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A Babe for Vice President ~ link.

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Russia and the West: A Dialogue of the Deaf ~ link.

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran ~ link.

Russia threatens to supply Iran with advanced S-300 air defense missile system if Washington continues to back Georgia and the Ukraine for NATO membership ~ link.

Friday, August 29, 2008


War Warning Issued by Russia to NATO

As the attention of the America public is focused on the American election, with the Democratic Convention having just ended, and the announcement today of McCain's female running mate, and the Republican Convention next week, the public has missed something. Something not missed by Europeans, even mainstream European news media have given broad coverage to the story. Just a minor story, really, no need to turn your attention away from the political puff that is American electoral politics. Just something about Russia (you know the big country with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems) and a clear WAR WARNING TO NATO.

In what is the most serious international crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis almost caused World War III forty-five years ago, Russia has issued a War Warning to NATO and America. "If NATO suddenly takes military actions against Abkhazia and South Ossetia, acting solely in support of Tbilisi, this will mean a declaration of war on Russia," said the Russian Ambassador to NATO, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin. Further, Russia is making it clear that military assistance to Georgia will be considered an act of war. Ambassador Rogozin likened the current crisis to the fevered diplomatic atmosphere in Europe just before the start of the First World War. World War I was said to start when "the lights went out in the chancelleries of Europe" and diplomatic measures failed.

A top Russian military figure, the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies (in Moscow) Colonel General Leonid Ivashov said "We are close to a serious conflict". With regard to the Georgia-South Ossetian conflict, General Ivashov said that one of the principal goals of NATO's "geopolitical operation" was to neutralize Russia as a global player in the run-up to a war with Iran.

The British publication, 'This is London', calls the Russian position, as articulated by Ambassador Rogozin, an "extraordinary warning to the West".

Another leading London newspaper, 'The Mail', said "Tensions between Russia and the West were ratcheted even higher today after Moscow warned that the American naval build-up in the Black Sea could be seen as a 'declaration of war'."

While I am not heading for the nuclear bomb shelter, I do think that this is serious. One of the main fears has been what the crazy neo-con Administration of George Bush and Dick Cheney would do in its final months in power. Would they begin yet a third war, this time with an Iran armed with advanced biological weapons of mass destruction capable of killing maybe a third of the human race? The answer to that is still up in the air, but it appears that the overall answer is much worse than anyone thought.

The Bush Administration funded a buildup of the Georgian Army and recently sent about a thousand US Marines to train the Georgian troops. Israel and the United States sold a large amount of military technology and hardware to Georgia. Israeli companies, headed by reserve Israeli generals, brought in excess of a thousand Israeli mercenaries into Georgia and two senior, recently retired Israeli generals provided senior command "consulting" to the Georgian General Staff. All of this turned very ugly, when on 8/8/08 the Georgian forces attacked lightly armed Russian peace keepers along with many innocent Russian civilians using volley fire from massed tubeless artillery. Over 1,400 men, women, and children were killed in their own homes without warning, in the opening minutes (with over 2,000 killed in the five day war). In response to this, Russia sent in her troops and most Georgian troops retreated (some "retreated" so fast that they threw away their uniforms, guns, and equipment as they ran home).

The Russians, by most accounts, behaved well and stopped short of the Georgian capital. However, to hear the neo-con political leaders in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom tell it, the Russians attacked a defenseless nation that had done nothing to provoke the attack. Increasingly the neo-con owned mainstream news media is spinning the story into one of Russian aggression, making the Russians out to be the bad guys and ignoring the murder of thousands of civilians by the Georgian/Israeli forces.

Russian's deputy military chief, Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, has warned that NATO has already exhausted the number of naval forces it can have in the Black Sea under the Montreux Convention (an international treaty dating to 1936 that governs the number, type, and tonnage of warships allowed to pass the Turkish Straits ~ the Bosporus and the Dardanells ~ into the Black Sea) and warned Western nations against sending more ships. The Montreux Convention allows the NATO ships to stay no longer than 21 days and limits the total number to nine warships (the current number).

