Sunday, November 30, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Washington plans mass slaughter of America's wild Mustangs ~ link

Indian Police: Pakistani militants, with ties to Pakistani intelligence, behind Mumbai attacks ~ link ~ Wither or not this is true, it is rather bad news to say the least.

Obama's strong-willed national security team ~ link

Mumbai police officer, left for dead, rides with gunman ~ link

Pakistan briefs Turkey over Pakistan-India ties after Mumbai attacks - PAKISTANI TROOPS AND AIR FORCE HAVE BEEN PLACED ON HIGH ALERT ~ link ~ It is the mobilization of both sides that locked Europe into war at the beginning of the First World War. This is what should be watched with considerable interest. Prayers are in order.

Police state Britain - home and office of opposition senior MP raided just because the MP embarrassed the Government ~ link ~ The Members of Parliament, of ALL parties, had better grow some balls real quick or they will be subject to increasing levels of police repression.

Economic rescue could cost $8.5 trillion in USA alone ~ link ~ For that level of money we could dramatically re-build US industrial might and make revolutionary improvements to the quality of life in America. Instead we are being looted by the same forces that gave us the 'Crash of 2008' to begin with.

Mumbai Massacre: Is 'India's 9/11' another false flag event? ~ link ~ Could be, the trouble with 'terrorist attacks', is that they are so easily faked as to who is really responsible - hence the term 'false flag'. Nevertheless, the results can be horrible. If nuclear armed India and Pakistan go to war (and remember China is Pakistan's 'big brother') it could go nuclear very quickly and the levels of deaths would be unprecedented in human history, and the radioactivity would spread over a large part of the world (in generally less than lethal levels).

Mumbai attacks: Indian raises security footing to 'war level' - Officials in Islamabad say troops could be moved to the Indian border ~ link

Bush to Olmert: Why are you giving Syria the Golan for nothing ~ link ~ The level of strategic thought in the Bush administration has been seriously lacking.

Rife Technology - If you or someone you know has cancer check this out ~ link

Codes for Armageddon: A new president to hold nuclear launch 'football' ~ link ~ The danger of Armageddon will become very real if, as expected super-warhawk Bibi Netanyahu is elected PM of Israel within a couple days of Obama's taking office. Bibi is apt to launch an attack on Iran triggering what I call the Armageddon Scenario.

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ramon calls for Olmert to go now ~ link

Mumbai (Bombay) attacks: 300 feared dead ~ link

Scottish title 'Baron of Greenan' for sale ~ link

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Signs of an attempted soft coup in New Delhi ~ link ~ The "events" in Mumbai (Bombay) may have been a false flag operation. In any case, we may be seeing an alignment of India/Israel/USA/EU on one side and Iran/Syria/Russia/China and other powers on the other side.

Interesting that events are now moving to force China into this axis. This fits with the last book of the Bible and the Final Battle - the Apocalypse. Remember the recent war between Georgia and Russia, with strong support by Israel and its NeoCon supporters in the Bush administration for Georgia (over 1,000 Israels fighting for Georgia killing Russians), turned Russia towards confrontation with Israel. The Georgian attack on the Russian population in its breakaway province was the Russian 9/11. This attack in Mumbai is the Indian 9/11. Remember my comments some weeks ago, that we have entered the "quickening" - a period of time where events are moving faster and faster towards terrible ends.

Armed police would not fire back in Mumbai (Bombay) attack ~ link ~ Something is very strange here!

India fury at Pakistan ~ link

Pakistan may relocate 100,000 army troops from Afghan border to Indian border ~ link ~ A warning to America and the first hints of mobilization. I am raising my odds on a war between India and Pakistan to 35% from my earlier 25%; I am planning a article on the dangers of a war between these two unstable nuclear armed powers in the near future.

Bugging scandal inside House of Commons ~ link ~ What do you expect from leaders who have one police spy camera for every seven citizens.

Death toll well over 300 in Nigerian Christian-Muslim violence ~ link

Seeing eye cat for blind dog ~ link

Secret Citibank Memo: Financial disaster will lead to civil disorder in 2009 or 2010 ~ link

The Great Crash of China ~ link

US Intelligence focuses on Pakistani group ~ link ~ A few years ago, when the Indian Parliament was attacked the dangers of a new war between nuclear armed Pakistan and India was very high. This event is as dangerous.

Follow the $8.5 trillion: Breakdown of US government's rescue funds ~ link ~ With that level of money involved, we could turn America back into a world leader in manufacturing of all levels of products, putting a truly massive number of American to work at decent wages. Instead we get the bastards that caused the problems showered with our money and a mountain of new debt that will destroy America.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Nikola Tesla and the Electric Universe video ~ link

Behind the scenes of film 'Volition': Coincidences and starting circumstances ~ link

Police declare Mumbai (Bombay) siege over - PM Singh close to threatening retaliation against Pakistan ~ link ~ I give it about a 25% chance of war - nuclear war at that - from this crisis. Let's pray that it does not come to that.

Former Indiana schoolteacher, Edna Parker, dies at 115 - was world's oldest person ~ link ~ In the age range of my maternal grandparents and younger than my paternal grandparents. That generation has now almost completely passed from the face of the Earth. They were a tough breed with good morals.

