Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008


Full Spectrum Dominance ~ link

Cracks begin to show in Israeli leadership on Gaza War ~ link

Bill Clinton - possible US Senator from New York State to replace his wife ~
Oh yes, Slick Willie would be so much better than the daughter of the martyred US President Kennedy. Just lay in a supply of bimbos and cigars.

Gazprom: Russia to cut natural gas supplies to Ukraine ~ link

Israelis get creative in coping with rocket threat ~ link

Gaza's tunnel economy collapses in bombing raids ~ link

Yellowstone Park hit by hundreds of earthquakes ~ link ~ Yellowstone sits on the most dangerous site in North America. If the giant dormant volcano, under Yellowstone, ever blows it would take several states with it and many millions of people. Scalar War involves, among other things, the ability to cause earthquakes. Perhaps, America is being sent a warning about the support of the current Israeli 'Gaza War' by Russia or China. Before you file this idea in the "nut file" take the time to learn about Scalar Warfare.

Bangkok nightclub fire kills 59, injures 130 ~ link

'Leap Second' will be added to 2008/2009 ~ link

Israel sends more troops to Gaza border ~ link

Hi Vitamin C linked to lower blood pressure ~ link ~ Don't look for the major pharmaceutical companies to tell you this however.

on full military alert - Pres. envisions major regional developments in wake of continuing Gaza War ~ link ~ And just before Bush leaves office.

Day Five - Gaza War ~ link

World outrage at Israeli blitz ~ link

Israel rejects calls from most nations on Earth to end Gaza War
~ link ~ Israel begins 2009 in a sea of blood and it is apt to be the worst year in human history.

In a rare judicial victory for Bush, a federal judge rules that two long time 'gitmo' detainees are lawfully enemy combatants ~ link ~ This judge needs to be impeached as he seems to lack even basic knowledge of the US Constitution.

Tiny province longs for Mother Russia's embrace ~ link

British and Commonwealth New Year's Honours List ~ link

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Cable repairs set back by second undersea break ~ link ~ Just like the last cluster of undersea Middle East cable cuts about a year or so ago, this is just too strange to be 'accidental'

Congo: 45 women and children hacked to death in church day after Christmas ~ link

Foreclosure at the Mall ~ link

Cash on sidelines now 74% of stocks' value - 18 year high ~ link

Europe calls for ceasefire in Gaza as Israel continues air raids ~ link

Medvedev's assertiveness troubles Putin ~ link

Blagojevich snubs Senate - taps black former ILL Att-Gen for Senate seat vacated by Obama ~ link

Blagojevich appointment could go to Supreme Court ~ link

1918 Flu virus offers clues to prevent pandemics ~ link ~ And also clues to advanced biowar researchers on how to make the "perfect" killing viruses.

Gaza rockets persist despite Israeli onslaught ~ link

Cameron calls on Brown to set 2009 elections ~ link

Scientists watch unusual Yellowstone quake swarm ~ link

Medvedev and Putin both have religious icons on their state airplanes ~ link

Israeli losses grow as Olmert promises 'Iron fist' ~ link

Monday, December 29, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

EU calls for ceasefire as casualty numbers rise in Gaza ~ link

Economic crisis changes priorities of Czech EU presidency ~ link

Regulators backdate records: What are the real numbers of the bank bailout? ~ link

The Shadow Money Lenders ~ link

Wall Street and the Fed get fatter - while Main Street suffers ~ link

Pakistan Army Chief: We must avoid war with India ~ link ~ Lets hope cooler minds keep control. I am dropping my estimate of the probabilities of a war between India and Pakistan to 40% and I hope and pray that it goes down not back up.

UN Security Council urges end to Gaza violence ~ link

North Korea's Kim appears at large public event ~ link

Six months of secret planning - then Israel moves against Hamas ~ link

Russia warns Pak-India tension has reached dangerous level ~ link

Cracks in US-China relations are widening again in economic crisis ~ link

Russian Finance Minister: 2009 to be worst year since WWII ~ link

Sarkozy calls for immediate halt to Gaza violence ~ link

Britain slams 'unacceptable' loss of life in Gaza ~ link

Israel's Gaza operation triggered sensitive dominoes in Mideast ~ link

Robert Fish: Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons of history are ignored ~ link

Turkey ends Israel-Syria peace efforts over Gaza War ~ link

Senior Indian and Pakistani military officers make effort to cool down war hysteria ~ link

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Hezbollah: Israel may take this opportunity to attack Lebanon ~ link ~ I have said for months that Israel needs to take out the rocket/missile bases in Lebanon BEFORE any attack on Iran. However, the Iranians and Syrians know that an attack on Lebanon is an attack on them and will not allow it to be successful. This is a 'trip-wire' for the launch of tens of thousands of rockets/missiles, many with WMD, on Israel. The real issue here is a MAD between Israel (and its allies like USA) and Iran/Syria. The MAD is keeping Iran and Syria alive, at least according to one strategic view of what is happening, and any attempt to remove it is but phase one in a war of destruction against them. What this means is that any war in Lebanon is apt to quickly become a 'total war' involving WMD on both sides. That might be something that maybe, just maybe, we might somehow someway want to avoid, LIKE AT ALL COSTS.

CarterCopters ~ link ~ I have served as a consultant to this firm. They have a totally fantastic aviation breakthrough technology that incorporates VTOL, all-composite whole airframe, mass production built (capability), high tech/state-of-the-art, very safe, easy-to-fly-for-the-masses, technologies.

