Monday, September 29, 2008


Hot Damn. The American public wins one! The crooked Wall Street bailout fails in the US House of Representatives.

The Quickening

Two major financial institutions having failed in Europe and Wachovia having failed in all but name over this weekend are pointing to broad global systmic grave dangers. Global stockmarkets could be on the verge of a October 1929 type collapse.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stirling Proposal for Corporate Reform

Since Congress has now worked out a "deal" to fund the bailout of Wall Street, in spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to the very idea of it, it is a very good time to look at a basic reform of the compensation levels of executives in publicly traded corporations.

In the last couple of decades the American people have seen a very large part of the American industrial base moved offshore by American corporate leaders. We have see corporate executive compensation levels rise to truly insane levels. We have seen the "experts" on Wall Street create a Quadrillion dollar derivatives market out of thin air and are now being told that we, the taxpayers who actually work for our money and pay our too high taxes, are going to have to bail out Wall Street for $700 billion to solve the "toxic loan problem".

It is time that the public get something in return for this massive ripoff of its tax dollars. It is time for a reform of the American corporate environment that has allowed our great nation to move to the edge of another Great Depression. The bailout bill has over one hundred pages in its latest form. Lets add one more page with the following details:

(1) No pay or any form of compensation, including stock options, for any officer or employee of any publicly traded corporation incorporated in the United States of America, including all banking and financial and insurance corporations, shall exceed $500,000 per year. Corporations not incorporated in the United States, but doing business in the United States, shall be included in these provisions for any corporate employee or officer residing in the United States for over 10 days per year.

(2) For every 10,000 new full time jobs in America, employing American citizens at wages of at least $25,000 in actual wages paid per year, created by a corporation, the corporate employee top compensation level allowed for that corporation, under this Act, shall be raised by $50,000 per year.

(3) Any person violating this Act, who is found guilty by a court of law, shall serve no less than 10 years in a federal prison. Any corporation found guilty of violating this act shall be fined no less than twenty times the amount paid in compensation in excess of that allowed by this Act. No offshore corporations, trusts, or other legal entities may be used to circumvent the provisions of this Act.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Links of the Day

Phase 1: The Bailout; Phase 2: US Treasury's Blueprint For A Modernized Financial Regulatory System ~ People's Solution: Break the Fed ~ link.

$1 Quadrillion of Unregulated Debt at Core of Coming Derivatives Crisis ~ link.

Israel on High Alert for Mass-Casualty Strikes ~ link ~ makes you wonder if something is planned for October

Catholics: Rediscovering Traditionalism ~ link

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First Look At New Compulsory UK ID Cards ~ link ~ Hitler and Lenin would be proud

Scottish Farmers Upset Over EU ID "Cards" For Sheep ~ link ~ Hitler's German Shepherd dog would be proud

Relativity Drive: The End Of Wings And Wheels ~ link

Friday, September 26, 2008

Facts of the Day

There have been $1.5 billion in contributions to US Federal campaigns by financial services industry since 1999.

$180 million in contributions and lobbying by FANNIE MAE and FREEDIE MAC from 2000-2008.

That a nation's parliament or congress can be bought off by bribes/"donations" is a sign of a 'third world' nation.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Links of the Day

Scientists Glimpse 'Dark Flow' Lurking Beyond The Edge Of The Universe ~ link.

Vatican Newspaper: Crisis Shows Failure of "New Economy" ~ link.

Digging Up the Deadly Past ~ link ~ digging up Spanish Flu bodies.

Kansai Paint Lowers H5N1 Infections ~ link.

Mexican President Visits Lord Stirling Elementary School In New Jersey ~ link
second story on this ~ link

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Quickening

John McCain has announced the suspension of his presidential campaign due to the economic crisis.

You know, I recently wrote an article called '9/11/01 - 9/11/08 The Tribulation'. While I focused on the political and military aspects of this time period in the article, I really do believe that we have gone through the Biblical Seven Year Tribulation. I now think that we are in a time of "quickening". Things seem to have suddenly increased in speed. We are now facing a global great depression type economic event, while still facing the grave political/military threats from the neo-cons who have given us several false flag attacks, two wars, and plan a third war on Iran, Syria, and Lebanon that is almost certain to cause World War III.

I recommend prayer and the gathering of as many supplies, such as canned food and water and medicine, as possible. Put together at least six months of supplies if you can.

I fear that we are in for some truly terrible events over the next six months to a year.

I hope that I am wrong. But I have seen this coming for some time and so far I seem to be "right on the money".


Links of the Day

Brammo's Eco-Electric Motorcycles article with video ~ link
link to Brammo's website.

"Mortgage Fraud" The Paulson Bail-Out Plan ~ link.

President of Israel on Iran: War Not an Option ~ link ~ a few Israeli leaders have the guts to oppose the war party's call for war on Iran, this is because they understand the grave danger from Iranian advanced biological warfare.

Israel Arming of Georgia Sours Russian Relations ~ link.

Magnesium - The Fountain of Youth & Health ~ link.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Links of the Day

Rush to Control Finances Hearkens to Warnings of a Single World Government ~ link ~ I know the owner of this site, he is a good man but not one that believes in conspiracies but even he is having second thoughts about what is happening.

A Flaw In The Bailout Wall St. Scam

There is an interesting flaw in the Bush Administration Wall Street bailout scam. The flaw is that it comes right at election time. They intended for this to work FOR THEM but it could be turned around. The American public is very strongly against spending a trillion dollars or more on saving the crooks on Wall Street. The strategy that the Bush/Wall Street/global banking families are using is the same that they always use: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The thesis is the crisis deliberately brought on by their efforts. The antithesis is the blank check that they are demanding. The sought after synthesis is the "compromise bill" that will give them what they really want and "throw the public some peanuts" ~ that is some "oversight committee" and "protections" for the public while they rape the nation for a trillion or more.

If we don't buy into the scam we can raise unholy hell with their plans. THIS IS A FEW WEEKS BEFORE A FEDERAL ELECTION WITH ALL OF THE HOUSE UP FOR ELECTION AND A THIRD OF THE SENATE UP FOR ELECTION. If everyone would just telephone their Congressman's office, and the offices of their state's two US Senators, and say NO BAILOUT, NONE AT ALL AND IF YOUR BOSS VOTES FOR ANY BAILOUT HE/SHE WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN, we can scare Congress into doing what we the people want for once.

You can sign all the petitions you want but they have very limited effect. And time is too short for letters. Just call the nearest offices of your Congressman and Senators. They are always willing to have a staffer take a nice call. Be sure to identify yourself and your hometown. But be firm, let them know NO BAILOUT ~ NONE AT ALL. When they start getting millions and millions of calls a few weeks before election the congress critters will actually get shook up.

Copy this to everyone on your email list; post it at work; tell your friends. Don't let the crooks pull off the biggest ripoff in history and drive more coffin nails into America's coffin. Show the bums that this is America. If we can do this, we may actually begin something very powerful. We have got to save America and what is left of our way of life and Constitution while we still can.


A Petition that I was sent by a reader on the "bailout"

Subject: No blank check for Wall Street.

Dear Friend,

Congress is on the brink of making a one-sided deal to give George W. Bush a blank check to bail out his pals - offering nearly (or perhaps more than) a trillion taxpayer dollars to Wall Street to cover its bad debts. That works out to somewhere between $2000 and $5000 from every American family. So what do the taxpayers get in return?

Nothing. No new regulation or oversight to help avoid this kind of crisis in the future. No public interest givebacks to help people whose homes are in the hands of the banks. Perhaps most shockingly of all, the taxpayers get absolutely no share in the profits if and when these finance giants bounce back, even though we are now assuming a great deal of the risk.

This is worse than a bad deal - this isn't a deal at all. This is a blank check to some of the richest companies in the world.

I just signed a petition calling on key members of Congress to impose a few sensible conditions to this bailout in order to protect the American people -- I hope you will too.

Please have a look and take action.


Monday, September 22, 2008

The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008

Sent in by a reader of this blog. Stirling

The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008

WHAT: A pre-planned collapse of the US (and global) financial and economic systems.

