Monday, January 12, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

Wild West photos from America in mid to late 1800s ~ link

Advisers: Obama preparing to close Gitmo ~ link

Russia to restart natural gas pumps on Tuesday ~ link

Financier Madoff stays free in his penthouse - avoids jail ~ link ~ Is this guy well connected or what. He must know where a 'lot of bodies are buried'.

Senate Democrats expect to seat Burris in Obama's old US Senate seat ~ link

Reservists called up as Israeli forces advance in Gaza War ~ link

Rabbi Lerner and the Network of Spiritual Progressives are gathering signatures for ads calling on President-Elect Obama to request a cease-fire in Gaza War ~ link

Israel pounds new Hamas targets - enlists reserves in Gaza War ~ link

Bill Stone - First World War veteran dies at 108 ~ link

Are the US and Israel planning a broader Middle East war ~ link

Did speculation drive oil price swings ~ link ~ I watched this TV show; I would say that speculation was the key driver.

Gaza tunnels, traps and martyrs: The Hamas strategy to defeat Israel ~ link

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