Israel pounds Gaza for a second day ~ link ~ I know that the Israelis could not continue to allow their enemies to lob rockets and shells into Israeli land. I also know that the Israeli grand strategy is unreflective of 21st Century military technology. Their enemies now have global strategic weapons of mass destruction that can effectively destroy them, as Israel is destroying the enemies firing those weapons. That is called MAD - mutuality assured destruction. And a MAD, is one very good reason to make friends of enemies instead of expanding on a losing strategy (doubling down and then triplying down on a busted flush).

IAF warplanes flying over Lebanon ~ link ~ There is a risk that the Gaza War could spread.

Israel Cabinet calls up reservists as Gaza War continues ~ link

Pakistan tries to ease tensions with India as military buildup continues ~ link

Church of England Bishops: Labour is "morally corrupt" and "beguiled by money" ~ link ~ Music to my ears - buy a copy of my book on Labour corruption here

Hell fire rains on Gaza ~ link

Ancient Scottish title of Baron for sale ~ link

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Netanyahu promises 'offensive policy' if he is elected Prime Minister of Israel ~ link

Britain warns Pakistan ~ link

Where's the bank bailout money? ~ link

Israel kills 208 in air assault on Gaza Strip ~ link

When exactly was Jesus born? ~ link

One hundred Labour MPs to rebel over sale of Royal Mail ~ link

The Dangers of a India-Pakistan War

War tensions are being ratcheted up in the Indian subcontinent, between India and Pakistan. They have fought three major wars since what was once called India in the British Empire obtained its freedom and India and Pakistan split apart. There is great distrust and hate between Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan. The real danger comes from the fact that both are now nuclear armed neighboring states with very short warning times. It has been estimated that the leadership of both India and Pakistan would have as short as two minutes warning once enemy nuclear armed missiles are spotted and confirmed, before first impacts/detonations . That tends to put things on a 'hair trigger'. A surprise nuclear attack would be aimed at dramatically reducing the opposing state's ability to strike back with weapons of mass destruction giving the nation striking first a strong advantage. The response to this is to fire at first warning a full counter battery nuclear attack.

A war could easily escalate from a Indian 'limited non-nuclear surgical strike' into a all out nuclear war targeting not only enemy military sites but also enemy population centers.

A review of Indian and Pakistani weapons of mass destruction and delivery systems shows just how scary the Indian subcontinent is at this present time.

Pakistan's nuclear weapon program dates back to at least 1974 and is very advanced, although not as advanced as larger and richer India's is. Since 1987 Pakistan's nuclear weapons have been miniaturized to allow delivery by Pakistan's Air Force fighters and by its IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missiles) and cruise missiles (including ground/air/naval surface/submarine launched versions).

Pakistan uses both highly enriched uranium and plutonium for its nuclear weapons. The Khushab nuclear site has sufficient plutonium production for 40 to 50 warheads a year by itself. This site is coming on line and is a major expansion of Pakistani plutonium reprocessing capabilities; a fact that concerns a number of nations including America, India, and Israel. In 2000, US military intelligence reportedly estimated Pakistani nuclear weapons at approximately 100 in number. A number of 200 in late 2008/early 2009 is very probable.

The sixth Pakistani nuclear test (May 30, 1998) at Kharan was a successful test of a sophisticated, compact, but powerful bomb designed to be carried by missiles. The Pakistanis are believed to be spiking their plutonium based nuclear weapons with tritium. Only a few grams of tritium can result in an increase of the explosive yield by 300% to 400%.

The Pakistani strategic capable missiles include the following: the Hatf-X (also called Tipu), 4000 km + range (new, unknown number in service); the M-11, 300 km range (new, unknown number in service); the Hatf-VIII (also called Ra'ad), an air launched cruise missile (new, unknown number in service); the Hatf-VII (also called Babur), a naval submarine launched and surface launched and ground launched cruise missile, 700 km range (up to 1,000 in service); the Hatf-VI (also called the Shaheen-II), 2500 km + range (over 200 in service); the Hatf-VA (also called the Ghauri-II), 2400 km + range (over 100 in service); the Hatf-V (Ghauri-I), up to 1500 km range (approximately 300 in service); the Hatf-VI (Shaheen-I), 750 km range (150 or so in service) the Hatf-III (Ghaznavi), 290 km range (100+ in service); Hatf-I and IA, up to 100 km range (over 100 in service).

In addition to nuclear weapons, these missiles can carry advanced biological warheads, chemical warheads, advanced conventional weapons, and high explosive conventional warheads.

The Pakistani Air Force has the following aircraft types capable of delivering nuclear warheads, as well as a full range of NBC/advanced conventional/conventional weapons: The Chinese A-5s, JF-17s (FC-1), J-10s; the French Mirage IIIs and Vs; the American F-16s.

India's first nuclear weapons test occurred on May 18, 1974. Numbers of actual Indian nuclear weapons vary but assembled weapons are thought to be in the low hundreds with India having perhaps 4200 kg of reactor grade plutonium - enough to build 1000 additional nuclear weapons.

The Indian strategic delivery systems are extensive and include land based IRBMs and cruise missiles (with true ICBMs under development), sea based surface and submarine launched cruise missiles and naval air launched weapons from Indian aircraft carriers, and air launched missiles and bombs.

Indian ballistic missiles include: Prithvi I, Army version with 150 km range and in-flight maneuvering capabilities; Prithvi II, Air Force version with 250 km range; Prithvi III Navy version with 350 km range; the Agni missile family (Agni I, II, III, IISL and the coming V ICBM version) with ranges up to 5000 km. The Agni family of missiles have demonstrated an advanced maneuvering warhead (endo-atmospheric evasive maneuvers, terminal guidance reentry vehicles).