Mexico charges senior police officer with killing 24 ~ link

Olmert refuses to step down before election ~ link

Obama's Bush Doctrine ~ link

EU leaders fear Sarkozy wants to be "Emperor" of Europe ~ link

Obama faces tough task of containing North Korea's nuclear breakout ~ link

Dalai Lama: Top rating in survey on world leaders among Western Europeans and Americans ~ link

Georgia's Saakashvili plans to flee the country says opposition leader - key figures moving large sums overseas ~ link ~ You know, I wonder if Putin still wants to hang Saakashvili by his balls for his war crimes against Russians. I wonder if the tie-chewing president will be safe once he is no longer president.

Evidence could prove Cheney's crime - VP Cheney has $85 million invested in company with large investments in privately owned prisons ~ link

India's suspicion of Pakistan clouds US strategy ~ link

Economic upheaval creates virtual parallel presidency ~ link

MIT scientist claims solar breakthrough in low cost way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen ~ link ~ I know a very respected scientist who invented an internal combustion engine that ran off water (actually off hydrogen taken from the H2O in a low cost engine process). He was bought off by certain London interests for a very large amount of money. There are many suppressed technologies out there that would change everything.

Meltdown for from over - new mortgage crisis looms ~ link

The minimal impact of a big hypertension study - old cheep drugs work best ~ link

Green homes: solar vs. energy efficiency ~ link

China fears unrest amid economic slowdown ~ link

What to make of the Mumbai (Bombay) attacks ~ link

Mumbai (Bombay) attacks blamed on Al-Qaeda as pretext for US military response ~ link ~ I have a bad feeling about this.

Will Israel attack Iran? ~ link ~ What most "expert" written articles on this subject fail to cover is the fact that Iran has become an expert on asymmetrical warfare. They have a large, well funded, well equipped, well staffed (started by former Soviet biological warfare scientists - many of the best genetic engineers on the planet) advanced biowar programs on Earth. They have created a MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with Israel and with North America and Europe. If they are attacked and the doomsday tripwire is sprung, maybe a third of all human life on this planet will die. This is being ignored by the mainstream news media and not talked about the those in power; but nevertheless remains a fact of life in the early 21st Century. Advanced BioWar is the "poor man's nuke" - a global strategic form of warfare. This also means that the Lukid/NeoCon strategy is a total failure and a most grave danger to Israel and the entire world.

East European economies crack - Romania and Bulgaria the worst off ~ link

Danish doubts over Greenland vote - Greenland still years away from true autonomy ~ link

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Padre Pio credited with girl's miraculous recovery from 'fatal' gunshot to head ~ link

Two big retail chains in UK, Woolworths and MFI, go into bankruptcy with over 31,000 jobs at risk ~ link

Olmert 'to be charged' with corruption - possibility that he could be forced to leave office before February election ~ link

Pope to visit Holy Land in May 2009 ~ link

Brits say Israel staged 1976 Entebbe hijacking ~ link ~ I remember the famous "Raid on Entebbe" came as America was celebrating its 200th anniversary and stole a lot of the thunder.

Red Alert: Possible geopolitical consequences of the Mumbai (also called Bombay) attacks ~ link ~ The article states, "We will begin by assuming that the attackers are Islamist militant groups...". In terrorist attacks one can never "assume" anything. Terrorist attacks are at least as apt to be false flag operations as the real things.

Indian Prime Minister says Mumbai (Bombay) militants based 'outside county' ~ link ~ This could be a real false flag set-up for a major new war between India and Pakistan, both have nuclear weapons.

Bombay (Mumbai) attacks: India points the finger at Pakistan ~ link ~ Any nuclear war between India and Pakistan would be horrific in scope and would kill hundreds of millions and spread radiation across the globe. It also might involve China, and that could get really insane.

Furious China calls off EU summit due to support for Dalai Lama ~ link ~ China must understand that the world does not support its mistreatment of the Tibetan people and their heritage.

Indonesia AIDS body rejects microchip tagging plan ~ link

GM may sell off Hummer, Saturn, Saab and Pontiac to win US bailout loans ~

Europe to spend $13 billion on Mars rover and other space plans ~ link

Power of the Internet: Patient-led drug trials defy medical establishment ~ link ~ Always check into Rife therapy.

Irish Parliament to debate Lisbon referendum ~ link ~ The hidden powers that be intend to have their new EU regardless of what the citizens want and will keep pushing.

Russia: Obama must restore Iran ties before any further sanctions ~ link

Oil economics as a blood sport ~ link

Iran vs Pirates - Germany to arm civilian ships ~ link

Obama's wish list for Europe ~ link

EU raids pharmaceutical companies in antitrust probe ~ link

A New Future for Energy? The wonderful and wacky world of Nikola Tesla Revisited ~ link ~ Tesla was one of the greatest geniuses of history.

Greenlanders vote 'yes' to self rule ~ link

Gates: One more year at Pentagon ~ link

Arab sovereign wealth funds switch from Western investments ~ link

US Court of Appeals allows abuse case vs. Vatican ~ link ~ The Vatican has been using the legal shield of state sovereignty, however, sex abuse of minors is a matter of human rights violations and US law does allow for the piercing of the sovereign immunity veil in cases of human rights. A responsible pope would end the 800 year old rule of celibacy (in a 2,000 year old Church) in the priesthood and let married men in.

Airbus ready to shrink output if global crisis deepens ~ link

World's most expensive book - $100,000 each - arrives in New York ~ link ~
You can buy a copy of my book for under $15.

Experts call for global network to prevent asteroid disasters ~ link

US can retain space leadership role ~ link ~ Only if American ingenuity is truly encouraged instead of big government/big corporations having total say.