If the Convention treaty is violated by NATO it will be a technical state of war. Russia has warned Turkey that she will be held responsible if additional warships are allowed into the Black Sea; already Turkey has prevented some US naval ships from entering. The total tonnage limit on naval ships is 45,000 tons. The US sought to send the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy, hospital ships whose tonnages both exceeded 69,000 tons each, through the Turkish Straits but Turkey would not allow it. As the hospital ships are not really needed, this was simply an attempt by the Bush Administration to violate the Montreux Convention and to get by with it by insisting that no rational nation could object to hospital ships. General Nogovitsyn has pointed out that US Navy ships in the Black Sea have nuclear armed cruise missiles capable of striking at most of European Russia including St. Petersburg and that these ships are considered "a serious threat to our security".

The Russians suspect that the US Navy is delivering arms to Georgia under the cover of civilian aid. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said, "Normally battleships do not deliver aid and this is battleship diplomacy, this does not make the situation more stable".

Russian Admiral Eduard Balin (former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet) was quoted by Russian news media as saying, "Despite the apparent strength of the NATO naval group in the Black Sea....a single salvo from the Moskva missile cruiser and two or thee missile boats would be enough to annihilate the entire group. Within twenty minutes the waters would be clear." The Moskva is the world's only currently serving 'heavy battle cruiser' and the most powerful non-carrier surface ship in the world.

British neo-con leader, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will attend an unprecedented emergency summit of leaders of the EU's 27 member states this coming Monday, in Brussels, to discuss the EU's response to Russia's actions. Sanctions are expected to be on the agenda to punish Russia for its "aggression". Fears are being expressed in Europe that Russia may restrict oil deliveries to Western Europe over the next few days, in response to the threat of EU sanctions and NATO actions in the Black Sea. This would be a dramatic escalation of the Georgian crisis and would play hell with global oil markets.

In a related story, Lebanese television and other sources are reporting that the Israeli government has reached a "strategic decision on Iran". That Israel will strike Iran, eventually (alone if necessary). The Jerusalem Post says that the Israeli government is moving forward with plans for the purchase of special aircraft and working on receiving US government approval to use US controlled Iraqi airspace for an attack on Iran.

It is interesting that more and more publications, from the right, center and left (including pro-neo-con and anti-neo-con), are speaking of World War III. An interesting article by Stratfor (generally pro-Israel and pro-neo-con) and reprinted by (a strongly pro-neo-con publication) speaks of Turkey's Options in the coming Third World War.

What the crazy evil Bush/Cheney Administration has done is to move the world close to World War III by bringing the Russians into the neo-con ever growing nightmare of war; 8/8/08 was the Russian 9/11 brought to you by the same people who gave America its 9/11, Britain its 7/7, etc.

There are various theories as to why the United States (or more specifically why the neo-cons who control the US government) would want to push Russia into a global war; just as there are various theories why tiny Israel would want to involve itself in a battle against a massive nuclear power like Russia, who could turn Iran and Syria into nuclear armed states overnight if it chose to. Many say that the neo-cons are simply crazy and that their maneuvers have failed. Others would say that the neo-cons are simply pawns in a larger Grand Strategy game that the global banking families have been playing for a couple of centuries and that a Third World War is required to establish the New World Order/global government that they intend to establish and establish soon. If the latter is the case, a little thing like advanced 21st Century warfare will get in the way. There is simply NO WAY that mankind can survive a Third World War, except for Divine intervention. The levels of destructive firepower and technology are simply too great.


Sent this to your friends and link it to as many blogs as possible; contact your Congressman/MP, demand that this insane march to WWIII be stopped. This has been carried by,, and many others.
I still have my old Barony of Greenan for sale and the price in US dollars has been dropping with the recent rise in the value of the dollar ~ link.
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Countdown To Looking Glass ~ link.

Governor Sarah Palin

Senator McCain has selected an attractive 44 year old woman, Sarah Palin, as his running mate. Ms. Palin, is the married mother of 5 young children and the Governor of Alaska. This is a strategic choice ~ it reflects the intention of the McCain campaign to battle and battle hard across the board in the American presidential election. In my opinion, this was the smartest choice that McCain could make. It certainly makes the American election more interesting.