Indian cruse missiles include the: Russian 3M-54 Klub, 250-300 km range with subsonic to Mach 2.9 speeds,; the Israeli Popeye, the Russian P-70 Ametist; the very dangerous Russian Moskit (also called Sunburn). Additionally, the Indian Akash air defense SAM can use nuclear warheads.

The Indian Navy is one of the most powerful navies on earth with nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers and a wide assortment of quality surface and subsurface vessels.

India is one of only four nations (including the USA, Russia, and China) still flying long range nuclear strategic bombers with 17 in service including the Tupolev Tu-142 (naval version of the Tu-95 Bear bomber), the Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire", and the II-38. Fighter jets capable of nuclear missions include the advanced Russian Sukhoi Su-30MKI, the Mig-27M, the Mig-29 and Mig-29K (Indian Naval version), the French Dassault Mirage 2000, the French-British Jaguar, and the Indian HAL Tejas.

Global Effects of a regional India-Pakistan War: A nuclear war involving the use of only 50 Hiroshima-sized weapons could cause a "Nuclear Winter" over large areas of North America and Eurasia with catastrophic climatic effects for years. The 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Science' in 2008 published a study that found a war including a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan could create a near-global ozone hole with column ozone losses at over 20% globally, 25-45% at mid-latitudes and 50-70% at northern high latitudes persisting for five years with continuing substantial losses for five additional years.

As the world has kept its attention on several other things lately, like the US Presidential election and transition, the global economic Crash of 2008, Christmas, etc., the old trouble spot of the Indian subcontinent has suddenly gone 'warm' if not 'hot'. If it goes 'hot', the entire planet and all life on our Earth, could be in real trouble.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

United Kingdom: Mystery as dozens of expensive public artworks vanish ~ link

Dog owners warned about Chicken Jerky from China ~ link

Visits to US retailers fell 24% weekend before Christmas ~ link ~ Look for many many store closings and bankruptcy's in 2009.

Czech politics may hamper EU anti-recession efforts ~link ~ Which may be a good thing since most "efforts" are deliberately making matters much worse. The Czech President calls himself a "EU dissident" and calls the Euro "far from beneficial".

Gaza bracing for Israeli military strike ~ link ~ The Israelis are so locked into a failed strategy that they cannot see their way out of it; their answer to all problems is more military force, which of course, just digs themselves in deeper.

Report: Obama to pay a surprise visit to Iraq ~ link
~ Obama had best be very careful. A couple of years ago I offered to go to Afghanistan at Christmas time for the Canadian Armed Forces there in my capacity as hereditary Lord Lieutenant of Canada and Lord High Admiral of Nova Scotia. They would not let me go at that time as the danger level was simply too high. When someone goes into the war zone, as a symbol for the troops, that person becomes the number one target for all kinds of people (and yes that includes 'false flag' operations).

Eurocopter wins Brazil defense order for 50 EC 725 transport helicopters ~ link

Eight bodies found in garbage bags in Mexico as organized-crime killings doubled in 2008 ~ link

Australia may take some former Guantanamo Bay inmates ~ link

Special Links ~ India - Pakistan War?

My thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle of NutraMedical Report for interviewing me today, on his national radio show, on the topic of a possible war between India and Pakistan. I have revised my estimate of the probability of a war between these two nuclear armed nations to 60%. I still think that cooler heads may prevail but there are dark forces in both countries, as well as outside forces, that are working for war to break out.

India hands Pakistan "proof" of ties to attack ~ link

Pakistan moves its 14th Division to Kasur and Sialkot near Indian border in sharp escalation of military stand-off between the nuclear armed neighbors ~ link
Also see ~ link

Indian Prime Minister meets with chiefs of Army/Navy/Air Force as crisis unfolds on Indian subcontinent ~ link

Chinese Foreign Minister holds urgent telephone talks with Indian and Pakistani Foreign Ministers ~ link

Pakistan warns India of "stern response" to any surgical strikes ~ link

Pakistan cancels all army leave as tensions rise on Indian subcontinent ~ link

War tensions rise - Islamabad bracing for surgical Indian commando attacks and air force strikes deep inside of Pakistan - India's Air Force has identified some 5,000 Islamic targets in Pakistani territory ~ link

US officials - watching with "growing concern" - urging calm ~ link

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Special Link

The Star of Bethlehem

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Merry Christmas

Greek Revolution continues ~ link ~ Interesting how the mainstream news media has been saying for the last three weeks that this is simply riots over the murder of a student by the police. Now even the mainstream news media is beginning to admit that this is mainly about the economic crisis in Greece and the world and may be what is coming to the rest of the world soon.

Pope decries selfishness in economic crisis ~ link

"Change": Obama wants Bush war team to stay on for months in 'unusual' move ~ link

China considers major upgrades for Navy including aircraft carrier ~ link

Israel preparing for an invasion of Gaza ~ link ~ The Israeli/NeoCon strategy of aggressive policies/war/occupation/expansion/Greater Israel/promoting ever expanding war/s in the Middle East is totally crazy and evil. It is one that will destroy Israel as well as bring World War III - The Final Battle to this planet, and soon.