Happy Thanksgiving video ~ just for fun ~ link

Evacuation Day - a lost American historic holiday ~ link

Vatican set to go green with huge solar panel roof ~ link

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

A Nixon-Ruby Connection ~ link ~ Mike at posted this and I wanted to copy it here. At least four people either involved or with knowledge of the JFK murder later served in the White House as President - Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr. The murder of President Kennedy was one of the key moments in world history; "necessary" for the trash satanic Illuminati to continue their current plan for a NWO/one world government at our expense (expense as in our lives, freedom, wealth, etc.).

Rogers (Chairman of Rogers Holdings in Singapore) says dollar to be 'devalued' - buys commodities ~ link

There's much to do: let's start saving lives our ownselves ~ link

Four new reports reveal battered US economy ~ link

Father's Love Letter - A must see for all ~ link

3,000 dead from cholera in Zimbabwe ~ link

Gerald Celente: In November 2007 predicted the Crash of 2008 - worst than the Great Depression ~ link

Water resources dwindling in Australia's 'food basket' area ~ link

Russian General: Iskander missiles ready of Kaliningrad near Poland ~ link

Obama appointees signal continuing aggression and war ~ link

Just for fun: The Tilted Room video ~ link

Is Clinton Constitutionally barred from Secretary of State position ~ link

Argentina unveils $21 billion in infrastructure megaplan ~ link

The slow death of Gaza ~ link

Gun disguised as cell phone seized by police in Italy ~ link

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Financial Meltdown: You ain't seen nothing yet ~ link

Obama Bonds? ~ link

Airbus to cut output ~ link

Eclipse Aviation files for bankruptcy protection ~ link

Jimmy Carter says Zimbabwe crisis is "much worse" than imagined ~ link

Chavez welcomes Russian warships ~ link

US asked Israel NOT to start any major wars until Obama takes office ~ link ~ Obama is going to face a strategic danger from a Middle East War that will make the increasing collapse into the Great Depression 2.0 look like child's play by comparison. The Iranians have a 'global strategic weapon of mass destruction' capability that can kill 100 million or so Americans, and that many or more in Europe, in the event of a major attack on Iran by Israel and/or USA.

Merkel under pressure to be bold as German economy sinks ~ link

North Korea suspends trains to South Korea ~ link

China's president finalizes massive port deal with Greece ~ link

Scholars urge more research on Valencia's grail ~ the Holy Grail? ~ link

A near-riot and parliament besieged: Iceland boiling mad at credit crunch -
Gudrun Jonsdottir, a 36-year-old office worker, said: "I've just had enough of this whole thing. I don't trust the government, I don't trust the banks, I don't trust the political parties, and I don't trust the IMF. "We had a good country and they ruined it." ~ Link ~ The people in Iceland seem to have more balls than those of us elsewhere; or maybe it has just gotten worst there sooner than here. Makes you wonder what is coming politically in 2009 in the rest of the world. Maybe that is why there is such a growing police state drive in many western nations; the powers that be have planned the Great Depression 2.0 and are getting ready for the people's response. ~ updated with video link

The Archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael ~ link

Forced microchip implants in Indonesia ~ link ~ If you want Eternal Life NEVER ACCEPT any microchip or mark of the beast.

What is killing the bees ~ link ~ Good article.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Reach peace deal with Syria, attack Iran: Israeli Army ~ link ~ This article, like so many others, misses one key point: The Iranians ALREADY have global strategic weapons of mass destruction and a MAD (mutually assured destruction) with Israel, the United States, and the EU - Advanced BioWar (recombination DNA/genetically engineered viruses that can kill maybe a third of mankind).

Scotland's Profumo: Shocking story of the new war hero who fell from grace ~ link

Team Obama promises huge jolt to economy ~ link

Powerful Russian Navy fleet approaches Venezuela ~ link ~ The article describes the "heavy nuclear missile cruiser" 'Peter the Great'. Actually, I think that a more appropriate description is "nuclear missile battlecruiser" - this ship's size and firepower rates a "battlecruiser" rating.

Zimbabwe on brink of collapse - cholera spreading ~ link

America's forgotten freedoms ~ link ~ As someone whose ancestors have been in America since the 1600's and have fought for our freedoms since the Revolutionary war, all I can say is sad, damn sad and coming from a Russian site this article is extra damn sad. [Note: The first Earl of Stirling was the founder of English-speaking Canada in the early 1600's; the last person to claim the title was Major-General Lord Stirling who fought on the American side of the Revolutionary War and gave his life and fortune to America's future.]

Gordon Brown bankrupts Britain to win next election in Mid-2009 ~ link ~ Sorry, but it will not help - both Brown and the global economy are toast.

Obama to face Federal deficit of over $1 trillion ~ link

French Foreign Minister airs doubts about Obama's Afghan plan ~ link

Eurosceptic Chancellor to take lead in Austria ~ link

Bush: The premeditated murder of the United States of America ~ link

Lurching Toward Gomorrah: More signs of an unstoppable economic meltdown ~ link

Colossal Financial Collapse: The truth behind the Citigroup Bank "nationalization" ~ link ~ The truth is really MUCH WORSE than the public has been told.

Financial Collapse - Systemic Crisis ~ link

US pledges top $7.7 TRILLION to ease frozen credit ~ link

Swiss refuse to 'toe the line' on sanctions against Iran ~ link

Change the Pentagon does not believe in ~ link

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Bernanke: I was wrong about subprime crisis ~ link ~ Small $5 trillion mistake. Actually, it was no mistake and the planned Great Depression 2.0 is on line as planned.