WHO: The same characters who perpetrated the original 911.

WHERE: New York City & DC, of course. Plus a sideshow in Washington state.

WHEN: The days surrounding September 11, naturally.

HOW: Instead of painted drones, missiles with fins and fake airplanes, they used the

much more stealthy short seller.

WHY: To remake the economic/financial order of the world.

WHY Really: Think about it ! ! !

The 911 blueprint worked so magically for the world controllers that they were compelled to use virtually the same playbook. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

So, what’s the real deal here?

By analogy, let’s take a quick look at the 911 timeline and stack it up against the new 2008 Financial “911” as it began to unfold earlier this year.

  1. The Bear Stearns collapse that began in March, 2008 is analogous to the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Just a warm up.

  1. The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac marks the beginning of the new 911. Both in the DC area, they were the first to come down this time. Just as they struck at the heart of the military complex, this time they went for the jugular of the national real estate market. Remember – this is a financial 911.

  1. Next came this year’s version of the twin towers, building 7 and other assorted NYC landmarks in the form of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, as well as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in their “new & improved” form. Basically took out the whole of American investment brokerage, heh?!

  1. And, of course, we still have Washington Mutual out there in the boonies just like the one that “crashed” in a PA farm field.

  1. The 700 trillion dollar Bailout Plan is just like the Patriot Act, isn’t it? Only this time it’s maybe a 1 or 2 page document that confers absolute authority on the Executive Branch to do just about anything they want with the taxpayer’s money. And they want it rubber stamped now. Not tomorrow. NOW!!! Without discussion, or unnecessary congressional debate. Talk about Shock & Awe being used against the American people, and their elected representatives!?!

  1. Now we know we can expect further gyrations, panics and precipitous declines in the market and elsewhere, just as we had anthrax attacks in the Capital, beltway snipers in Maryland in October of ’02, the 3/11/04 train bombings in Madrid, and the 7/7/05 bombings in London. Not to mention the 50 or so other synthetic terror events staged throughout the world to enforce compliance and create distraction.

  1. The sudden and dramatic downfall of NY Gov Eliot Spitzer can also now be seen in its proper light. Having left the reservation one too many times, he simply could not be trusted to go with the flow. He had their numbers, their signatures, their addresses --- the whole ball of wax, as well as his own reputation to burnish. The elimination of John O’Neil, Head of Security at the WTC, is quite similar, except that John O. – a great patriot – died on 911 having just been given the job.

  1. Just as 911 was perpetrated as a cover for: inaugurating the War on Terror, overtly advancing the NWO regime globally (in contrast to this previously covert operation), imposing a police state (Homeland Security) in the US (by gutting the US Constitution), UK and elsewhere, dominating and securing oil/gas reserves in the Middle East and Cacaucus (to include running energy pipelines through Afghanistan and stealing Irag’s oil wealth via military invasion), jump starting the Afghan opium trade, etc., the ECO/FIN 911 of ’08 is a cover for many of these same agenda items. However, there is one little item that is particularly high on the current agenda. And that concerns the derivatives market which in its totality approximates somewhere between 500 trillion and 1 quadrillion dollars of instruments as of 2008. In fact, the sub prime mortgage defaults are just a tip of the tip of the iceberg when compared to the real megilla – DERIVATIVES. This is what they’re really worried about, and having to cover for. Except this is a quadrillion dollar megilla that can’t be covered without unraveling the entire capitalistic system, and its fascist corpocracy and kleptocratic oligarchy.

  1. And then there is the teenie, weenie matter concerning the Federal Reserve, and its collection agency – the IRS. The man standing behind this curtain has a lot at stake, especially in the form of mountains of evidence that will indict, and convict, the entire system. Lots of evidence was destroyed during and after 911, as will happen after many of these Wall Street firms are taken over, nationalized, liquidated, merged and disappeared. The veil, however, has already been lifted.

Does anyone see a pattern here?!

The real lesson to be gleaned from this analysis is that events of such enormity and consequence are rarely spontaneous and unchoreographed. Especially when they happen just weeks from an era defining presidential election. They have obviously been planning this one for a long time, and it has been fastidiously engineered to have a very definite effect and desired outcome – a permanent planetary plantation (PPP).

The execution, thus far, has been flawless. Even for those of us who stood there on the 1st 911, and knew it was a fraud while the buildings were coming down, this one is exceedingly more difficult to penetrate. However, penetrate we will, until every last conspirator is sitting before the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION spillin’ the beans. The ultimate and lasting effect of these inquiries will be a New World Order of our making, not theirs. The only remaining, $64,000 question will undoubtedly be, “What do we do with them when we head them off at the pass?”

For the uninitiated, it may take quite a lot to wrap your mind around this extremely complex and convoluted plot, but, please, just be patient. As this drama plays out, the true intentions of the primary perpetrators will become manifest as they unwittingly reveal themselves by their handiwork. As Eliot Spitzer, no - Eliot Ness, nee – Sherlock Holmes once alluded to – a fingerprint inadvertently left as evidence is impossible to erase.

You see, the short sellers, unlike the “airplanes”, are still with us. Each one had a target to take down which they did with amazing speed and dexterity. And the myriad transactions that converged to topple their prey are all preserved somewhere, in some huge database, with multiple backups to serve as confirmation of trades of staggering amounts. AHHH! Nothing like computers, especially when they’re not confiscated and shipped off to China for permanent disposal.

* * * * * *

May all financial wizards and economic soothsayers, henceforth, be inspired to stare into their crystal ball and divine the upcoming financial and economic events of global proportions with the keenest of acumen and sleuthing. As we shine the LIGHT of our collective awareness on these rapidly unfolding schemes, we will serve as beacons of revelation, and hope to the world.

* * * * * *

Remember – we now know the script. We know the major players involved. We are able to watch the crimes being committed in real time. Each of us has now been thusly notified, and empowered, to serve as a vector of dissemination of this vital and critical information. So -----> LET’S GET BUSY ! ! !

Permission is expressly granted to copy, email, scan, attach, or forward this expose to any and all parties.

Authorized by the author:

T. Anthony Michael


PS Everyone ought to bookmark The Market Oracle in these dizzying financial times.

Links of the Day

Vietnam: Massive Protests As State Demolishes Nunciature, Besieges Church Buildings ~ link.

The Bailout Could Have Funded 40 to 50 Years of Social Security ~ link.

America Reduced to Third World Status ~ link.

Trillion Bailout for the Creators of the Market Crisis ~ link. But true amount is UNLIMITED according to proposed law.

Really - Why Is The US Election A Toss-Up? ~ link. Obama has not given the public a real reason to vote for him. His pro-war views and his support of the Federal Reserve and all the rest make his motto of "CHANGE" just that, a motto. The Democrats won control of Congress two years ago with the promise to end the two on-going wars but instead expanded them.

Lord Stirling is available for public speaking engagements ~

Scottish title of Baron for sale ~ link.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Links of the Day

Financial Bailout: America's Own Kleptocracy ~ The largest transformation of America's financial system since the Great Depression ~ link ~ This is a great article please take the time to read it.

UK Labour Party Faces Wipeout Across the Nation According to New Poll ~ link ~ What they are not telling you is that the Liberal Democrats could become the Official Opposition party after the next election giving the Labour Party a "third party" status.

Philips Daylight Window ~ link ~ nothing about war or economic depression, just something neat.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We Are In One Of The Great Vortexes Of History

We are in one of the great vortexes of history now. One of my degrees is in history. In many ways this is considered to be a largely "worthless" degree. Not too many jobs out there for historians. However, the study of history is the study of "us"; of what we are, of from where we came, and an indication of where we are going. If you stand back, from the "trees" of daily life, and look at the broad "forest" of our joint history as the human race, you can see clear patterns. Every so often the human race, or major parts thereof, goes through major life changing events: wars, revolutions, economic crisis/recessions/depressions. It is clear that we are now in one of the largest of such events; that we are in a great vortex and we have not even gone half way into this experience.