Grad missile and 5 Qassam rockets strike Israel as IDF readies to hit back ~ link

Medvedev waring to West: We will fight to defend our interests ~ link

Pakistan in war frenzy - intensifies troop movements ~ link

Pakistani Senate leader: India will not be allowed to launch a 'surgical strike' ~ link

India sets Dec. 26 deadline for Pakistan ~ link ~ I am increasing my estimate of the probabilities of a war between India and Pakistan to 60%

Angels demonstrate to us the power of joy to overcome all forms of negativity ~ link ~ Remember if we are in the Biblical End Times, after the Final Battle Christ will return and we will have a New Earth and a New Heaven and peace and a wonderful future, so don't let current events rob you of joy and hope.

SUV auto plants closing in USA ~ link

This created economic crisis now complicated by losses across the board ~ link ~ The global economic nightmare is still in its early stages, add to that war and more war (perhaps advanced biological and nuclear) and 2009 just may be right out of the last book of the Bible.

Queen Elizabeth II gives somber Christmas broadcast ~ link

Memories of 1968 prompt Sarkozy retreat - as Revolution in Greece effects European politics ~ link

Zavvi is third UK retailer to go bust in 24 hours - UK's largest entertainment retailer with 125 stores, 2,363 permanent employees and 1,052 temporary staff ~ link

Guinea in confusion after death of dictator and coup (attempt?) ~ link

The science behind psychic phenomena ~ link

UK religious leaders blame bankers' greed for financial crisis ~ link

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To all my readers from throughout the World, I wish you the joys that Mary felt on that first Christmas with her new Son, Jesus the Christ Child. In olden days we said, "wishing you a Mary's Christmas" to reflect this. This has evolved into "Merry Christmas".

Yours in the Christ Child,

Tim Earl of Stirling

Its Christmas Eve and my birthday and lots of people to see and things to do, so I will not be updating my site today.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

The Federal Reserve is the reason for America's downfall ~ link ~ Actually, it is the global banking families, who own the Fed and control/own almost every central bank in the world, who are the reason.

Guinea dictator dies - military group declares coup - PM says he remains in power ~ link

Report: Pakistan military on 'red alert' ~ link ~ I still think that the chances of war are less than 40%, but who knows.

Cell phone as eavesdropping tool ~ link

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem blasts Gaza blockade ~ link

US warns Russia against selling missiles to Iran ~ link

UK gets ready for urgent Iraq pullout ~ link

Police bus fired on in Greece as Youth Revolution in third-week ~ link

Pope criticizes homosexual behavior ~ link

Turkey to purchase strike helicopters from Russia ~ link

Photo of angel in hospital hallway? ~ link

Half of Canadian mining companies may go bankrupt ~ link

Monday, December 22, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

France and Brazil to sign major new arms deal ~ link

Brown rules out early 2009 election ~ link

NeoCon Sarkozy drops 'reform' amid fears of riots ~ link ~ The Youth Revolution in Greece is causing some concern as at least some human beings are refusing to be led to the sheeple shaughter house.

Report: Saudis seek nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Actually, I believe that Saudi Arabia already has a handful of nukes, along with the Chinese supplied IRBMs to deliver them.

US Banks refuse to disclose how they are spending billions in taxpayer money/bailout aid ~ link ~ The biggest rip-off in human history. The American sheeple go along with whatever is done to them. However, the price for this will be almost beyond compression as the world's worse economic crash in history continues to unfold; as the growing NWO police state continues to expand; as we head into the Final Battle/World War III.

Pakistan scrambles fighter jets over major cities as both nations ambassadors (actually High Commissioners) are back in their home nations ~ link

Iraqi shoe-thrower's brother says he would do it again - says his brother was tortured in jail ~ link

British Minister for Africa: Mugabe will have to step down ~ link ~ The thug Mugabe needs to hang until dead and then be buried in a unmarked grave.

Belgian King accepts resignation of his Government ~

Ultimate Christmas Gift ~ link

Worldwide bankruptcy wave about to hit ~ link

Photos of the Greek Youth Revolution - not all are youths - Greece gave us democracy and they are attempting to reclaim the world from anti-democratic elements and putting their lives on the line ~ link

Global Stampede for "Bush Shoe" creats 100 new jobs ~ link

Dem. Congressman: Kennedy like Palin ~ link ~ Now hold on a minute, she is the only surviving child of JFK, sister of JFK, Jr., niece of RFK, all of who were killed by the evil hidden Illuminati powers that be. So give her a chance.

Rt. Hon. Robin Cook - former United Kingdom Foreign Secretary: There is no "Al Qaeda" ~ link ~ That is the truth. As some kind readers pointed out this is an old quote, Robin Cook died several years ago. But the point made is still valid. It may be that speaking the truth cost Robin his life (see comments).

Britain's coming job 'bloodbath' ~ link

Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush to sue security guards after beating ~ link

German police arrest 10 at Greek solidarity protest ~ link

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Photos of the Greek Youth Revolution - not all are youths - Greece gave us democracy and they are attempting to reclaim the world from anti-democratic elements and putting their lives on the line ~ link

Greek youth revolution spreads - first event in USA happens in shopping mall in San Francisco ~ link

India steps up vigil along border ~ link

Russia starts delivery of advanced air defense S-300 missile system to Iran ~ link

Bill Clinton raised over half a billion US dollars for his "foundation" ~ link ~ Slick Willie cashing in big time.

Greek youth revolution continues - offices of company that keeps records of delinquent debtors and credit card holders destroyed ~ link
Also see ~ link

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence him - new book out ~ link
~ I knew that this was the case, but this book gives new specific information from the agent who set up his auto "accident". The Cold War was set up by the global banking families at the end of WWII. The massive amount of money spend on war and war preparations, over the last couple of hundred of years, and the millions of lives lost, millions injured, and countless lives disrupted and lived in horror was all due to a small group of families who are satanic and using war, and economic depression/recession, to enrich themselves via the debt that these events bring on us all.

