice national radio talk show interview with Lord Stirling this day.

UK economy downturn 'frightening' ~ link

WWII officer who said 'nuts' to Germans dies ~ link

Top 11 compounds in US drinking water ~ link

Israeli official plans decisive talks in Egypt ~ link

Russia and Ukraine trade blame as Europe sees no gas ~ link

In Defense of Humanity: Let Gaza Live - by Cynthia McKinney ~ link

Focused Lethality: Phosphorous Bomb Rain Over Northern Gaza ~ link ~ View This ~ it is a very powerful article with video (music & still photos). It make me cry!

Israeli politician calls for nuclear strike on Gaza ~ link

Ireland: Warning that house prices may fall by 80% ~ link

Photos of Hamas terrorists killed in Gaza War ~ link

The Middle Eastern power keg can explode at any time ~ link

GM plans to eliminate Saturn, Saab, Hummer, and shrink Pontiac ~ link

Big harvest, weak demand bring down US crop prices ~ link

Obama Mideast Czar pick - Dennis Ross - 'Staggeringly Bad News' ~ link ~ The world is headed towards a NeoCon/Illuminati strategy driven nuclear and advanced biowar Middle East centered WWIII/Armageddon and Obama picks a NeoCon as his point man!

Ancient British title, Baron of Greenan, available for purchase ~ link

Emerging giants Russia, China, Brazil and India face looming collapse ~ link

Untold Story: American workers vs illegal immigrations ~ link

Gazans trapped in 'no man's land' between fire and farmlands ~ link

Stunning photos show Israeli bombs falling on Gaza ~ link

Zimbabwe - new $50 billion note - enough to purchase 3 newspapers ~ link

How Israel is using Hamas to create a Greater Israel ~ link

Video: The little ones from Gaza ~ link

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John said...

Check out the Newsmax article about Israel striking Iran soon. Very scary. http://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/israel_iran_attack_plan/2009/01/12/170485.html