Terms like "global financial meltdown", "global financial catastrophe", "World War III", "global depression" are becoming standard in describing where we are and where we are headed. The world's central banks are pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into the global economy. Additionally government backed bailouts and arranged sales in the tens and hundreds of billions are now daily events, the total in America alone is now about one trillion dollars; and still the news continues to get worse.

Many are rightly claiming to have warned us of the financial nightmare that we are now in. A nightmare that is more and more like a "tar baby"; the more we handle it, the worst it gets. One economic/financial crisis leads to another. Already serious worries about the US$455 trillion derivative market are beginning to creep into worried conversations and news stories. Elderly people, who can remember the "Great Depression" are saying we are going into another one; and increasingly serious economic experts are voicing the same opinion.

We "knew", or should have known, that the dismantling of governmental controls, erected in the aftermath of the Great Depression, would eventually cause a financial firestorm. We "knew", or should have known, that the "hands off" approach of the last several administrations in America, and the United Kingdom and elsewhere, would lead to no good. We "knew", or should have known, that all these new financial instruments, debt swaps, derivatives, etc., etc., were nothing but trouble. So, why did "we" let this happen.
The answer is two-fold: the "we" is not us; and the "we" is us. The true masters of the financial world, and political world for that matter, are simply not the elected political leaders ~ they are largely just "front men" ~ the real power always is largely unseen and "behind the throne" and constitute a very tiny percentage of the human race. However, we ~ the great masses of people ~ are the very ones that empower those behind the throne/curtain, who like the Wizard of Oz can only maintain control if the masses chose to remain blind, stupid, and too lacking in courage and morality to see and change reality.

The world's economy and politics are largely controlled by a small number of global banking families, some of whom have been at the game for over 200 years. They have simply massive levels of money and resources of all types at their disposal. They control the central banks of America (the Federal Reserve, which is privately owned ~ no more a part of the constitutional Federal government than Federal Express [Fed Ex] is), the European Union, etc.

These families follow a formula when they want to institute changes for their own benefit: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. For example, they organized the First World War, and it resulted in mass murder and economic crisis as it went on for years. In the Russian Empire the "thesis" was WWI, the "antithesis" was the effect on the population and the political "blow back" from the war. The "synthesis" was the rise of communism, which they financed and controlled, and the total police state control of the former Russian Empire that it gave them. Prior to WWI the Russian Tsar would not allow the Rothschilds and other global bankers to control his economy. The "synthesis" was one of the true goals of the "thesis" (WWI) and the "antithesis" (the population's response to the horrors of war).

The Great Depression was the antithesis to the excesses (thesis) of the 1920s and the result (synthesis) was a greatly expanded Federal government with massive programs (aimed at ending the Great Depression) that required vast amounts of funding from their privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and its ability to create money out of thin air and loan this back to the government and collect interest on it (instead of the government just creating the money itself without any interest being due to private bankers). Side benefits to the global banking families was a great shake out of wealthy Americans and their ability to capture a much larger amount of corporate ownership/control than had existed before (using cutouts, front men, and corporate control mechanisms established by them).

The Rothschild's Illuminati organization was instrumental in setting up (thesis) and controlling the French Revolution (antithesis) and the rise of Napoleon (synthesis). He in turn was instrumental in reshaping the world, and in a massive growth in governmental debt as nations throughout Europe borrowed money to arm themselves and fight in the various Napoleonic wars.

The game of thesis, antithesis, synthesis is played on many levels and many such "games" are often ongoing at the same time (think of it as multiple interrelated games of space chess). The unchecked banking greed and the lack of proper legal controls and governmental oversight (thesis) has led to the current nightmare events of major banks and insurance companies failing or being bought out or funded by governments (antithesis). The synthesis is that, just in the United States alone, one trillion dollars of new public debt has been created in the last week or so to "solve" the problems. New debt that enriches the private owners of the Federal Reserve System. One trillion dollars of debt, on top of the already massive US national debt, that the American public has to pay interest on for many, many, years. Of course, the "debt solution" is itself a antithesis in a broader game with the synthesis being the New World Order (or a major step towards it).

The current "solution" to the crisis that the FED and the Bush Administration have come up with allows the corrupt gains to remain privatized while socializing the losses that Wall Street and the global bankers have created.

Its all a great evil scam and we, the public, are too stupid, too scared, too blind, too wrapped up in television/etc. to be educated as to what is really going on. And most importantly, we are simply too lacking in good morality to have the strength, the moral strength, to fight it.

We are being told by the same governmental "leaders" that allowed the current economic crisis to happen on their watch, that they have fixed the problem with the latest round of new debt and governmental slight of hand. Don't believe it for a second. We have just had a little more chewing gum and bailing wire slapped on the global economic system, but the system is collapsing and adding more national debt, no matter how many trillions are involved, will not cure the problem. In fact the cure, in this case, is simply more poison for the dying system.

All of this has been planned. Do not let yourselves play the village fool saying "why did they let this get so out of hand", or "you would think that they could come up with something....". The global banking families, whose hands control the levers of political and economic power in most nations of the world (and certainly America, the United Kingdom, France, etc.), are very intelligent and are playing a very sophisticated game ~ actually the eco-political grand strategic control of the world is the most sophisticated of all games. As FDR use to say, "if something happens in politics you can bet that someone planned it to happen".

They are moving the world to a New World Order in which they will have absolute and total control of all wealth and all levers of political and military power. To a world that utilizes 21st Century technology to enslave the population. To a world that has a large percentage of the "unnecessary eaters" purged by the coming next world war. Don't think that such a thing is possible? They organized, bankrolled, and created the communists and killed about 80 to 100 million people in the former Russian Empire and enslaved the remainder (and added most of Eastern Europe after the Second World War) in a communist police state using old technology. They bankrolled Hitler and his goons and set up the Second World War. They organized the beginning of the First World War; Trotsky was the controller of the team that killed the Hapsburg Archduke that was the spark that began the war (of course, they had spent years funding the military buildup and manipulating events to get Europe "ready" for the "Great War").

In the United Kingdom there is now one police spy camera for every seven citizens; it is impossible to travel down a major roadway for any distance without being under computer controlled police observation. The laws passed in the aftermath of 9/11, their organized false flag operation, are designed to control the population and to end Americans' God given rights that our ancestors fought for. Similar laws have been passed in the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the 7/7 false flag operation. Across Europe and much of the world, draconian measures have been passed into law by national parliaments, all in response to the so-called "war on terrorism". All based on lies and the greed of a very small number of very powerful people leading the masses into the worst nightmare of human history.

The fact that so many of the secret ruling elite are satanists should not be surprising. Ultimately, where their current End Game in the drive for a New World Order is taking us is a place of total global destruction. The various 21st Century weapons of mass destruction, such as global strategic advanced biowar and global strategic nuclear war and scalar war, are not weapons that are survivable for the human race in a new world war. When you view the current strategic scenarios in a cold analytical light and extrapolate what will happen you can only come to the conclusion that the game is a satantic one that the human race cannot win, and in fact, seems very similar to the rather strange last book of the Christian Bible.

Sadly there is no force, political or otherwise, that seems capable of reversing the trend to global economic disaster and global war.


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The End of the United States ~ link.

Seven Days That Shook The World - a history of this week's economic crisis by The Independent newspaper of London ~ link.

Bank of China and LCF Rothschild Enter Into Partnership ~ link.

Ron Paul Video on the Financial Turmoil ~ link.


I just want to say thanks to my many loyal viewers. It is amazing to me the large number of viewers that I have from all over the world. My major articles, which are posted on several major news sites, have something like one to two million viewers. I know that often my articles are rather scary, but I try to tell the truth as I know it. I have the experience of having been a consultant to several high tech firms, including three aviation firms involved in advanced military technology; and I know a wide variety of people from the highest to the lowest levels in many parts of the world. This makes my writing interesting but often frightening. Again, thanks for viewing my blog.