Bush: Iraq War a 'Success' ~ link ~ Sometimes I think that George is just so evil that he enjoys telling totally outrageous lies; sometimes I think he is just a mentally deranged ex-gay/ex-coke addict/alcoholic fool; sometimes I think he is both.

US eyes 'surge' of over 20,000 troops for Afghanistan ~ link ~ Way too few, the only way to change Afghanistan is to impose massive military lock down and change the culture of the nation by force. This would be VERY bloody and VERY costly and would take many years and the benefits would be small, very small, compared to the very high costs.

Pesticide exposure boosts Parkinson's risk by 60% ~ link ~ Someday future historians will write the history of this time period and will be simply amazed by the corruption of our leaders and corporations and the stupidity of the masses.

IBM to build human brain-like computers ~ link

Fifth US warship since August war visits Georgia ~ link ~ The war in Georgia was a really stupid strategic move by the Bush government and Israel.

Massive opening party extravaganza for Dubai resort 'The Atlantis' -most expensive in history ~ link ~ The final blast of the age of excess as we enter the Great Depression 2.0.

UK Labour Government's desperate tax cut gamble ~ link

Dalai Lama warns Tibetan exiles to be prudent ~ link

'David and Goliath' city found in Israel ~ link

Bond market expecting a corporate default rate CONSIDERABLY higher then that of the Great Depression ~ link

Eco machine - water out of thin air ~ link

Mednedev on defiant Latin American tour ~ link

Brown: Only drastic action will save us ~ link ~ And I bet that "drastic action" benefits those who are responsible for the crisis.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Obama: Millions of jobs in danger next year ~ link

Gutsy old Helen Thomas gives White House doublespeak press spokeswoman hell over torture and Bush lying about it ~ link to video

How to survive an economic depression ~ link

Obama moves quickly to fill Cabinet positions ~ link ~ "Change" seems to mean bringing back Clinton people (and using other insiders) to replace Bush people.

Putin sparks speculation about his return to Kremlin as President in 2008 ~ link

Britain colder than Moscow ~ link ~ That is cold, I know, I have been in Moscow in winter. Actually, the danger of a sudden mini ice age seems to be increasing, but it is still too early to tell for sure. If the Gulf Stream falters than UK will freeze and much of the Northern Hemisphere with it.

Honda to close UK factory for two months as Crash of 2008 marches on ~ link

Livni vows Kadima won't "sell" Israel to ultra-orthodox ~ link

Spirit Daily: Rise from what mires you and transcend hurts of this world through His power ~ link

UK heavy fines for out-of-state ID details ~ link ~ "Your papers comrade!" More police state crap from the 'Blair now Brown' crew.

A step-by-step guide to resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth ~ link

Evidence of vast frozen water reserves on Mars ~ link

Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Mrs. Nelson Mandela barred from Zimbabwe - southern Africa's breadbasket in deep crisis ~ link

45 years today since JFK was murdered in broad daylight and the real culprits never punished ~ at least three involved served as President after JFK's death.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Arianna Huffington raises $15 million ~ link ~ I have been involved in raising hundreds of millions before, on more than one occasion, but to raise anything in this economic environment is really impressive.

Lord Black asks Bush for clemency ~ link ~ I have always thought that what Black did was step on the wrong toes, that is what caused his criminal charges. He should receive clemency.

Remains of astronomer Copernicus found ~ link

Is Kashmir key to Afghan peace? ~ link

Egypt hosts Arab piracy meeting ~ link ~ The only way to deal with the pirates is to kill them, like the Indian Navy did.

Peres receives honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen ~ link ~ Actually the Queen bestows the honour but it is the Brown Government that actually decides the issue.

The deal to disarm North Korea is unraveling ~ link

US seeks $300 billion from Gulf state for financial meltdown ~ link

Sarkozy launches Euro 20 billion fund to protect strategic industries ~ link ~ Trying to save the crown jewels while the palace is burning down.

From the Kremlin to Caracas, how oil collapse changes everything ~ link

Boeing: Layoffs coming in 2009 ~ link ~ Looks like 2009 is going to be one hell of a year all around.

GM hits lowest price since Great Depression ~ link ~ As we approach the Great Depression 2.0

20,000 Jewish pilgrims to descend on Hebron amid settler violence ~ link

King Harod family tombs discovered by Israeli archaeologists ~ link

Massive frozen water reservoirs discovered on Mars ~ link
second story ~ link

Dennis Kucinich "Racketeering on a scale this country has never seen before" ~ link to video

Dubai's fantasy skyline tumbles ~ link

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Link

Cash for Honours - An Interview With The Earl of Stirling ~ link ~ From the UK Column

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Fear stalks the world's economies ~ link

Hindu groups in India offering rewards to kill Christians ~ link

The Coming of the Second Great Depression ~ link ~ I call it Great Depression 2.0

Mammoth Genome Decoded - Clones on the Way? ~ link

Obama picks Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to be Secretary of Homeland Security ~ link

Bush with 60 days left is destroying protection for America's wilderness ~ link

Obama's "Coalition of the Willing" Against Iran? ~ link

Israeli leaders in secret journey to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II on military operations in Gaza Strip ~ link

Out of pure light, physicists create particles of matter ~ link

US Supreme Court to hold closed-door hearing on Obama's citizenship ~ link

Fed says US economy to get worse ~ link

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Alaska Senator Stevens concedes defeat in re-election race ~ link ~ This means no open US Senate seat for Sarah Palin

Israeli Air Force Chief: We are ready to deal with Iran ~ link ~ General, what part of mutually assured destruction (MAD; like Iran and Israel have with each other) don't you understand?