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Why Pakistan Is Reactivating The Kashmir Front ~ link.

Alex Jones on Russian TV ~ 'America has been hijacked' ~ link. [Link may be slow]

Massive Blaze in Ukraine ~ Is the Russian bear working to reduce Ukraine's stockpile of weapons? ~ link.

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Telemegaphone Dale ~ cool ~ link.

Mind Control Weapons ~ A New NWO Nightmare Coming ~ link.

War With Russia Is On The Agenda ~ link.

Russia Says Number Of NATO Ships In Black Sea Increasing ~ link.

The Clan Alexander

I have a new blog for my Alexander clansmen, it is THE CLAN ALEXANDER.

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Tiny nation of Niue gets laptop for every child ~ link.

Isomer Bombs ~ Isomer almost free energy ~ As Crucial Test Remains Under Wraps ~ first link ~ second article link.

8/8/8 ~ I don't agree with all of this article but it is interesting ~ link.

Does Bush Want War With Russia by Patrick J. Buchanan ~ link.

Why Russia will go to war over US missiles in Poland ~ link.

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America ~ The Newest Third World Nation

The evil Bush administration has largely completed the process begun years ago of turning America, the most powerful and richest nation in history, into a Third World nation. I remember a lunch, about 21 years ago in Long Beach, California, with the president of an aerospace company, myself, and a senior foreign general. A comment by the general has always stayed with me. He said, "America is a very rich nation, it will take a lot to bring her down". In the twenty some years after this, I am simply amazed at just how far one crooked president after another, with the assistance of our "bought and paid for" Congress has managed to take us.

Currently we have an economy that is being held together with bailing wire and glue until after the November election. Even CNBC's Cramer, a capitalist if there ever was one, now says that the American stock market is so rigged that the average person needs to get out NOW (link to a video with him talking about this is here).

We have just seen the early stages of systemic problems in the American economy and the global economy with the fallout from the subprime mortgage problems. The real problem is that the "policemen" of the American economy, and to a lesser extent the entire global economy, have "been asleep" at their jobs; and this has not been an accident. Laws have been changed overturning the post-Great Depression rules designed to save the banking industry from itself.

We have had a massive host of new investment vehicles created over the last few years, and in many cases even the people pushing the vehicles do not understand how they work because they have been designed to be so complex as to confuse even the experts. We have $1.2 quadrillion invested in derivates, trillions in collateralized debt obligations and structured investment vehicles ~ and many of these new forms of financial paper are shady in the extreme.

The American economy, and with it the global economy, is being deliberately set up to collapse. One can look to the traditional sources of war, economic crisis, and revolution to find the cause behind the demise of America. The global international banking families fingerprints are all over the programmed fall of America. While they had their hands in the War of 1812, and the Civil War, blackmailed Wilson to get the US into the First World War, placed their puppet FDR in the White House to control (to their designs) the Great Depression and then to bait the Japanese to attack us to get American in the Second World War, the deliberate high treason committed on 9/11 by senior Bush/Cheney administration officials was a new low. We have now experienced almost seven years of wars based on this false flag operation and we are being led into yet another war with Iran (a nation with advanced biological strategic weapons of mass destruction that can kill a third of the world). Additionally the satanic US Vice-President is in Georgia preparing to push the Russians into the coming Third World War; a world war that with current 21st Century weapons will kill most of us.

We are currently witnessing the mainstream news media's massive coverage of the Democratic National Convention, with the follow-on coverage of the Republican National Convention in a couple of weeks. This coverage is designed to convince the American public that "their vote does count", that the American political system is working for them. This BS/hype is falling on more and more 'deaf ears' as more people turn to the alternative internet news sources for the truth. Americans have not forgotten that two years ago they elected a Democratic Congress to end the war in Iraq but instead the Democratic controlled Congress actually increased the funding for the war and the troop levels.

Some thirty-five years ago, we legalized bribery in America by allowing PACs (political action committees). What had been done before under the table, suddenly became legal and this allowed money to elbow out whatever influence the public had in Congress. Unless you are making tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to your congress critter don't expect him to really care about you or your interests. The average Congressman must raise $40,000 per day for every day that he/she spends in Washington. Not even the most beautiful hooker on earth can rake in that level of money but our Congressmen and Senators do, giving a whole new meaning to the term prostitution.