US troops to replace British forces in southern Iraq ~ link ~ The USA needs to get the hell out of Iraq NOW and Afghanistan as well - both were based on lies and false flag operations

UK private firm's bailiffs to get powers to use force on "debtors" - to break into homes and to use "reasonable force" against homeowners who try to protect their possessions ~ link ~ More police state trash from the evil ones behind the Blair/Brown front men.

A World Enslaved ~ link ~ This is a most distressing story that needs to be told. My great-grandfather and his brothers fought in the American Civil War to end slavery; sad, very sad, to say it is not over.

Australian welfare groups praise homeless plan ~ link ~ Still too little - would only halve the number of homeless by the next decade.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Mandelson rules out early rescue for Jaguar Land Rover ~ link

Keeping St. Nicholas, the man not the myth, alive ~ link ~ A large multi-generational effort has been made to make Christmas into something not about the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Searching for the Star of Bethlehem ~ link

Poet Elizabeth Alexander to read at inauguration ~ link ~ I am always glad to see a member of the worldwide Clan Alexander doing so well. Per Mare Per Terras
~ Link to the Clan Alexander site

Canada unveils C$4 billion bailout plan for auto industry ~ link

'Angel' of foreclosure defense bedevils lenders - Florida attorney trains hundreds of others to help troubled borrowers ~ link ~ I recently saw a television program that showed families being kicked out of their homes. When you think of the fact that the global banking families have created this nightmare and are planning much worse to come, it just says how totally evil they are.

Illinois Governor vows to stay in office and fight ~ link
Also see ~ link

Could GE Collapse? ~ link

Vice-President-Elect Biden: US economy in danger of "absolutely tanking" - wants more economic stimulus ~ link ~ The bailout is now at $8.5 TRILLION, this will KILL the American and global economies, so we need to add more to this massive amount???????

Kissinger calls for New World Order as a result of the Crash of 2008 ~ link ~ This has been the Illuminati plan all along, the true reason for the current global economic crash.

China pledges economic assistance to Taiwan ~ link

Brown's "bounce" is over ~ link

Youth revolution spreads from Greece to France ~ link

Lord Bhattacharyya: UK Government help for Jaguar Land Rover near ~ link

Youth Revolution is spreading across Europe ~ link ~ It is no accident that the youth of the world are the ones most likely to get their news from non-traditional/non-mainstream news media sources on the Internet. Look for the Illuminati to begin a crack down soon on freedom of speech on the Internet.

Fortisgate scandal topples Belgium Government ~ link

India may consider 'precision' strikes in Pakistan ~ link

Israel fears Russian-Iranian S-300 anti-aircraft missile deal ~ link ~ This is payback for Israeli involvement in the Georgian-Russian War.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Special Post

I am reposting this from last Christmas for my readers.


Christmas Eve Birthday Cake

I have been enjoying a four layer buttermilk birthday cake since I was a small child. As my birthday is Christmas Eve, I call my cake a Christmas Eve Birthday Cake.

Try it ....its great.

1 cup butter (two sticks) and 2 cups of granulated sugar
cream butter and add sugar gradually....cream well

3 cups cake flower and 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of salt
shift together (or just mix the dry ingredients well with a large spoon)

1 cup buttermilk and 3 egg yokes (extra large eggs)
add alternately with dry ingredients to butter-sugar mixture .....blend well

6 egg whites and 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 1 teaspoon of real vanilla
beat whites until foamy, add cream of tartar and beat until stiff, add vanilla and blend into batter

Pour batter into two 9-inch wax paper lined cake pans.

Your oven temperature should be 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baking time is 30 to 35 minutes, or until a cake tester (toothpick) comes out clean.

Cool in pans 10 minutes, remove pans and allow to cool completely on cake racks. Remove wax paper. Put layers together and ice with White Butter-Cream Icing. Ground nuts, such as walnuts, may be added to the sides of the iced cake.

Double the above to make FOUR LAYER Christmas Eve Buttermilk Birthday Cake.


Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

The elite are turning a recession into a depression ~ link

Bailout Approved: US automakers to get $17.4 billion ~ link
also see ~ link
also see - Ford says no thanks ~ link

Iraqi judge says shoe-tossing reporter was beaten ~ link

Benjamin Netanyahu dismisses Syrian peace talks ~ link ~ Bibi is expected to win the February 10 election as Prime Minister of Israel - he is the man most likely to start WWIII.

Madoff: House arrest in a $7 million Upped East Side (NYC) duplex ~ link

The Madoff scandal gets weirder and weirder ~ link

Is Gordon Brown frightened of elections? ~ link

Greek rioters throw petrol bombs and stones at police in 13th day of revolution ~ link

Athens suffocates under barrage of tear gas as revolution continues ~ link ~ I am using the term 'revolution' here as this is what it has become. Also see ~ link

Rudd visits Australian troops in Gulf ~ link

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

US debts and liabilities are close to passing the value of the US population's net worth - Federal spending had soared 25% (over $1 trillion) BEFORE the bailout ~ link ~ What we are witnessing is the planned destruction of America and the world's economics by the global banking elite for their own sick and evil ends - the New World Order/world slave government.

China confirms its navy will fight Somali pirates ~ link

Former Rwandan Army Colonel, who masterminded the genocide of over half a million human beings, found guilty - gets life imprisonment ~ link ~ This man needs hanging!