Dow falls below 8,000 and S&P at 5-year low ~ link ~ We are still in the early stages of the Great Depression 2.0

Chinese automakers may buy GM and Chrysler ~ link

Indian warship, INS Tabar, blows pirate mother ship out of the water ~ link

Global run on gold coins ~ link ~ People don't trust their governments anymore for good reason and fear what is coming.

More negative signs for US housing market ~ link

Gates in talks to stay as Pentagon chief ~ link

The curious case of the disappearing despot ~ link

Entire Episcopal Diocese in Texas may join Catholic Church ~ link

Pirates anchor hijacked supertanker off Somalia coast ~ link

Government attacks Catholic church in Vietnam ~ link
Time for the governments of the world to formally complain to Hanoi about the basic human right of freedom of worship not being followed.

Obama pledges state to Palestinian leader ~ link

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Stirling Proposal For Peace In The Middle East

The Stirling Proposal For Peace In The Middle East

In 2001 I made a proposal for a peace settlement in the Middle East, which I called the Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East. At the time, I was getting over my wife Michele's death from Ovarian Cancer. I had a web news site, something like my current blog EUROPE, named Third Millennium Global News. This was the same name as a project that I had just obtained financing for when Michele was diagnosed with cancer. That project was to have been the fourth national evening television newscast in the American market, with full local broadcast coverage throughout the United States. The television project was designed to be profitable (very profitable in fact) but the web site was not (and believe me it was never was profitable). I walked away from the evening national television newscast project to take full time care of my dying wife.

While the web news operation was tiny, I still wanted to make some positive contribution on this earth before being called before God myself. The Middle East was then, as now, a tinderbox of dangers. Terrorists attacks on buses and restaurants in Israel were a all too common event. I thought that I might make use of my title, my outside-of-the-box thinking, and my on-line news operation to offer a reasonable idea to settle the long-running Middle Eastern peace - actually lack thereof - problems.

I published my Proposal on-line and submitted copies of my Proposal directly to the President of Egypt, the King of Saudi Arabia, the King of Jordan (I had signed a Letter of Intent to purchase his late father's Royal jumbo jet for a flying news studio back in 1998 just before both his father and my wife were both diagnosed with terminal cancer within days of one another). I also sent a copy of my Proposal to then Prime Minister of Israel, Sharon. I got the best reply from Sharon; his National Security Adviser (later Israeli Ambassador to the USA) wrote to me on Sharon's letterhead advising me that my proposal was being seriously considered at the highest levels.

I addressed a number of issues in my Proposal, both long-term issues and then recent issues like controlling terrorist bombings in Israel by extremists (who might not be willing to agree to a future peace treaty). My proposal on the bombings included a tall very high tech border fence that could not be scaled and would restrict entry into Israel via controlled entry points. My Proposal was not accepted, however, within maybe three months of my submitting it, the Israels began to build the tall high tech concrete fence. This fence made a major impact in stopping bombings against civilians in Israel and I was glad of this. However, the fence was never intended to be used aggressively to seize land and to create more hardship and hate in Palestine.

Now we have a new President-elect in America, one who has given support to the return of Israel to its pre-1967 War borders. Further, both the outgoing Prime Minister of Israel and the President of Israel have broken with the NeoCon strategy of expansion of Israel and are supporting major new peace efforts.

In the years since I made my original Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East, things have gotten a lot worse in that neck of the woods. We have had the 9/11 attacks, the War in Afghanistan, the War in Iraq (Second Gulf War), the Second Lebanon War, and the growth of the Lebanon border/Syrian border areas with Israel as the most dangerous and highly armed areas on earth. A true MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment now exists between Iran/Syria/Lebanon and Israel with extensive numbers and types of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) being deployed in large numbers.

The Israels have perhaps 600+ nuclear warheads of all types (neutron bombs, tactical nuclear warheads, single-stage atomic bombs, two-stage hydrogen bombs) with a triad of delivery systems (IRBMs and cruise missiles, aircraft delivered weapons, and submarine launched cruise missiles), as well as a wide range of Advanced Biowar/chemical/radiological/advanced conventional FAE weapons. The Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah side has perhaps 50,000 or more short to medium range rockets and hundreds of IRBMs with standard "dumb warheads" and also Advanced Biowar/chemical/radiological/FAE warheads.

The Israels can destroy all Arab nations and Persian Iran in less than one day, effectively killing most of the population and bringing total systemic destruction to the nation states' economy, industrial and cultural infrastructure, etc. The Iranians and Syrians can, in turn, effectively destroy Israel's population, economy, industrial and cultural infrastructure - mostly in a day, but with Advanced Biowar certainly in a matter of a couple of weeks (even after the demise of Iran and Syria).

The Advanced Biowar genetically engineered viruses possessed by Iran and to a lesser extent Syria are a global strategic weapon of mass destruction giving them a MAD with America and Europe as well. Iran began building one of the most advanced biological warfare industries just after the fall of the Soviet Union when they were able to hire many former Soviet Advanced Biowar scientists at $5,000 each per month; they now have a massive number of recombination DNA based Advanced Biowar diseases/agents that we humans have NO DEFENSE against - the perfect doomsday MAD weapons. A general Middle Eastern war would almost certainly spread globally resulting in billions of deaths in the worst world war and horror in human history. So, I have a good reason to try the Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East again.