We have a medical/pharmaceutical industry that is more fraud and rip off than real medicine. Most expensive pharmaceuticals are designed to "treat you" rather than to "cure you" and in fact the treatment usually brings on additional serious health problems. No one can do anything about this as Big Pharma spends untold millions every year buying off Congress.

We have a giant agricultural industry whose genetically modified food is killing off the bees and without the bees, most of us will not have enough food to survive.

A sign of a Third World country is that its systems don't work well because the government is for sale. When you can bribe anyone in the government to get what you want, regardless of the death and suffering that it causes to the population, that is a sign of very deep sickness in the nation. No society that allows a high level of organic corruption, of the outright buying of votes in its parliament or congress, will function well. That is why so many African and other Third World nations are failed states. This is happening more and more to America.

We are in a madman's race to see what kills us first, corporate food and medical nightmares or the ever increasing march to global war by the neo-cons.

It breaks my heart to see the great American experiment in democracy fail and fail so horribly. The first Earl of Stirling (Sir William Alexander of Menstrie) was the founder of English-speaking Canada and was the owner of what became several American states and most of Canada. The last claimant (before me) to the Earldom was Major General Lord Stirling of the American Revolutionary Army. He was a key financier of George Washington; took over Washington's command when he would take a rare leave of absence to return to Mt. Vernon; saved Washington's army at the Battle of Long Island (which the Earls of Stirling use to own); and gave his fortune and his life to the American nation. On my watch (as Earl), I am seeing America destroyed.


Ancient Scottish barony title for sale at UK45,000 pounds (less than US$84,000 at exchange rate as of 26th August 2008) ~ link.
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Links of the Day

CNBC's Cramer says the American Stock Market is rigged ~ more evidence of America sliding into Third World status ~ corruption spreads nothing works right anymore ~ link to the video

When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease ~ link
~ The major classes of prescription drugs are failures. Of concern is the realization most drugs are never designed to address the underlying biochemical causes of disease and may intentionally be designed to create life-long dependency. Adjectives that could be used to describe modern pharmacology range from “disappointing, unacceptable, ineffective,” to “immoral, despicable, shameful, appalling, wicked, dreadful.”

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It's the Economy Stupid ~ An Economic Recovery Program for America

It's the Economy Stupid ~ An Economic Recovery Program for America
by Lord Stirling & Monica Davis

Barack Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his running mate signals that Obama has made a strategic choice, not a tactical one. A tactical choice would have been Evan Bayh, who would have brought him Indiana's normally Republican eleven Electorial College votes. Instead Obama chose a bare-knuckle fighter with an Irishman's gift of gab. This is a choice that implies a strategy to fight hard and across the board for the American white middle class voters. It is also a choice that negates the advantage that McCain has on national security issues. Joe Biden has been in the Senate since 1972 and is Chairman of the important Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

This sets the battle up for one over the economy. That is a battlefield that is custom made for the Democrats. The American middle class is running scared; already in the early stages of a recession with fears of an all out depression. The economy is a mess; the foreign debt and overall national debt that George Bush has accumulated in almost eight years of serious mismanagement of the nation's economy is staggering in the extreme. In fact, Bush has increased American national debt more that all other US presidents combined.

The American public, still paying almost unheard of prices at the gas pump and at the grocery store, and seeing retail prices rise almost weekly as their wages stay the same is in the mood for some serious change. However, what Obama must very clearly articulate is how his vision of change will effect them and their self interest.

One thing that I have observed over the last few years, and something that the corporate controlled mainstream news media has not give much coverage to, is that the average person in American is very aware that the overwhelming majority of American consumer goods are foreign made. This is a dramatic departure from the historic American self-identification as the world's manufacturing leader.

The Obama-Biden Team needs to simply and clearly spell out a plan for American economic recovery; one that will see American consumers supporting American jobs and strengthening the American economy by facilitating the purchasing of American made goods.

