Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Links of the Day and Gaza War

Sorry about the delay in updating this site. I had computer problems.

Gaza truce proposed after Israeli shelling kills at least 30 civilians ~ link ~ Using artillery in one of the most densely packed civilian populations on Earth is WRONG. That is not something that the world should have to explain to Israel.

Rabbi Lerner is trying to raise money for a full page NY Times ad calling for a cease fire in Gaza ~ link ~ Left side of home/front page.

Agony over Gaza assault and young casualties ~ link

William Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse ~ link

Russia upgrades very long range nuclear bomber and air launched cruise missile force ~ link

US auto sales dive 36% in December - GM at 49 year low/Ford at 47 year low ~ link

China accelerates filling up its oil reserves ~ link

Woolworths to close its remaining 200 stores in UK ~ link

Israel ignores international calls for ceasefire ~ link

Israeli tank shells kill at least 43 civilians, including children, taking refuge in school ~ link

Norwegian Doctor: Israel intentionally targeting civilians - up to 2,500 civilian casualties ~ link

An interesting article about a famous Canadian - a porter ~ link

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