The Stirling Proposal is really rather simple. Besides the return of Arab lands seized in the 1967 war, with a few exceptions - like the Temple Mount, the Proposal calls for the global funding of short and long terms peace efforts. It could be amended to gradually pay Iran and allies to remove rockets/missiles over a ten year period and to involve Iran in the regional peace process.

The following is the 2001 Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East, which could form the basis for a 2009 Peace Agreement:

The Stirling Proposal for Peace in the Middle East

1.) All Parties agree to a total end to violence and to the enforcement of same agree to the signing of a Peace Treaty incorporating the points listed herein.

2.) Israel agrees to and will within 30 days evacuate all Syrian territory currently occupied. Israel agrees to leave in good shape all buildings, however, Israel may remove military bases before the turnover of the territory to Syria. Syria agrees that said territory shall remain free of all heavy arms (including tanks, artillery, mortars, rockets, missiles, and anti-aircraft weapons) and military forces in excess of 1,500 persons for a period of twenty years and that a sizable United Nations peacekeeping force shall patrol area.

3.) Israel agrees to the establishment of a Palestinian State with its Administrative Capital at Gaza City and the right of the Palestinian Parliament to meet in the Arab part of Jerusalem.

4.) The Palestinian Authority and Israel agree that the Arab part of Jerusalem shall be jointly a part of Israel and the new Palestinian State, with administrative control of the Arab sector given to the new Palestinian State and with free access to the Arab sector to citizens of both states. The Temple Mount area, and access thereto, shall remain a part of Israel only, however existing arrangements for access to holy sites by all parties shall remain in force. All remaining parts of Palestinian land to be turned over to the new Palestinian State within 90 days (all buildings to be left in good shape including housing).

5.) The establishment of a US$108 billion fund to compensate those persons who lost their land or became refugees during the creation of the State of Israel or in the wars thereafter, and to facilitate this Peace Agreement. This compensation is to be a final settlement of all Arab claims against the State of Israel. The fund is to be established by the United States, the G-8 Nations and the European Union and jointly controlled by them. This fund is to be distributed over a four year period as follows: US$45 billion in cash settlements to qualified Palestinians; US$20 billion in the purchase of stock (new issue/set price) in Israeli companies to qualified Palestinians; US$30 billion in infrastructure improvements to the new Palestinian State including housing for qualified Palestinians; US$5 billion in settlements for Israeli citizens forced to move from settlements in the new Palestinian State; US$8 billion in water purchase and water infrastructure improvements in Israel and for the construction and manning of a high tech security border between Israel and neighboring states. Additionally Arab states will agree to the establishment of a US$2 billion fund for economic development in the new Palestinian State.

Some key benefits and features of the above are: Israel and Syria will sign a peace treaty. Syria will get its land back but Israel will have international forces ensuring that the land is demilitarized for twenty years. Israel keeps Jerusalem but the Arabs keep using the Arab part, and their Parliament can meet there. Israel maintains full sovereignty over the Temple Mount but existing access for Arabs remains. The Palestinians get their nation sate without it being broken into many pieces. They get a cash settlement that will give the several million of qualified Palestinians thousands in cash. Further an additional part of the settlement is stock in Israeli companies that cannot be sold for several years but will produce stock dividends, especially if the Israeli economy does will. The Israeli economy receives a great inflow of new money into its existing businesses. There is sufficient money to build the infrastructure and housing needed in the new Palestinian state. Those Israelis forced to move from the new Palestinian state will receive generous compensation and new homes. The State of Israel will receive compensation for loss of access to water from territories now administered by Israel and will also receive aid to establish a new high tech security border between Israel and the new Palestinian state. The new Palestinian state will also receive assistance from its brother Arab states to establish new industries for employment for its citizens. This settlement and the prosperity that will come from it, as well as the ending of a most serious threat of a Regional War, will turn the current crisis into a win/win situation.

Special Post

The world needs to form an international military force, using NATO, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other nations ships/aircraft/troops, to take over Somalia and establish a responsible government, feed its people, and end the piracy off the East Coast of Africa. Yesterday a Saudi supertanker, with British crew, was seized by pirates; today a large cargo ship with an international crew was seized.

According to the International Maritime Bureau at least 83 ships have been seized by Somali pirates since January 2008.

The trouble is there is no operating central government in Somalia, a multi sided civil war waging with little more than war lords in control, and a starving population.

With hundreds of billions spent every year on military forces by the many nations of the world, it is time that the United Nations establishes a sizable international air/land/sea military force to take control of Somalia and put an end to the piracy, to the continuing warfare, feed the civilian population, and establish a functioning UN administration and eventual civilian government.


Link to latest story on Somali pirate attacks with video.

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Cancer drugs make tumors grow ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer check into Rife therapy ASAP!

Rudd's popularity strong, despite economic woes ~ link

Senior IDF officers slam top ministers for Gaza "war-mongering" ~ link

Estonian spy scandle shakes NATO and EU ~

Circumcision-by-bulk in the Balkans ~ link

Brown blast oppostion for comments on sterling ~ link ~ That's sterling as in "pounds sterling" not Stirling as in Earl of Stirling

US study urges Obama to press Israel over nuclear program ~ link

Taiwan to give its citizens billions in shopping coupons to boost economy ~ link ~ This makes a lot more sense than the bailouts - especially if the coupons are limited to domestically produced products.

US has already spent more on financial crisis than it spent on all of WWII (adjusted for inflation) ~ link ~ The price of having a Illuminati puppet like Bush in power is VERY HIGH.