US and UN trying to handcuff Israel before Netanyahu is elected ~ link ~ They had better - Bibi is the man most apt to begin World War III with his crazy NeoCon aggression.

Kennedy takes a beating from upstate NY reporters ~ link ~ I feel that Caroline Kennedy would make a good Senator - certainly compared to most others. I wanted Obama to name her his VP pick months ago.

Blagojevich will not make a US Senate appointment ~ link

Bush considering 'orderly' auto bankruptcy ~ link

Russian air defense S-300 missile deal with Iran under way ~ link ~ Remember a few months ago, when Israel and the US were involved with Georgia in a war against Russia - well its payback time.

Russia gives Lebanon ten MiG-29 Fulcrum fighters ~ link ~ More payback for Israeli and American involvement in the recent Georgia-Russian War.

Lawyer: Illinois Governor wiretaps illegally obtained ~ link ~ I am convinced that this case has more to do with his actions against the Bank of America (and/or an effort to embarrass the Obama incoming administration) than anything else. I am not supporting the Governor, just making an observation based on politics.

Madoff: The end of the hedge fund? ~ link

Madoff amount may be closer to $100 billion - may involve hiding clients resources for tax evasion from US authorities - large amount of money moved to Israel ~ link ~ Something about this whole caper has not smelled right. Who knows what the real truth is? Also see ~ link ~ How could one man manage $50 billion or more???????

Boeing and Airbus facing mass order deferrals ~ link

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Key Bank: How it is using its $2.5 billion part of the bailout money ~ link

Greek youths hang protest banners from Acropolis ~ link ~ The mainstream news media is still peddling the same old bullshit that this is all about the police shooting of a youth on December 6th. This is really all about a revolution against the NWO/Globalization/Depression.

Career Army officer sues Rumsfeld and Cheney saying no evacuation order given on 9/11 ~ link ~ The powers that be will move Heaven and Earth to kill off this lawsuit, way too many lies will be exposed if this goes to trial.

Londonistan: Birthplace of the Clash of Civilizations ~ link

Iraqi Parliament Speaker resigns as Parliament descends into chaos in arguement over freeing journalist/shoe thrower ~ link ~ Hang those in Parliament opposed to freeing the hero/journalist and you will have a much better Iraqi Parliament.

Greek youths take over TV and radio stations ~ link

IMF Chief warns of violence if financial system bailout benefits only the elite ~ link ~ The Greeks are leading the charge! The $8.5 trillion that American has committed to the bailout benefits those responsible for the problem, not the masses. If $8.5 trillion were given to Americans in the form of vouchers - that could only be spent for housing and US made products - we would see a massive turn around of the economy. But this is not and will not happen.

Drop in US consumer prices is most since 1932 ~ link ~ That was during the worst of the Great Depression; we are in the early stages of the Great Depression 2.0.

US Electoral Collage votes - Obama is formally elected President of the USA ~ link

Canadian Prime Minister: Depression is possible ~ link

Like Lincoln, Obama will ride the rails to DC ~ link

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation ~ link ~ I have some currency from the Weimar era (as a part of a currency collection of mine), even today it is hardly worth anything.

A giant breach in Earth's magnetic field ~ link

British Government moving to prevent home repossessions ~ link

Russia in talks with Iran over S-300 missile system sale ~ link

Anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico ~ link

VP Dick Cheney: "I think we've done pretty well." ~ link ~ So did Stalin, Hitler, Plo Pot, Attila the Hun, etc.

Special NOTE: My dog Teddy is dying of heart disease, I ask my readers to say a brief prayer to God for little Teddy, that he be alright. Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

India's Defense Minister rules out war with Pakistan ~ link

Russia devalues ruble again ~ link

Something of historic proportions is happening ~ link

Bush masked cost of wars - could top $1.7 trillion - more that WWII ~ link

List of suspicious deaths among scientists (many involved with biowar) ~ link

Bird flu outbreaks raise fresh fears of an epidemic ~ link

Swiss watch found in 400 year old tomb ~ link

Faith triumphs over persecution ~ link

Talk of restoring the Royal Family in Georgia ~ link

Obama breaks with Bush oil bosses and puts environment at top of agenda ~ link

Madoff: The man who conned the world ~ link

Thousands of Iraqis rally for shoe 'attacker' ~ link

Monday, December 15, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Head of IMF warns of global unrest from economy ~ link

Shoe insult against Bush resounds in Arab world ~ link

Thousands descend on Athens police HQ as riots continue ~ link
also see this link

Caroline Kennedy to seek Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat ~ link ~ This was the same seat that her brother, JFK, Jr., wanted and was said to be planning to run for, just before his tragic aircraft "accident".

Frighteningly accurate trends forecaster: Greek style riots coming to USA ~ link

Bush's Iraq-Afghan farewell tour marred by dissent ~ link

Electrolux to cut 3,000 jobs ~ link

The real story behind the rushed Blagojevich bust: How the Feds are frustrated ~ link~ This case reminds me of the British Cash-for-Peerages case, which I wrote a book on (link to book site). There is a fine line between normal politics, including securing a Senator/future candidate for re-election with the resources to run a strong race and also to help his party, and the outright sale of a office. It will be interesting to see if the Feds really have a solid case on the Governor. In the case of the UK scandal, Cash-for-Peerages, Tony Blair was claiming that the persons that he accepted donations from, over one million pounds for a life peerage title (Baron), were to be "working peers"/members of the UK Labour Party and the titles were not "honours" in the strict legal sense (a very weak legal position). However, my case, where they wanted a "donation" involved both a "working peerage"/life barony AND a set of old Scottish hereditary titles. My case alone blew Blair's legal defense out of the water. No one was sent to prison because the scandal was simply being used as a tool to force Blair to resign by a certain date.

