Sunday, January 4, 2009

British title Baron of Greenan for sale

There are perhaps 200 Scottish barony titles still in existence. Of these, only a half dozen are in the ancient Baronage of the Isles. The last barony in the ancient Scottish Baronage of the Isles was created over 550 years ago. The Barony of Greenan in the Baronage of the Isles is historically linked to what is believed to be one of the historic sites of Camelot and King Arthur.The price on this rare transferable title of nobility from the United Kingdom is now one million UK pounds. For information on this rare and highly important title of nobility please see the Camelot Barony. As Scottish baronies are no longer linked to real estate and the global financial markets are in serious decline, and there are so very few baronies in existance making them very rare, the price has been raised to offers over one million UK pounds. If you wish to place your money in an investment that is apt to retain its value due to the rareness of the investment, you should consider the ancient Barony of Greenan.

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