A bottom up rescue plan for the auto, bank and mortgage companies ~ link ~ An interesting concept.

Worse than the Great Depression ~ link

Russia considers opening Black See Fleet base in Abkhazia ~ link

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of Secretary of State job ~ link

Obama worries national security hawks ~ link ~ I hope he really worries the NeoCons as their failed strategy needs to go into "the dustbin of history" ASAP.

Hu's Cuban visit highlights China's growing Latin American clout ~ link

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff - Iraqi exit dates (2011) not a problem ~ link ~

EU warms to Russian pan-European security pack idea ~ link

US political temperature may be just right for healthcare overhaul ~ link

Outrage over Chinese forced abortion case ~ link ~ If China cannot institute and follow decent standards of human rights and ecology then restrictions on Chinese imports should be established by North America, EU and the rest of the world.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Extinction threatens Yellow-Pages publishers ~ link

Scottish barony title being offered as hedge against economic crisis ~ link

China coal mine flood traps 34 workers ~ link

Nissan: Buy our electric cars - rent our batteries ~ link

New high tech police car scans license plates, sniffs out bombs ~ link

$2 trillion handed out by Paulson and Bernanke - But who got it, nobody knows ~ link

Obama and the imperial presidency ~ link

China hints at aircraft carrier project ~ link

Russia's banal reality lies in between energy superpower and bankrupt state ~ link

Brown paves way for tax cuts ~ link

Saudi supertanker with British crew seized by pirates ~ link ~ The governments of the world need to do more to kill the bastard pirates.

Shares in UK bailed out banks tumble ~ link

Citigroup to cut 52,000 jobs ~ link

Lord Black on Obama's opportunities ~ link

Zaini Mohd Said: A new dawn on the horizon ~ link

New York Times: A military for a dangerous new world ~ link

Now is time to cut back on US spending for military ~ link ~ Actually there is a way to cut back on spending by perhaps 25% while actually expanding American ability to defend itself and to project its armed forces globally ~ I will be writing on this soon.

War on Taliban sparks refugee crisis ~ link

Coronation of new Bhutanese King in photos ~ link

Barack Obama brings hope of Iran talks, says President of Israel Shimon Peres ~ link

Foreign policy paths for a new president ~ link

Top US Senator: Cancel the 'blank check' bailout ~ link

Gardasil vaccine linked to outbreaks of genital warts in children ~ link

Signers of the American Declaration of Independence ~ link ~ The last person of note to claim the Earldom of Stirling, before me, was Major-General Lord Stirling, who fought on the American side and also lost his life and his fortune in the process.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let the Big Three Go Into Bankruptcy THEN Bailout

The Big Three US automakers are asking for many billions from the American taxpayer. This is a logical outcome of the "give away the store" policies of the outgoing Bush Administration in response to the Crash of 2008. A few billion here, a few billion there, oh what the hell, a few hundred billion here and a few hundred billion there. Currently, the total "bailout" amount is in the $5 TRILLION range and climbing.

The truth is that adding those trillions in debt to the American economy is the worst thing that could be done and nothing that a really responsible government would do. Finally many in Congress are beginning to revolt against the greatest ripoff in human history. The plan to "bailout" GM, Ford, and Chrysler is going nowhere and that is good.

The problem that the Big Three automakers have is not just the current recession. The problem is that in times of plenty the Big Three caved into truly excessive demands from the United Autoworkers Union during multiple contract negotiations. The Big Three pay retirees and those on lay-off almost as much as they pay working members of the United Autoworkers. The pension and bloated health care costs to current and retired workers add many thousands of dollars to the cost of every car sold by Detroit. You have retired assembly line plant workers and current plant workers making near one hundred thousand per year levels in wages and benefits. It has gotten so bad that the Big Three are simply not competitive or profitable anymore.

American federal bankruptcy courts have broad authority to rewrite union contracts and pension arrangements. It is well past time to allow the Big Three to declare bankruptcy to clean out the deadwood that is chocking to death the most powerful industry in America. When the courts have restructured the overhead to a reasonable level, then and only then should Washington even consider any loans to the auto manufactures.

Please do not mistake this brief article as some anti-union tirade. I worked three summers in Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing plants when I was in my undergraduate years in my university days. I understand how necessary union protection is for many factory workers. I not only am not against unions, I am pro-union. But there are reasonable limits. In the case of the Big Three automakers the reasonable limits were crossed years ago and now, in the current recession, something has to be done to adjust the union contracts to save the millions of jobs at risk.


Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

50,000 Hindu fundamentalists demonstrate in favor of religious intolerance ~ link ~ the Indian government must have its feet held to the fire to stop all anti-Christian riots and murders.

Old prophecy on Obama? ~ link ~ The real key to preventing any global destruction is to end the NeoCon strategy, it is a failed strategy that will cause global war and destruction if allowed to continue to influence events.

Ditch the Smooth Transition: The people voted for change ~ link

The Great Depression of the 21st Century ~ link ~ The financial interests are destroying the real economy so that they can pick up the surviving pieces at a great discount.

Obama's Herculean Challenge: Time to river-wash the Big Three auto companies and the economy ~ link

Greg Craig to be White House Counsel ~ link

Chinese Communist Government effectively shuts door on talks with Tibetan exile leaders ~ link

Crash of US automakers risks three million jobs ~ link

Barack Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders deal ~ link ~ This is the best news in a very long time for real peace in the Middle East.