Tim Earl of Stirling

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lord Stirling's Public Speaking Fees

I charge US$1,200 for a speech ($1,000 for a church or church group) plus travel expenses (upfront) for a speech in North America; US$2,000 plus travel expenses (upfront) outside of North America. Contact me at

Links of the Day

Padre Pio: A Patron Saint for the Unborn ~ link.

The FED is Making a Killing on Banking Crisis ~ link.

The Crash of 2008 - The Party's Over ~ link.

Syrian Tripwire For WWIII

Russian Rear Admiral Andrei Baranov has disclosed that 10 Russian warships are already anchored at the Syrian port of Tartus. Russian engineering crews are widening and dredging the port to accommodate additional Russian warships.

The Russians are making clear their intentions of using the large Russian naval presence in Tartus as a deterrent to Israeli air strikes against Syria using the powerful anti-air missiles on-board the Russian naval warships. These missile systems can sweep the sky over most of Syria and knock down Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighters. This changes the balance of power in the air over Syria.

This also places a tripwire for World War III in place in the Middle East. Any attack on Iran will also involve a war with Syria and Lebanon. This will now involve Russian military forces in direct support of the Iranian/Syrian alliance. Russia is a major nuclear power with the power to destroy every American and NATO city. George Bush has just agreed to sell Israel 1,000 very advanced American bunker buster bombs for use in the coming war with Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

The neo-cons are going to get most of us killed.


Scottish title of Baron for sale ~ link.

Special Link

This is a special link to a video on An interview with a hero of 9/11, a top eyewitness who was the last man out. Link.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Links of the Day

Regional Total War & Crisis - Goal of Neo-Cons In India - Pakistani Region ~ link.

A Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Bubble ~ link.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bush Agrees to War on Iran

As the World Focuses on the Imploding Global Economy
Bush Agrees to War on Iran

The United States has agreed to sell to Israel 1,000 of the very advanced bunker buster GBU-39 bombs. This is a major development as the Bush Administration had denied previous recent Israeli requests for large numbers of this weapon system. The GBU-39 has a stand off range of 110 km and uses pop-out wings with extremely accurate fire and forget technology. It is capable of penetrating 90 cm of steel reinforced concrete. This indicates that the Israeli Government has succeeded in its request that America allow it to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. The GBU-39s will be used extensively in attacks on Iranian targets, as well as on Syrian and Hezbollah high value targets in both Syria and Lebanon.

The Israeli political landscape is about to change. I have been expecting former Israeli Prime Minister, and super war hawk, Benyamin Netanyahu to make a well timed major move. Current Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is about to resign due to his ongoing criminal troubles. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz are in a tight battle to win the vote on Wednesday as Kadima Party Chairman, with the right to attempt to form a new government. However, it appears that Bibi Netanyahu has put together a deal with Labor Party leader, former PM and current Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and the ultra-religious Shas Party to form a government with Bibi as Prime Minister in a few days time.

Count on Bibi Netanyahu lighting a blowtorch in the dry kindling that is the Middle East.

There is a real technical question if the GBU-39 can destroy all of the key known or suspected Iranian nuclear sites, as well as key military sites in Lebanon and Syria. The hardest sites are very well protected. Some experts think that several dozen to a hundred plus GBU-39s targeted at the same spot can take out even the deepest/most harden site; others say that a micro or mini nuke will be required.

The Israeli and American war planners may be counting on all sides refraining from the use of WMD. Rather like Saddam held back his 29 WMD armed (chemical and anthrax) Scud-type guided missiles during the First Gulf War and like Hezbollah did during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. If this is the strategy it is one very, very, massive risk to all involved.

An effective attack on the Iranian nuclear program and likely hidden sites will require a massive number of air strikes over the Iranian land mass. Iran will respond with missile attacks from its territory on Israel and with rocket and missile attacks from Lebanon and Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has tried very hard to convince Syria to part company with Iran but has had little success. Syria has a large number of guided missiles that can reach virtually all parts of Israel.

While the American supplied Israeli weapons, and the Israeli produced guided missiles, are highly accurate the Iranian/Syrian guided missiles are not so accurate (and the many tens of thousands of unguided rockets in Lebanon and Gaza/West Bank are notoriously inaccurate). This means that Israeli civilians will be hit hard if only non-WMD warheads are used. The temptation for Israel to hit back at Iranian and Syrian population centers will be very high. If this happens the cycle of escalation and counter-escalation will likely get out of control; and this is assuming that major efforts will be made to avoid mutual use of WMD in the first place.

Israel has most likely over 600 nuclear warheads from micro nukes to high mega tonnage hydrogen bombs, as well as advanced biological weapons, chemical weapons, radiological weapons, and fuel air explosive based weapons. The Iranian/Syrian side has radiological weapons, fuel air weapons, chemical weapons, advanced biological weapons, and maybe a crude nuclear device or two (doubtful but a remote possibility).

The Iranians have made it clear that they will close the Gulf to oil shipping in the event of a war. Americans have just had a taste of $5/gallon gasoline with Hurricane Ike. A general Middle East War could bring $10/per gallon gas prices to America. The world's economy, already headed to a global depression, will be thrust into the worst depression in human history.

The Iranians are also apt to hit American targets in the Middle East. In any case, any closing of the Gulf will bring a massive American and allied response making the Middle East War a likely global one as massive US/allied air attacks and naval attacks plummet Iran well beyond what Israel began.

If Iran feels that its population is seriously in danger or that its existence as a nation state is at risk, she is apt to use her strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) force WMD (weapons of mass destruction) on the west and Israel. These weapons are DNA recombination, genetically engineered, advanced biological weapons; man-made viruses that are designed to spread throughout North America and western Europe using humans as vectors ~ viruses that have never existed before and for which we humans have NO DEFENSE. Iran began an advanced biowar program years ago using out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts, and currently has a world-class advanced biowar program.

Throw Russia and China into this mix and you have World War Three.


link to EUROPE blog
Thanks to,,, and many other sites for posting this article or links to this article.

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Special Comments

Sorry that there have been no posts for a couple of days. The remains of Hurricane Ike left me without power.

The real question that is being asked in world political and financial circles, "Is the financial meltdown in American and increasingly throughout the world so far along that a global financial catastrophe is upon us in the next few days and weeks." Will the chewing gum and bailing wire that is holding the US economy together come apart BEFORE the early November elections?

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US To Invade Iran Any Day Now ~ link.

Israel Prepares To Attack Iran Amid Signs of Renewed Atomic Bomb Work ~ link.

The Undead ~ link.

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Special Link

A very good Near Death Experience ~ link.

Cardinal Turcotte

I wish to support the Archbishop of Montreal, Cardinal Turcotte, for his return of the prestigious Order of Canada as a protest to the awarding of the Order to an abortionist, Dr. Henry Morgentaler. I understand that many good people have opinions on abortion that differ from mine; I view abortion as the killing of an unborn child, a murder that is usually done for convenience. However, the awarding of Canada's highest honor should not have been made to an abortionist. It is deeply offensive to a large part of the Canadian public and to their religious beliefs. This is an example of the political element in Canada not using good sense and making the Queen and the Governor-General look bad.

As the heir of English-speaking Canada's founder, Sir William Alexander (First Earl of Stirling and Viscount of Canada), and as hereditary Governor & Lord Lieutenant of Canada I do not make comments on Canadian honours, but I am making an exception in this case.

God bless you Cardinal Turcotte for standing up for your faith.


Link to a story on this in Bloomberg.

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9/11 and the 'American Inquisition' ~ link ~ very good article.

Two interesting and contrasting articles on the ABC Charles Gibson Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. The interview was clearly not "friendly" towards Palin. She handled herself well, however, the weakness in Palin is her necessary defense of the Bush/Cheney war party line, which McCain is following. In reality there is little substanstive difference between Obama's position and the war party's position. But the more that Palin becomes a mouthpiece in defense of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and coming war with Iran, and a new cold war with Russia, the more ground she loses among many voters unhappy with Obama's war position and McCains as well ~ what the one article calls the "Jeff Rense voters". However, the pro-war/pro-America position will "hit home" with many undecided not too bright voters. Interesting trade-off, but the McCain/Palin strategy will/should be to get both sides, and that will be very hard to do.