What we need is a plan that will create a competitive edge for American manufactured products without trigging a trade war with our global trading partners. The nation is in dire need of an economic strategy that will turn the power of Wall Street back to Main Street with investment in American manufacturing infrastructure and American jobs.

Taking a leaf out of FDR's economic recovery programs, we need a Economic Recovery Program Administration. An ERP Administration that will recreate the American manufacturing base via the following: (1) Retailers will get US income tax credits for ERP qualified 100% American made goods sold; (2) New ERP corporations and new ERP subsidiaries of existing corporations will be US corporate income tax free for five years; (3) Shareholders of ERP companies will pay no Federal income tax on corporate dividends for five years; (4) ERP qualified 100% American manufactured goods will earn 100% rebates on Federal gasoline taxes for shipping costs; (5) ERP tax breaks are contingent on non-dividend profits being reinvested in the United States; (6) State and local sales tax waver programs at the point of purchase of up to 5%, with US Treasury reimbursement to the states and localities of the waved sales tax, for newly created ERP qualified 100% American manufactured goods sold.

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Links of the Day

Behind America's Shield ~ on Missile defense in Eastern Europe by the Economist

Agrobacterium & Morgellons Disease ~ A GM Connection? ~ Morgellons and genetically modified food crops


A couple of weeks ago I asked viewers for their advice to a friend of a friend of mine in the Philippines who has advanced breast cancer. I was looking for a reasonable low cost alternative cancer treatment for her. I thought a Rife Machine/Rife Therapy would work but the cost was simply too high.

Many kind people wrote in to suggest alternative cancer treatments. I will summarize the suggestions here.

I watched my beloved young wife die of ovarian cancer. I cannot recommend any of the treatments/suggestions below but I can tell you that if you have cancer that has spread don't count on chemo or traditional medicine to save your life. Consider all options. Most physicians will not take chemo treatments themselves if they have advanced cancer.

The suggestions are not in any special order. Where possible I have links to sites and further information. I don't have Rife links here but you can do a search of Rife, Rife Machines, and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to locate a ton of information on this great man and his cancer cures.

Essiac Tea ~ three cups a day.

Magnesium ~ link

Dr. Tullio Simoncini ~ believes that cancer is a fungus; uses baking soda injections (phamaceutical grade bicarbonate) to cure cancer ~ his website
a video on him

Alkalinization diet ~ read Robert O. Young's book "The Ph Miracle Cure" ~ also add the unadulterated juice of one lemon to every glass of water and drink plenty of water daily. While acidic, lemon juice converts to alkaline in the body.

Hulda Clark Zappers ~ low cost Rife type electronic devices ~ link

Dr. William Deagle, MD at NutriMedical (I know Dr. Bill; he is a brilliant man) ~ link

Dr. Robert C. Beck has a Rife type zapper that you can build yourself (sorry no link).

High dose intravenous Vitamin C ~ link

Poseidon's Harvest ~ link

Red Pill Reich ~ link

Killing Cancer Cells with high pH Therapy ~ I cannot get the link to work; it is on

Mega-doses of Vitamin C in the form of C-SALTS ~ link

Books, herbs, very low priced Zapper (Rife like) ~ link

MMS ~ miracle mineral supplement ~ link

Brazil nuts ~ 2500 times as much selenium as any other nut ~ Selenium is a powerful antioxidant ~ sorry no link.

The Budwig Diet ~ sorry no link.

Breast Cancer Deception article from Natural ~ link

Articles on breast cancer at Natural ~ link

Injected Vitamin C kills cancer article ~ link

Good "true fiction" novel, "The Poison Plum" by Les Roberts ~ link

Credence Online ~ link

Alternative Cancer Net ~ link

If you know of anyone with cancer pass this information on to them or to someone close to them. Please consider posting this on blogs where the information might save a life.

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Links of the Day

J Street ~ Political arm of the pro-Israel pro-peace movement.

God is a God of Surprise

The World According to Monsanto ~ video...must see

Domes for the World

I don't generally run letters to me in my blog but this one is so worthy that I am making an exception. Domes For The World Foundation helps poor people in Third World nations build high quality low cost housing based on dome construction. Check them out and send them a donation if you can. Thanks. Tim Earl of Stirling

Dear Dome Enthusiasts,

As you know, I am chairman of the Domes For The World Foundation.
My daughter, Rebecca, is President. She is pushing in all directions to
get more funding through various resources, but we need your help.

