Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

New World Order will emerge in 2009 with US plunging ~ link

Coming to cellphones: Free, over-the-air TV ~ link

Brussels to hold emergency talks as tens of thousands lose heating in their homes ~ link

Political Theater: The presidents meet ~ link

Democrats misstepped in handling Burris Senate seat matter ~ link

UN halts Gaza aid shipments ~ link ~ Are we on the verge of a GENERAL MIDDLE EAST WAR???????????

Hezbollah denies firing rockets on Israel from Lebanon ~ link ~ False Flag Operation? See also: BBC - Who is behind Lebanon rockets? ~ link

International Committee of the Red Cross: Israel delayed access to wounded for days - unacceptable ~ link ~ One problem with Israel and the NeoCons is that they are so damn mean spirited to enemies - the old extreme religious view of them as two legged animals without souls. That is what is driving the use of torture/etc.

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli invasion and Gaza's offshore gas fields ~ link

Sarkozy, Merkel, Blair call for New World Order/New Capitalism ~ link ~ The Illuminati/NeoCon puppets mouthing more BS.

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