Fears of unrest spreading across Europe - Spain, Denmark, Italy already hit by violence ~ link ~ What is coming in 2009 throughout the world.

What part of Ireland's 'NO' does the EU not understand ~ link

Archeology's top ten finds ~ link

Big mining is in big trouble ~ link

Up on the roof - new jobs in solar power ~ link

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

A Zimbabwe story ~ link

Support for Likud soars before Israeli ballot ~ link ~ The Likud/NeoCon agenda of its leader, Bibi Netanyahu, and his assorted hard liners in the Cabinet-to-be will hand Obama a truly massive foreign/military policy nightmare within a few months of Obama's taking office. If Obama fails to sit on them effectively, they will begin a General Middle East War that is apt to spread Advanced BioWar genetically engineered viruses throughout the world (along with nuclear fallout), and this insanity is itself apt to trigger a all-out global war/WWIII.

Royal Air Force jets see off Russian bombers ~ link ~ These games have been going on for years. A friend of mine, and fellow Scottish castle owner, in the far north of Scotland was often disturbed by RAF fighters who used his sea-side castle as a marker to turn around.

Proxy war between India and Pakistan will benignity 'divide and conquer' agenda of the USA and Israel ~ link ~ Actually, this is the NeoCon Grand Strategy and it is a FAILED strategy but that will not stop Bibi Netanyahu and other key neocons from continuing onwards with it - to the destruction of our planet.

Bush makes surprise visit to Iraq as his term nears end ~ link

Global Financial Domination: The $8.5 Trillion Chip ~ link

Canadian military chaplain: Senior officer aware of rapes by Afghans on young boys ~ link ~ Frankly, I think that the overall Afghan culture can be described as a bunch of Dark Ages moral degenerates.

One interesting theory about the Phone Call Hoax from "India's Foreign Minister" to Pakistan's President that almost caused a nuclear war a couple of weeks ago ~ link

CIA embedded in every state government, Jessie Ventura ~ video link ~ The problem is, the intelligence services are not just protecting America from foreign enemies but are being used, in some cases, as hidden powers of control over Americans by transnational banking families and criminal organizations.

US Senator serves military duty in Afghanistan ~link ~ Thirty and more years ago, all Senators and Congressmen were offered military reserve commissions. New Congressmen were made majors (or Lt. Commanders in the Navy). The late Senator Barry Goldwater was a one-star Air Guard general. I almost received a one-star rank a couple of years ago (a 'real' rank as opposed to the honorific hereditary Canadian offices I hold), in connection with my plan to provide a much greater level of civilian defense against biowar and naturally occurring pandemics.

Dubai - The new Switzerland for the elite as the global economy comes crashing down ~ link

Senate scandal snares Obama's chief aide ~ link ~
This whole thing with the Governor of Illinois strikes me as a well tuned political attack job.

That was no small war in Georgia - It was the Beginning of the End of the American Empire ~ link ~ As an historian, I stated that it was the beginning of the Third World War. I have also said the same for 9/11 - actually, WHEN did WWII begin (China, Poland, etc.).

Panic as Ukraine's currency plummets ~ link

Barclay brothers defend Sark move ~ link ~ I agree with Sir David & Sir Frederick - prior to their efforts, women were not even allowed to own land in Sark. Too bad their success was only partial.

India pressed to share Mumbai evidence ~ link

UK supermarkets' emergency plans to keep shelves full ~ link ~ If you can afford it, have at least 6 months of food/water/medicine/pet food/etc. stored in your home NOW.

'Already Bankrupt' GM won't be rescued by US loans ~ link

Nuns use power of prayer in crisis ~ link ~ I have a great deal of respect for the 'Little Sisters of the Poor'. They are truly a great group of ladies. Their nursing homes are light years better than any other that I have ever seen. The difference is God-based LOVE.

Madoff - for investors, trust lost, and money too ~ link

200 - 300 Ships outside the Straits? ~ link

In Athens, middle-class rioters are buying rocks. This chaos is not over - being fed by 70% unemployment in the 18-25 age range - Ph.D. holders waiting tables ~ link ~ WHAT THE WORLD IS COMING TO.
Also see ~ link

Smoking Mirrors: Waiting for Dawn in the Graveyards of Night ~ link

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Madoff's Ponzi scheme dwarfed by Illuminati Rubin's ~ link

Woolworths can't find buyer - closing up to 815 stores in UK - over 25,000 jobs could be lost ~ link

UK delays Royal Navy aircraft carriers to fund Afghan War ~ link

In China, anger rises as economy falls ~ link

Collapse of pension funds: The end of retirement ~ link

Fed regulators shut two banks (Georgia & Texas) - total US banks to fail in 2008 = 25 ~ link

Economic crisis unites Asian giants ~ link

Obama tries to limit fallout from Senate seat scandal ~ link

Obama's economic advisers considering $1 trillion stimulus plan ~ link

Largest swindle in history, $50 billion, to hit 'fat cats' hard ~ link
See also ~ link

A boycott of Likud called for by Gideon Levy ~ link ~ Likud and its leader Bibi, are going to start WWIII unless the Obama Administration steps on them really hard; they will get Israel destroyed and ignite a war that could kill billions of us.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Science stunned by Virgin of Guadalupe's Eyes ~ link

Hyperinflation and then The Second Great Depression ~ link

Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson, Jr. face new revelations in Gov. Blagojevich scandal ~ link
Also see ~ link

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. dies
~ link ~ His father was former US Sec. of State John Foster Dulles and his uncle was Allen Dulles former head of the CIA. His ancestor was another US Sec. of State (Foster) in the 19th Century. The Fosters are an old Evansville, Indiana (my home town) family and the Cardinal's cousin lives about three blocks from my house.