1.) Palin: War with Russia may be needed ~ link ~ I did not actually see where she made this statement.
2.) ABC Charles Gibson Targets Jeff Rense Voters In Smearing Gov. Palin ~ link.

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Former Secretary of the Air Force Says We Should Have Sent Jets and Troops to Fight Russians in Georgia ~ link ~ this is so crazy and so evil.

Congressman Ron Paul ~ "Do you even think about Americans?" ~ link to video.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Takeover Means the Financial Crisis is Getting Much Worse ~ link.

The Ancient Barony of Greenan in Scotland is for sale ~ link.

The Earl of Stirling is available for public speaking engagements ~ email him at

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9/11/01 - 9/11/08 ~ Seven Year Tribulation

It has been seven long bloody years since the False Flag attack we know as 9/11. It may be that this is the Biblical Seven Year Tribulation, a "time of sorrows". But I am not using the term "Seven Year Tribulation" here so much as a Biblical/theological event but as the political and military event that has so negatively effected America, the Middle East, and the world at large.

The vast majority of Americans and educated people around the world no longer believe the official U.S. Government conspiracy theory of what happened on 9/11. That some 6'6" Arab guy sat in a cave in Afghanistan and ran the whole operation; causing the United States Air Force to stand down and causing the laws of physics to be suspended in the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings. That this same magician was so powerful that he secured thousands of followers for his global terror organization, whose name means "little toilet" in Arabic slang; and is still alive today, having evaded being captured by the strongest nation on earth for seven years.

If you have not been in a coma for the last seven years and still believe in the official conspiracy theory, you are either stupid or you simply will not allow yourself to face the reality of a world that is much more complicated and evil than you were raised to believe in. I have several intelligent friends who, despite all factual information, still believe the official conspiracy lie. It is scary to get outside of the box.

The last seven years have seen America, and many allies, engaged in two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq with a third war with Iran (and Syria/Lebanon) just waiting to happen. The United States has basically bankrupted itself fighting these wars. Even with the dollar being the international reserve currency (at least until recently), America is simply not able to afford the massive expense of multiple wars without ends. The economy is being kept together with bailing wire and chewing gum until after the November election; then the current recession is apt to become a all-out depression, perhaps the worst depression in history.

America's image in the world has been so tarnished that it will take many years to repair it. We have embraced the outright use of torture under the neo-fascist/neo-con administration of Bush/Cheney. Something that almost all of us would never have expected to ever see. We have off-shore prisons, both official and secret ones. Americas have suffered under a President who had no trouble telling a room full of people that "the Constitution is just a g--damn piece of paper". A President who has shredded as much of our tradition, honor, and constitutional principles as he could get by with during the post 9/11 seven years. We have had nothing but war, lies, and fear shoved on us for the last seven years.

This same administration is now intent on at least causing a new Cold War, if not a outright Third World War.

Yes it has been seven long years of tribulation. The scary thing is neither McCain nor Obama have rejected the basic agenda of the war party. Obama says we need to eventually get out of Iraq, but increase our military efforts in Afghanistan and he supports "all options" with regard to Iran. McCain is at least as war crazy as Bush and Cheney.

May God help us. We are in for even worse times to come and madmen are in charge of the sinking ship of state.


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Is Lehman Brothers in Trouble? ~ link.

McCain-Palin Take Crushing 10% Lead With Likely Voters ~ link. As I said right after McCain picked her, and repeated after her convention speech, selecting Sarah Palin was a brilliant choice. Obama is going to have to remember Bill Clinton's motto from his first run 16 years ago, "Its the economy stupid". Until and unless Obama clearly and simply convinces the swing voter that he will deliver a better economic future for them than McCain he will be in real danger of losing the election.

The attacks on Rense. com were very strong over the weekend, but today you can get through to this excellent news site. Some powerful forces simply cannot stand for the public to have access to the truth.

My thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle and the Nutrimedical Report for a great 2-hour interview on their American national radio show this Monday.

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US to Establish Naval Base in Georgia ~ link.

Is North Korea's Kim Jong Il Seriously Ill ~ link.

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Pakistan Cuts Supply Links to NATO Troops in Afghanistan ~ link.

Sarkozy: Israeli Atack Inevitable ~ link.

Kremlin Watchers Warn of Direct US-Russia Clash ~ link.

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Iran War ~ How It Will Unfold

I have served as a consultant to three very high tech aerospace firms. My specialty is conceptualizing advanced warfare especially as it relates to new cutting edge advanced weapon systems. What I see unfolding with a war on Iran is the most frightening set of circumstances I have ever seen; and I have been involved in advanced theoretical weaponry strategy and design for over 20 years.

Sometime in the weeks to months ahead, there will be a war launched against Iran. The war may be started by Israel, or by the United States, or by a NATO/EU/US embargo, or by some 'false flag' attack. What matters is that it will begin; and where it will take the world.

Regardless if the war begins with a limited number of air strikes against Iranian military and nuclear targets, or if an all-out several thousand target attack begins from day one the probabilities of the war becoming a major regional war within 48 hours are 90% or higher.

The Iranians will simply not allow Israeli and/or American military forces to attack its territory without a major response. Any significant counter-attack on Israel and/or American regional bases will trigger a much greater counter-response.

The Iranians have equipped and paid for, and trained, a massive unguided rocket and guided missile force in Lebanon (the largest such force in human history). These missiles are in-place as a MAD force (a MAD ~ mutually assured destruction ~ force is one that is a doomsday force; established to prevent the use of overwhelming military force by allowing a return "punch" of overwhelming military destructive force upon one's enemy). The total number of missiles and rockets in Lebanon are variously estimated at between 40,000 and 110,000. While many are unguided Katyusha rockets, many are longer ranged guided missiles. All are operated by Hezbollah Special Forces launch teams.

The Hezbollah Special Forces are in-effect a highly trained and well-equipped Iranian commando force of at least a Brigade in size. They man and protect a large number of mostly unguided and rather crude rockets, generally Katyusha 122mm artillery rockets with a 19 mile/30km range and capable of delivering approximately 66 pounds/30kg of warheads. Additionally, Hezbollah are known to possess a considerable number of more advanced and longer range missiles. During the 2006 war Hezbollah fired approximately 4,000 rockets (95% of which were Katyshas) all utilizing only "dumb" high explosive warheads. Some Iranian build and supplied Fajr-3 and Ra'ad 1 liquid-fueled missiles were also fired. It is believed that the larger and longer range missiles are directly under the control of Syrian and Iranian officers.

The combination of short to medium range rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon, and the longer range guided missiles in Syria, the smaller number of rockets and missiles in the West Bank and Gaza, and the longer range guided missiles in Iran present a massive throw weight of warheads aimed at Israel.

The 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War (called the Second Lebanon War in Israel) was an attempt by Israel at eliminating the MAD counter-force in Lebanon. It was an attempt that failed. The Syrians had purchased (and supplied to Hezbollah) a large number of very nasty, relatively low cost Russian AT-14 Kornet solid fuel anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and the Iranian trained Hezbollah commandos dug in massive numbers of concrete bunkers and firing positions. After over 50 Merkava main battle tanks were hit, and the high tech American made warplanes and pinpoint weapons proved ineffective, the handwriting was on the wall. Either use neutron bombs or lose a large number of Israeli solders to remove the Hezbollah threat; or declare peace and walk away for the time being ~ the Israelis chose the latter.

It now appears that Israel has given up on the idea of a ground assault to remove the many rocket and missile launchers in Lebanon. A senior Israeli general has resigned with the complaint that the Army is not training sufficiently to fight in Lebanon. The alternative is the use of FAE (fuel air explosive) technology weapons and neutron bombs (a type of nuclear weapon that produces a higher short term radiological output and less blast output than normal nuclear weapons).

Any use of such WMD by the Israeli Army on the Hezbollah forces in Lebanon will likely automatically trigger the use of WMD warheads on whatever rockets/missiles remain operational (if their use has not already been authorized due to the nature and scope of Israeli and/or American attacks on Iran).