At least a half million people are still homeless in Java, Indonesia
after the terrible earthquake of May 2006. Right now we have the
opportunity to build simple, but permanent, disaster-resistant houses
for homeless families for only $2000 each.

Over the last few months we have been able to build four homes from
donations from people like you. But, so much more is needed.

We are asking those who can afford it to donate anything from $20 to
$100 (or more) over the next two weeks in hopes of raising $4000 to
build two more homes.

Anyone who donates in the next 2 weeks will be included on an email
list to recieve daily reports and photos of the construction process.
You'll see letters from the family(ies) and be able to interface
directly with our Indonesian superintendents.

Please see the following to veiw descriptions of the families we would
like to help this month:

To donate, go to: Again,
anyone who donates $20 or above in the next two weeks will be included
in all email updates-- with photos-- about the homes as they are being

During the past two years DFTW has built over 100 dome homes in 4
countries. Please check regularly.

Thanks for your consideration.

David B. South,
Chairman--Domes For The World
President-- Monolithic Dome Institute

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Wars and Rumors of War

Wars and Rumors of War

Here I go again writing another article about World War III, Iran, Georgia, etc. You know, I am getting sick of thinking, hearing about, reading about and writing about war and more war. The trouble is, with the Bush neo-cons and their fellow travelers in assorted European nations and Israel, war is the center of their existence.

The United States, and various other nations, have been in a war in Afghanistan for going on seven years now ….and we still have not been able to capture the 6’6” Arab who is so powerful that, while sitting on his backside in a cave in Afghanistan, he managed to get the USAF to stand down on 9/11; to change the laws of physics (so that jet fuel melts steel instead of burning at about half the necessary temperature), oh yeah, and is so loved that he raised a terror army of Arabs to follow an organization that in Arabic slang means “little toilet”.

We have been involved in a second war in Iraq for many years that is costing something like US$3 trillion (when you add in all the costs and debt). Oh, and guess what, we never did find those terrible weapons of mass destruction, of Saddam’s, that we “just had to” go after. But at least we hung old Saddam….well actually the guy we hung had really bad teeth and an overbite whereas Saddam had really good teeth (you know if you can afford 100+ multimillion dollar palaces you can afford a good dentist) and an underbite.

We have an Israel that most Americans want to see survive and do well, even if that small state’s existence is not in our vital interests. However, AIPAC has so distorted American politics that almost every single congress critter and presidential candidate feels it necessary to support whatever they want, no matter how crazy. Like the kid in the proverbial candy store, too much of a good thing will make you sick, and this is happening big time to Israel. There is no check on the domestic extremists in Israeli politics, like dear old Bibi the soon to be Prime Minister, who loves war so much he makes Bush and Cheney look like peaceniks. No one, of a friendly persuasion, who really has the guts to say, cool it guys…. accept what land you have and give back most of the territories and start making a real peace with your neighbors, before this goes on too long and you all end up dead over some marginal land.

We have an Iranian nut job President who is taking center stage. He keeps on baiting the Israelis and neo-cons giving them the best press they could ask for….you don’t think that he actually works for them….no, not even I am that conspiracy minded. He just launched some crappy little dummy sputnik and now they have even more reason to demand that the world “stop him”. His conventional military forces could not even whip that military genius Saddam a number of years ago. His uranium enrichment program is years away from a nuclear bomb but we “just have to stop him and stop him now….” What he does have, courtesy of the destitute out-of-work former Soviet biological warfare experts hired some 15 years ago, is a world class advanced biowar global strategic weapon of mass destruction program that could kill maybe a third of the world. Of course, we don’t talk about that as it would be a cause for peace, not a cause for war. Hells bells, everyone knows that you don’t want to go to war with a nation that has a MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with you….we would all likely die.