Brown says leaders agree to build new financial institutions ~ link

Second G20 summit planned for London ~ link

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Obama ties automaker rescue to regulations ~ link ~ I hate to say it (I normally am pro-union) but the Big Three US automakers need to go into Bankruptcy Court so that the courts can rewrite the way too high pension/union contracts.

British skiers find Canada and USA too expensive due to Pound's weakness ~ link

Susprise! Organic beekeepers reporting ZERO losses ~ link ~ People who have laughed at the Prince of Wales for his comments against genetically modified food need to do a re-think. There is good evidence that GM food is behind the dying off of billions of bees. If the world's bees die off, the world's humans will follow.

Doctor who performed 48,000 abortions now strong anti-abortion activist after repeated strange dreams ~ link

Afghan girl begs for bread, prays for help ~ link

Iran switches reserves to gold ~ link

Gordon Brown's fingerprints are all over an economic disaster made in Britain ~ link

City of Berkeley, California has program to allow property owners to install solar panels and pay for them through property taxes - no upfront cost and 20 years to pay ~ link ~ That is a program that makes a lot of sense; one that Obama and many leaders throughout the world should copy.

The United Nations of New Jerusalem and the Empire of Zog ~ link ~ A crazy article but crazy in an interesting way.

Vladimir Putin - with Russian tanks 30 miles from Tbilisi - was going to hang Saakashvili 'by the balls' until Sarkozy told him he would "end up like Bush" ~ link ~ Most interesting story!

World leaders gather in Washington to work on economic solution ~ link ~ A "solution" that their masters, the global banking families, demand - a major step to a NWO/one world government.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

The danger of keeping Robert Gates as US Secretary of Defense ~ link

US Army gets its first four-star woman general ~ link

Obama, World Crisis, and the New World Order ~ link ~ There is also a direct connection between the NWO and WWIII and the Apocalypse.

Olbert warns of 'end of Israel' if no two-state solution with Palestinians ~ link ~ Olmert has recognized that the NeoCon/Lukid strategy is a total complete failure that has empowered the Iranians to build a MAD force on Isreal's border.

Bibi copies Barack's web page for Israeli campaign ~ link ~ Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) the man most likely to start World War III

New shoes on old debt - current economic woes have 1980's roots ~ link

White House told to preserve records
~ link ~ Why would Bush and Cheney start to obey the law and Constitution now, in eight years they have had nothing but total contempt for the Law of the Land and the US Constitution.

Paulson says banking system has been 'stabilized' ~ link ~ If you could package his words they would make great fertilizer for your garden.

Pentagon readies $82 billion new war supplemental spending package ~ link ~ Like America can afford it, right!

Financial crisis to dominate EU-Russia Summit ~ link

Europe has fallen in love with American again due to Barack Obama ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland to cut 3,000 jobs ~ link
link to second article on this story

Sailor charged with causing deaths on Russian nuclear sub ~ link

Prince Charles at 60 - The Prince's life in photos ~ link

The North Korean Conundrum ~ Link

Barack Obama: Polynesia's First US President ~ link

Torture - Yes We Can? ~ link ~ Obama has got to clearly establish that America will not support torture in any way, ever again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Excerpts from the Sarah Palin Larry King interview ~ link ~ I disagree with many of her politics but I like Sarah Palin, and not just because she is a babe - she is "real" which is something most leading politicians in the world are not.

US Automakers bailout in doubt ~ link ~ Let them fail and use the bankruptcy laws to restructure them and their massive debt/pension loads and then, if necessary, loan them some money.

All major national economies in recession ~ link ~ As the Crash of 2008 heads towards the Great Depression 2.0

Ron Paul: GOP should ask why USA is on the wrong track ~ link

A New World Financial Order ~ link ~ The global banking families are well into their End Game for their New World Order/One World Government.

Great Depression lessons have not been learnt ~ link

Netanyahu: On a collision course with Obama ~ link ~ I have a article coming on this and the grave danger from a Netanyahu election for Israel and the world.

Feds stage airport test of plan to slow pandemic ~ link ~ some defense against natural pandemic but useless against a strategic advanced biowar attack (like from Iran in event of a major Israeli and/or US attack on Iran and Syria).

Berlusconi: Deployment of US antimissile shield in Poland and Czech Republic a "provocation" against Russia ~ link

Kosovo and Belgrade bicker over extent of EU mission ~ link

Power supergrid plan to protect Europe from Russian threat to choke off energy ~ link

Telescopes get visual of planets around another sun ~ link

Obama's support of radical "Freedom of Choice Act" could force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions - which they would not do ~ link ~ This crazy bill crosses the line and seeks to force people to commit what they believe to be murder on babies. If the bill remains as proposed and Obama supports it, it will be the early beginning of his status as a one term president. It will be a political nightmare of the worst type for him that will haunt his presidency to the very end.

Prince of Wales turns 60 on Friday ~ link ~ I think that Prince Charles has tried to do a decent job of it and has largely succeeded.

Russian prosecutors open criminal case against sailor suspected of triggering accident on Russian nuclear submarine ~ link

The corrupt origins of central banking in the USA ~ link

Palin blasts bailout expansion before GOP governors ~ link

End the FED site ~ link

Likud widens gap in coming election ~ link ~ Bibi Netanyahu, the man most likely to start World War III.

US Treasury NOT FOLLOWING LAW - no oversight posts filled - no first monitoring report to Congress filed by deadline ~ link ~ Greatest rip-off in human history by George and his boys as they prepare to leave office.