The bottom line of this is that Israel will face a truly massive number of rockets and missiles from Lebanon with radiological, chemical, biological and FAE weapons of mass destruction warheads. Additionally, a sizable number of such weapons/warheads will be fired from Gaza and the West Bank. The Syrians will be using larger more accurate guided missiles to shower WMD upon Israel as will the Iranians. To counter this, the Israelis will be using their Green Pine Radar system and a combination of Israeli and American anti-missile missiles. They will have good success in knocking down many incoming missiles but the sheer number of incoming weapons will totally overload all defensive measures.

Large parts of Israel will be contaminated with radiation with extremely long half-lives (many tens of thousands of years in some cases), with a mix of chemical, FAE, and biological nightmares thrown in for good measure. Total deaths will amount to one-third to one-half of the Israeli population with a large additional number being injured.

The Israeli response will be the nuclear annihilation of Syria, Iran, and parts of Lebanon with many tens of millions killed. Expect to see every city of any size destroyed. There will be insufficient people left in Syria, Iran, and large parts of Lebanon to even bury the dead. Radiation will spread around the world from the nuclear bombs.

Iranian sleeper teams in North America and western Europe will begin to "seed" the populations of these areas with a number (perhaps in the several dozens) of different man made killer viruses (about 15 years ago, the Iranians hired a number of out-of-work ex-Soviet biological war experts to set up their state-of-the-art advanced biowar program). People in movie theaters, churches, synagogues, shopping malls, subway stations, airports, etc., will be exposed without anyone knowing it at the time, to these advanced biowar viruses. About nine to ten days later the national medical computer reporting systems in the western countries will begin to report back strange illnesses. That will trigger a host of government measures to contain the advanced biowar viruses but it will simply be too late to prevent a massive outbreak of horrific illnesses. International travel and trade will effectively stop. People will be ordered to stay home from work and school with only critical job holders being allowed on the streets. Hospitals will be overcome with sick and dying people of all ages. The medical community will be among the first to die off. Where temporary hospitals are established in school gyms and other areas, the cross infection of several different genetically engineered viruses will ensure 100% mortality of everyone in the temporary hospitals.

In the event that the neo-con nations have sought to expand the Georgia war by new attacks on Russian forces or by creating some naval incident in the Black Sea the probabilities of an quick expansion into a all-out Third World War involving Russian and NATO nuclear weapons will be at approximately 50%. Even without a global total war being initiated, Russia is apt to "sweep" the Black Sea of NATO ships with considerable loss of life on both sides.

The world will be in the worst economic depression in history as global trade will be halted for at least several months due to fears of the spread of the various advanced biowar viruses. If Israel releases the Arab specific designer advanced biowar viruses, that many claim she has, the Saudis are apt to fire their Chinese IRBMs (intermediate range ballistic missiles) and send their very well equipped air force against Israel with the small number of nuclear weapons that they possess (they have funded the Pakistani nuclear weapon program and have several Pakistani made nuclear devices). Of course, what is left of the Israeli forces will respond with additional nuclear attacks, this time on Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations for good measure.

In North America and western Europe the total number of civilian deaths, after two months of advanced biowar illnesses, is apt to be at least a third of the population ~ a total death count of well over 200 million persons. Despite the best efforts of all nations, the man engineered super killer mutant viruses will spread throughout the world causing total numbers of perhaps a billion or more to die.

The after effect of all of this may well lead to even more war as the non-neo-con nations will be so incensed at the massive lost of life of their citizens that total global war may be unstoppable.


I am available for public speaking engagements contact me at

I still have the ancient Scottish title, Baron of Greenan, for sale. I am lowering the price to US$68,000 ~ link to a site giving information on this title.

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I still have a Scottish barony title for sale at about US$80,000 ~ link.

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McCain Picked A Winner In Sarah Palin

WOW, I watched Sarah Palin give her speech at the Republican National Convention and I have to tell you, John McCain picked a winner! Sarah Palin knows how to connect with the average American voter. She is a powerful strategic choice for McCain. Barack Obama and his people better get their strategy and act together, and do so fast, or Sarah will eat them alive.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not supporting McCain. I do not agree with his support of the neo-con agenda. Of course, Obama and Biden largely support the neo-con agenda also. But as a political scientist and native American, I have to tell you that Sarah Palin strikes all the right cords for Americans. Remember, it is the undecided middle that must be won for either Obama or McCain to be elected President. Sarah Palin is a powerful torpedo aimed right at this middle.


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September Surprise ~ link.

UK Unemployment Sours To 16-Year High ~ link.

Jeff Rense's site ' Now Under Severe, Routine Attack' ~ link. One of the best news sites out there, it seems that some people just cannot stand the truth.

Ukraine: Russia on Verge of Replacing Neo-Con Government

An interesting thing is happening in the Ukraine. There is a major split in what is generally regarded as the anti-Russian forces in Parliament. A parliamentary faction led by Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko's ally, former prime minister Yulia Tymoshehnko, switched sides during a stormy Monday night session to join with the pro-Russia Regions Party to approve a package of bills aimed at reducing the presidency to the status of mere figurehead, and to establish impeachment procedures for removing the President.

The new group has 300 members out of the Parliament's 450 total members. The days of pro-neo-con President Yushchenko appear to be numbered.

This is a case of the Russian bear quitely playing a power game in it's backyard, in a nation that was joined to Russia for centuries. Many factors are at play, not the least is bribery and blackmail. However, there are many in the Ukraine who don't want to see their nation involved in a war with Russia to serve the crazy evil strategy of the American and European neo-cons.

The war in Georgia has opened a massive can of worms for the world.


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The Finest Rife...Instrument... ~ link. If you or someone you know has cancer or some other bad disease, check this out.

Will a Russo-American Nuclear War Happen (Soon)? ~ link.

Ireland Is Running Out Of Priests ~ Kind of makes you wonder just how NWO the last couple of Popes have been not to change the rule about not allowing married priests ~ link.

Real-ID: Speed-Pass To Slavery ~ link.

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Media Blackout: The Armada in the Gulf

SPECIAL POST & LINK ~ Was my Armada story, which was said to have caused an Internet "Fire Storm", right after all? ~ link.

Sarah Palin

If it were not so sad, it is almost funny to see all the you-know-what hit the fan concerning Sarah Palin, the 44 year old very attractive mother of five and Governor of Alaska who is John McCain's running mate. The selection of her was a great shock to many people both in and out of American politics. The only shock that I felt was that McCain had been bold enough to make a wise strategic choice.

After the shock of the selection, came the stories that she was not really the mother of her special needs youngest child, that the real mother was her then 16 year old daughter. With the stories were photos of Sarah Palin, not looking too pregnant and some of the daughter, Bristol (now 17) looking pregnant (maybe). I know a woman, who also is a runner in good shape like Sarah Palin, who checked herself into the ER for cramping. Turns out she was several months pregnant and did not know it, did not look it, and moreover the lady (that I know) is a RN (registered nurse). Her periods had always been spotty and she was shocked that she was well along in pregnancy. One has to be very careful about claiming that young ladies, or even not so young ladies, are or are not pregnant based on looks alone.

That the 17 year old Bristol is with child (five months along) rather puts the lid on stories that she is really the mother of the Palin baby. It is also not really any of our business if Bristol is pregnant. Yes she is young and maybe she messed up, but as one story I read said, "life happens".

There are other stories about the mob connections of McCain's late father-in-law. I know and have known about this for some time, but I don't care to write about this. John McCain is not responsible for what his late father-in-law did or did not do many years ago.

There are lots of stories about Barack Obama and his family, etc., etc. The real important issue is not gossip, it is what will the candidate do with his or her power. Whose interest will the candidate serve. If the candidate is running for an American office, especially if the office is President or Vice President, the candidate should damn will be serving the interests of the American people. One of the basic reasons that America is in such an economic, political, and military mess is that most of our "leaders" have been serving the interests of foreign powers (such as AIPAC/Israel) and/or corporate interests. If a candidate is running for the British Parliament, or especially No. 10 Downing Street (Prime Minister), that candidate should be serving the interests of the British public. The same holds true for Canada, France, Germany, etc., etc.