Former US Senator Fred Thompson on the Economy and Bailouts - video ~ link

A legal view of the Canadian political drama ~ link

Chinese 'classical poem' was really a brothel ad - used by major scientific journal on its cover ~ link ~ I studied some Chinese many years ago. It is a complex language. I ofter think that people who have Chinese characters tattooed on them have no real idea of what the characters really mean.

Bernard Madoff arrested in $17 billion scam ~ link ~ This is so massive a ripoff that it would normally be a central news topic for many days, however, in light of everything else in the global economy, it get little coverage.

The ogre in the attic - Italy's massive public debt - third largest in the world ~ link

Why spendthrift Brown is scaring the Germans ~ link

India rules out attack on Pakistan as its Air Force goes on alert ~ link

Boeing 787 Dreamliner delayed for fourth time ~ link

Zeitgeist: The withering away of Europe's anti-war spirit ~ link

NOTE: Thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle of the NutraMedical Report for interviewing me on his national radio show in America, today.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Link

Greek-inspired protests spread across Europe - Clashes a trigger for opponents of globalization/NWO and the resulting economic/financial Crash of 2008 ~ link ~ The Revolution against what is happening in the world is beginning. The Illumuni have planned for this with all the police state laws and technology, in many nations throughout the world. The real ultimate plan to handle the people is WWIII - Armageddon - The Final War, and that is coming in Spring 2009, if the Obama Administration allows the then new Israeli government to attack WMD-armed Iran.

Special Link

Total large USA projects/wars = $8.1 trillion adjusted for inflation - Total 2008 Bailouts = $8.5 trillion ~ link ~ This includes: World War II, NASA (all time budgets including Moon program), Vietnam War, Iraq War, New Deal, Korean War, World War I, S&L Crisis, Afghanistan War, Marshall Plan, Gulf War, US Civil War, American Revolution, War of 1812, Louisiana Purchase.

The Crash of 2008 is the greatest rip-off in human history. Old George Bush is pulling off the "big one" just before he leaves office. The level of money being spent could radically improve the lives of all Americans, and bring prosperity to the world as well, IF it were being spent wisely. Instead it is going to the same corrupt banking and corporate forces that caused the Crash in the first place. This is the second part of the Crash of 2008 and IT IS THE WORST PART. It guarantees a Great Depression 2.0 that will destroy America and the world's economy. This is all a part of the Illuminati plan for the creation of a world government that is intended to enslave all of mankind (those that are left after the planned WWIII).

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

WWII's Tuskegee Airmen invited to inauguration ~ link ~ This group of black US Army Air Force fighter pilots were among the very best pilots in WWII on all sides!

Many unknowingly use sign of devil ~ link

Catholic defendants saved by the Blessed Mother's intercession ~ link

Bank of America to cut 35,000+ jobs ~ link

Most major US banks 'bankrupt' ~ link

Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel ducks reporters questions connected to Blagojevich and Obama's friend Valerid Jarrett in Obama's former US Senate seat bid ~ link

Governor Blagojevich considering resignation ~ link

KB Toys declares bankruptcy before Christmas - Faces Liquidation - 277 stores closing - 11,000 employees out of work ~ link

The Imminent Middle East War ~ link ~ I personally read liberal and conservative articles/sites and everything in between, pro-war and anti-war etc., in order to FORM MY OWN ANALYSIS of what is really happening in the world. In this light, I am linking to this story, that a kind reader sent me. There is a lot of good and interesting information in the article. However, I have strong disagreements with much of the article and its assumptions and conclusions, especially from the 'Geopolitics' section onwards.

India and Pakistan Air Forces on High Alert - Pakistani F-16s flying CAP (combat air patrols) over Islamabad ~ link ~ Not a good sign! The real danger is things getting out of hand rather than a deliberate attack. Remember both nations have nuclear arms and a tradition of hate going back many centuries.

Shoppers bargain-hunt as Woolworths crumbles - 25,000 jobs at risk ~ link ~ I remember Woolworths as a child.

Report: Obama to offer Israel a 'Nuclear Umbrella' against Iran ~ link ~ This could be a good thing or a really bad thing - it depends on the requirements that Israel has to meet for the US 'umbrella'.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe says cholera crisis over as UN raises death toll to 783 ~ link ~ I say hang that corrupt evil bastard Mugabe.

The Next Shoe to Drop: Pension Payments ~ link

How the Taliban hopes to choke US Afghanistan mission ~ link

India demands that Pakistan hand over 40 wanted 'terrorists' ~ link

Greece falls deeper into turmoil ~ link

Outgoing US intelligence official: Iran has not restarted nuclear program ~ link ~ The drive to "stop" the Iranian program is just a continuation of the failed NeoCon strategy and it will lead the world to Armageddon in 2009 unless Obama has the courage to stop it.

Netanyahu on course for Israeli election win ~ link ~ Bibi the man most likely to start WWIII

Obama says he has not been questioned by police on the Blagojevich investigation ~ link