Sunday, January 11, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

After 436 years famous Spanish Riding School takes in women ~ link

Future of Internet search - mobile version ~ link

Gaza War reignites US hatred ~ link

Leading author: Sarkozy is 'Napoleon in a suit' ~ link

Bank of England plan raises fears of Bank secrecy ~ link ~ The BofE like the Fed is privately owned by a small group of hyper-rich global banking families - the Illuminati.

Pope embarking on busy and historic year ~ link

Blue Star Rampage: Israel's dress rehearsal for Lebanon ~ link ~ Hezbollah is not Hamas. Hezbollah is in fact a military arm of Iran and they have global strategic weapons of mass destruction (advanced biowar). An attack on Lebanon/Hezbollah and/or directly on Iran is very apt to begin WWIII ~ a global war that the Human Race cannot survive without God's direct intervention (re: the last book of the Bible).

Israeli forces advance deep into Gaza urban areas ~ link ~ The figures of Israeli troops killed/wounded are so low that one of two things has to be happening: (1) The Israeli Government is lying to its own people about its losses; or (2) The Israeli Army is fighting mostly unarmed civilians.

Toyota announces expanded hybrid auto offerings ~ link

The 'gods' of finance will crush the middle class ~ link

Both sides in Gaza War using lethal new tricks ~ link

Great Depression jobs parallel not far flung ~ link ~ Today's US jobless rate is about 16.5% (if tallied the way joblessness was in the 1930s).

The Baroness vs the Archduchess ~ link ~ I almost succeeded in an Imperial restoration of the Archduchess's father-in-law as Emperor of Austria, when I was with Burke's Peerage in London (that would have made the Archduchess Francesca von Habsburg the future Empress).

List and photos of highest church naves in Europe ~ link ~ Beautiful photos

Bloodied Gaza set for endgame ~ link

Economists see longest recession since WWII ~ link

Both US parties cheer lead still more loudly for Israel's war ~ link ~ The reality is that this war policy is a terrible strategy for Israel but the mainstream news media does not report on that or much else involving the truth.

Photos from the Gaza War ~ link

Prince Harry in row over 'racist jibe' ~ link ~ This is just another example of the fierce competition between British newspapers. They use members of the Royal Family to sell newspapers. When there is no story, they make one up using old home videos. This is all bullshit designed to sell newspapers.

Georgia moves troops to South Ossetia border ~ link ~ This should be taken in the context of what else is happening in the world. Makes me wonder if some plans call for expanding the Gaza War to a general Middle East war and a tying down of Russian forces in a new war with Georgia?

Israel to extend Gaza War despite international opposition ~ link

Obama's worst Pakistan nightmare ~ link ~ Actually there are many nightmares facing Obama and many are coming soon on the world stage.

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John said...

They'll probably never admit it but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Fatah group in Gaza is giving information to Israel in order to get rid of Hamas. If Israel is very successful, it might have Fatah to thank.