When I look at the world of politics or strategy, I do try to be as analytical as possible. I remember as a child looking at a photo in a magazine and reading the caption. The photo and caption has stayed with me for decades. The photo was of a Japanese temple inner courtyard. The temple was two story and rectangular in shape, with the courtyard having a sculptured rock garden (you know the type with large rocks and smaller rocks on a bed of gravel raked in a swirled pattern). A novice monk was taken, as part of his studies to become a full fledged monk, to say the middle of the second floor North end and told to sit on the porch that surrounded the courtyard and "observe". After a few hours of this, the next time the novice monk would be told to sit on the ground floor porch on the East side and "observe" the rock garden. After several days of this the novice would be called in to answer what central lesson of life that he had learned while studying the rock garden. If the poor novice did not answer correctly, he was sent back to the rock garden for more hours of study and reflection.

The correct answer is that one's perspective limits one's ability to know the whole truth. You see, when looking at the rock garden from one side/level, you would only see part of the rocks and the pattern in the gravel ~ the larger rocks would block some of the pattern/view. The more different perspectives that one would view the rock garden from, the closer to knowing the full truth that is the rock garden

In talking about McCain's selection of Sarah Palin to various friends, I have noticed a strong trend for Obama supporters to be critical of Palin; and for McCain supporters to be supportive of her. This is true not just in terms of wither or not they like her, but in their judgment about her value to the ticket. What I try to do, is to look at the rock garden (or in this case the American presidential election) from as many perspectives as possible to know as much of the truth as possible.

In the two-party system that controls American politics it is the middle ground, the undecided voter that determines the outcome of national contests. There are solid Democratic voters and sold Republican voters who would vote for almost anyone as long as that person is from the correct party. Then there are people who make decisions on basis other than party membership and a great many have already decided. It is the great mass in the center that will tip the election one way or another. A large percentage of this center are not political geniuses. Most Americans have been so dumbed down by the corporate owned mainstream media that their level of knowledge of their history, of current events, of the American and global economic and political environment is very limited. Television has made their long term memory very limited and their depth of knowledge very shallow.

Barack Obama had several things working for him in the primary elections. He was the "stranger on a white horse ridding into Dodge" to clean things up. Every four or eight years, the public is so fed up with the mismanagement and corruption of the current administration that they look for the outsider who is "going to clean things up". Jimmy Carter, the Georgia peanut farmer and Southern Governor, was such a man, as was Ronald Reagan, etc. Barack Obama is a Harvard educated light skinned black man. Many white voters were able to say, if only to themselves, that they are not bigoted and their voting for Obama is proof. The one word that most was used by his primary campaign was "Change". After the almost eight years of the evil and corrupt Bush/Cheney administration most people want "change" and this is what Obama pushed hard in the election. That he was not very specific on the nature of change was really not that important in the Democratic primaries. He also was fortunate to have Hilary Clinton as his main opponent. While she had many loyal supporters, the memory of the corruption of her husbands eight years as president (he was only the second president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate) gave her a very high negative rating by many voters.

The fact that the nation elected a Democratic Congress two years ago to end the war in Iraq and the new Congress not only did not end the unpopular and terribly expensive war, but actually expanded both expenditures and troop levels has been remembered by many voters. That and the fact that Obama and Biden have gone out of their way to support the AIPAC/neo-con approach to Iran and Afghanistan has also turned off many would be supporters of the Democratic opposition. Of course, McCain has embraced the failed policies of the Bush/Cheney neo-con cabal and this is a strong negative for a very large part of the electorate ~ at least the part that thinks. But since both sides are generally pro-war, the strong anti-war feelings of the electorate are in effect downplayed.

The newness of Obama being a black man running for president has somewhat worn off. He has yet to, in a simple easy to remember way, given the voter specifics about how his "change" will effect their pocketbooks. In fact, McCain has scored points about drilling for oil offshore of America, something the Democrats are branded as being opposed to. With gas prices above $3.50 a gallon that makes sense to the average voter. But remember, it is the center that the winning candidate must capture. By selecting a young woman outsider, a conservative pro-life and pro-gun Governor, as his running mate McCain did a couple of things. One he helped his image, by changing it from "Mister Insider" to someone in favor of "change"; two, he gained the strategic initiative in the battle for the center.

The fact that the race is so close, at this late stage, with the high levels of negative ratings for the existing Republican occupant of the White House, is indicative of the fact that Obama is not effectively capturing the center, at least not yet.

To win the White House, Obama is going to have to tell the public just how/why his election will help, big time, their pocketbooks. He has to have maybe three things that will stick in the minds of the public and convince them that it is in their interest to vote for him. Remember, the battle is for the "center". Whatever those things are they have to be simple and be remembered by the center and be connected to Obama and to the well being of the center's pocketbooks. If Obama does not accomplish this strategic objective he will likely lose in November. By selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain took a lot of the thunder of the word "change" from Obama. Now Obama has to get specific but in a way that keeps in mind the secret of modern propaganda, "simplification and repetition".


Links of the Day

Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine ~ link.

Clan Alexander and North America

I am often asked about my titles and the American and Canadian connections. The following is Chapter 3 from my published book, CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN, and it gives a overview of my Clan and my titles and the connection to North America.

Clan Alexander

The Scottish Clan Alexander, which I am Chief of, is a small but important branch clan of Clan Donald, the largest clan in Scotland. We have “been there at the beginning” and played vital roles at the formation of three nations.

The first Earl of Stirling, Sir William Alexander of Menstrie, was the Secretary of State for Scotland shortly after King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England thus uniting the Crowns of the two close neighbors and often bitter enemies. At that time the Union of the Crowns was personal ~ that is the union was in the person of the King, not a formal union of the parliaments. However, it was the beginning of the united kingdoms that first were known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the early 18th Century with the political union of the Crowns of England and Scotland and a joint Parliament in London; then as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland early in the 19th Century when Ireland was formally added to the mix; and in the 20th Century the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The first Lord Stirling was instrumental in the founding of English-speaking Canada in the early 1600s. Canada, unlike the United States was not founded as a part of England (hence the term New England), but was founded as a part of the Kingdom of Scotland. The Providence of Nova Scotia was founded by Lord Stirling and the very words Nova Scotia are Latin for New Scotland. The then Sir William came up with the idea of selling off large estates in Canada to men of wealth in Scotland and along with the real estate (and a requirement to fund and send over so many settlers) the owners of the estates were created Baronets of Nova Scotia (later the term Baronets of Nova Scotia and Scotland was used) with a rank higher than that held by feudal barons in Scotland.

This was a matter that upset many feudal barons at the time, and one sometimes stills hears complaints over the issue, but what most people forget is that the baronets were also barons of their Canadian lands. The acquiring of baronial rights until modern times required a ceremony whereby the new baron received rights to his land, held in baronium of the Crown, upon his lands. At this ceremony the new baron was presented with a small amount of earth and stone from the caput of his barony. Since the lands in Canada were so very far away, it was decreed that the escapade below Edinburgh Castle was Nova Scotian land and did contain the caputs baronium of each barony in New Scotland/Canada. Thus the 17th and 18th Centuries baronets/barons could take formal possession (called sasine) of their estates and titles on the Scottish side of the Atlantic.

In ancient days all Scots peers were considered to be but barons with a higher personal dignity. The King was considered to be the chief of chiefs and he was crowned on what was called “Boot Hill” at Scone Abbey. The small hill was actually a man made mound created over the centuries by the earth and stones (from their own caputs) carried to the spot, at each crowning, by the barons, chiefs and peers of Scotland in a spare set of boots, hence the title “Boot Hill” ~ making Boot Hill the “caput of caputs” of Scotland. Today Scone Abbey is known as Scone Palace (for the former home of the Abbot) and the residence of the Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield (Earl of Mansfield in the Peerage of Scotland and also Earl of Mansfield in the Peerage of England). Boot Hill now has a nice small chapel upon it.

Sir William was “Sir” due to holding a knighthood but also became “Sir” on the basis of being a Baronet of Nova Scotia as that is the style taken by baronets. Scottish/Nova Scotian Baronetage Law does allow for female succession and there is at present one baronetess in her own right, she is allowed the styles of both “Lady” (which is what wives of baronets use) and “Dame” (as a woman who is knighted is called) and may also be addressed as “Madam” (a style used by wives of Chiefs and female Chiefs in their own right). Americans always snicker at “Madam” since the term is generally linked to a woman running a whorehouse in American history/culture.

Sir William was given title to all of Canada ~ of course the French King with his possession of New France/Quebec did not agree with this ~ and the land patent read “from the islands offshore in the Atlantic, to the islands offshore in the Pacific, down to that land held by the King of Spain known as California”. Thus we Alexanders became the largest land owners in history (outside of crown heads who at various times of history and in various places claimed ownership of all land in their domains). It also meant that Sir William was both an “outside of the box” thinker (his idea of selling land with baronetcies to colonize Canada) and a real estate promoter/developer, as well as being a well educated religious man, in fact he was one of the translators of the King James Edition of the Bible ~ three things which I, his successor as Earl, value greatly.

The land grant to Sir William formed the basis for the British claim to several northwest American states as well as to the west and northwest of Canada. America and the United Kingdom almost fought a third war over this area (the first war being the Revolutionary War; the second being the War of 1812), but the matter was settled by negotiations and compromise instead of arms.

Sir William also owned some land near what became New York City. It was an island actually, and was originally known as the Island of Matowack and renamed the Isle de Stirling in the early days (grant dated to January 1635 from the Council of New England). Today it is known as Long Island. Unfortunately neither Long Island, nor Oregon, nor Washington State, nor North or South Dakota, etc. went with the titles that I successfully called out of dormancy in 1999. In this case, not even close, and certainly no cigar.

My late father (and his father before his death over 80 years ago) and I spend a great deal of time researching our ancestry and heritage. One of the interesting things that we discovered was that we are also Edwards and that our Edward ancestors owned a farm on the outskirts of early New York City, about 40 acres or so. The Edwards leased this land to the Crown before the Revolution and never were able to secure its return after the Revolution. Later some buildings were built on the farm….the Empire State Building and a few others.

It is simply too late to obtain clear title to the land now. Damn, I could have made The Donald (Donald Trump) look like a poor man. Again, not even close and no cigar.

The fifth Earl of Stirling, in the early 18th Century acquired some land in the Hudson Highlands in New York State, it is today Sterling Forest (yes they use the English spelling of Stirling not the Scottish spelling) and a fantastic preserve with the most diverse and largest amount of animal and plant life in the state of New York.

The famous wine growing area of California known as Alexander Valley was named after an Alexander who managed a massive Spanish land grant and was paid for his troubles by being gifted with some of the land. Until sometime in the 20th Century his descendents still lived on part of the estate.

The Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Company was founded by Samuel Timothy Alexander and his in-laws the Baldwins. This Samuel was from Vincennes, Indiana and went to Maui, Hawaii as a Christian missionary. His family ended up owning vast amounts of one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. His great-granddaughter (she and her husband sit on the A& B Board of Directors) and I call each other cousin; however we are really more distant kinsmen.

The third nation that the Alexanders played a key role in founding was the United States of America. About a year before the American Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, my kinsmen in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (from the Scot-Irish branch of the Clan) were the ringleaders in a forerunner declaration ~ the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence signed on May 20, 1775. The later and much better known American Declaration of Independence, dated July 4th 1776, incorporated many of the terms in the earlier declaration. Of the 27 signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration 6 were Alexanders (Col. Abraham Alexander, Col. Adam Alexander, Charles Alexander, Ezra Alexander, Hezekiah Alexander and John McKnitt Alexander).

A William Alexander, who was the Surveyor-General of the Providences of New York and New Jersey (his father had held the position in New York before him) went about claiming the then dormant Earldom of Stirling and related titles and great offices-of-state after the fifth Earl died without male issue. This William had Scottish law courts declare him to be the successor to the Earldom due to a descent from a common ancestor of the first Earl. This is something allowed under Scots Peerage Law, but totally unknown under English Peerage Law.

He moved to London and voted in the then representative election by Scots Peers for 16 members to sit and vote in the United Kingdom Parliament in London. However, he was connected to those around King George II and when King George II died and George III took over this William Alexander got caught up in the backstabbing. The House of Lords ruled that he could not take up his title “until he had successfully made out his claim” as he had been challenged in a proper legal venue over his assumption. He eventually went back to the Colonies, somewhat mad one might expect.

He became an early supporter of the Revolution and served first as a Colonel, then as Brigadier General, and finally as a Major General in the American Revolutionary Army. He was a close friend to Major General George Washington and perhaps the most important financier behind Washington and the Revolution. When Washington would take leave and briefly return to his estate at Mt. Vernon, Major General Lord Stirling would assume command of the Revolutionary Army.

At the Battle of Long Island, he personally saved General Washington and his Army from a trap by holding a key bridge allowing the American Army to escape from General Lord Cornwallis. Eventually, as he kept allowing more and more of his men to leave, after the Army had gotten over the bridge, he was taken prisoner of war with only a few men remaining from his brigade.

Lord Cornwallis paid his enemy a great honor by saying, “Lord Stirling fought like a wolf”. Eventually, he was released as part of a high level POW exchange during the war, but, unfortunately, he died before the war was over. It is believed that his imprisonment was a contributing factor to his health’s decline and to his eventual death.

Major General Lord Stirling had been a very wealthy man, but almost bankrupted himself in the fight to make America a free nation. He died without living male issue.

There were three famous noblemen who fought as generals on the American side in the Revolutionary War, Major General Lord Stirling was one and Major General the Marquis de Lafayette was another. One of Lafayette’s direct descendents, Jeff DeVillez, is one of my oldest and best friends. Our friendship dates back to grade school. I am godfather to Jeff’s sister Claudia’s son, Ian Samples, who is, of course, also a direct descendent of Lafayette. Jeff is a record producer and we have often joked about cutting a record, Lafayette and Stirling ~ Back Together Again”. The original Lafayette and Stirling were neighbors at the Valley Forge encampment.

A very important group of Alexanders were those who lived in Virginia. These Alexanders owned a plantation next to what is now Washington DC. Eventually this plantation was sold to George Washington’s stepson, his wife Martha’s grandson who was adopted and raised as a son by George and Martha and whom they named George Washington Parke Custis.

The Custis estate was eventually taken into a branch of the famous Lees of Virginia by the marriage of the daughter of George Washington Parke Custis to Robert E. Lee. This was the famous General Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. This officer had been offered command of both the Union and Confederate Armies and chose to fight for Virginia and the South and took command of the Confederate forces.

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy was born into a branch of this family. During the Civil War the union army crossed the Potomac River and seized the Lee Plantation. In order that the Lee family never again use the estate, President Lincoln ordered that union war dead be buried on the grounds of the estate. Before the Alexanders and before the Custises owned the plantation it was known by the old pre-revolutionary name “Arlington”. It is today known as Arlington National Cemetery. The Pentagon today sits on reclaimed swampland once a part of the Alexander/Custis/Lee Plantation. The 9/11 attacks took place on part of once was key Alexander land (the Pentagon) and close to land (in Manhattan) owned by my Edwards ancestors.

Originally when the states of Maryland and Virginia donated the land that was to become the District of Columbia they retained the right to take back, at a future date, any of the land that had not been incorporated into the City of Washington by a process known as retrocession. In the early 19th Century Virginia elected to reclaim, via retrocession, some of the unused land it had donated to the District of Columbia. This land was located in the County of Alexander; there being two counties within District of Columbia at that time ~ Washington County and Alexander County. That land which underwent retrocession to Virginia now forms the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Congress allowed General Washington to select the site for the capital of the United States. The primary reason, that many historians feel that he selected the site that became Washington DC, was the fact that his stepson’s plantation, the former Alexander plantation, could overlook the new capital.

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