We have a Bush Administration, who with the Brits and French and others, just completed a massive naval war game named “Operation Brimstone” that was announced as a training mission for the blockade of Iran. While two resolutions are pending before Congress (one in the House; the other in the Senate) “demanding” a blockade on Iran. And then the high level leaks that the battle groups were headed to Iran (yes, I know, I was taken in like UPI, DEBKA, and several major and minor news organizations). This was not really the case, but it laid the ground work in preparing the public for the next step. In the meantime the European Union has authorized a blockade in everything but name.

Of course, beside the Olympics (some actual good news about something good and wholesome), the real news of the last week and a half has been the war in Georgia. Which the neo-con trained and Israeli lead and staffed Georgians began, by slaughtering a couple of thousand civilians in their homes (civilians that held Russian passports) and 10 lightly armed Russian peacekeepers (and wounding 20 others). We couldn’t just get along with Russia, oh no, we had to go and stick a red hot poker up the backside of the sleeping Russian Bear. That’s a good way to ramp up the overall global war fever. Even better, have the neo-con controlled mainstream news media lie, in what for them is even a bit much, and tell us that the “Russians started it”.

The march to World War III moves on, growing bigger week by week; before we all die in it maybe we should ask WHY. Who the hell profits from this madness. What profit can their possibly be in using the most advanced weapons of mass destruction on our small blue oasis of a planet. This is not World War I or World War II; we have gotten far far too advanced with our killing abilities. No super bunkers could ever really hope to save the global banking elite and their hanger-on’s if everything really hits the fan. So why are we still talking about war. I know because war is coming…global war. But WHY, and don’t tell me that I am not entitled to ask this. I and all of us, are human beings, we all live here on Earth, so why oh why do we have to have even more war and more war. It just doesn’t make any sense.


Scottish title of Baron for sale ~ link


World's Best of the Best blog

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Update ~ March to global World War III

The war in Georgia seems to be continuing. The President of Russia agrees to a ceasefire but then the Russian Army continues its march deeper into Georgia. There are several factors at work here. There is a report that the Georgians shelled Russian forces after the "cease fire". But the real driving force for confusion on the Russian side is on-going strategy disagreements at the highest level. On one hand the Russians are being painted as the aggressors by neo-con controlled western news media, even though the opposite is true. They are concerned about their image in the world. However, they see allowing the neo-con military forces and Georgian government to remain in power as a serious strategic threat. They fear that the Bush administration and other neo-con governments will pour troops, equipment, advanced military technology into Georgia if they allow the neo-con controlled Georgian government to stay in power.

The Georgian War is not apt to result in a global strategic clash between Russia and NATO if Russia destroys the neo-con puppets in control of Georgia. Remember this is at one level a strategic diversion for Russia as Bush and others prepare a Blockade on Iran (whose purpose is to kick off a war on Iran). On a even higher level, this is laying the groundwork for a global Third World War and is in fact very early stages of WWIII.

The Kuwaiti Crown Prince says his nation will NOT support a war on Iran. This is a complicating factor for the neo-con forces. Bush administration heavy weights and Iranian heavy weights have been very busy calling on Middle Eastern nations lately. Some nations are signing on to the war party's agenda; others are clearly opposed.

The Israeli Defense Minister (and former PM) has responded to my earth shaking article on the MASSIVE US NAVAL ARMADA HEADS TO IRAN. He says the US has not given Israel the green light to attack Iran, yet ~ or so he says.

The Jerusalem Post says the US Assistant Defense Secretary says no blockade.

The European Union has given approval for a blockade without using the word "blockade" but using the legal definition of a blockade. This was done while the world's attention is focused on the Summer Olympics and the Georgian War.

The United Kingdom's Royal Navy is not so keen to place its flagship the HMS Ark Royal in the Gulf....latest reports say that it will not be joining a blockade force.

Syria is bracing for an Israeli attack..... it fears that a large Israeli "war game" on its border will turn "active". This is placing the Syrian/Israeli border on a "hair trigger" status.

The world watches the Summer Olympics as the evil neo-con war party forces move the world towards global war. Someone over at Fox News must have gotten off script, as they have a recent article talking about the world headed to WWIII.

UPDATE: Georgia's neo-con President, Mikhail Saakashvill, says that an armored column of over 100 Russian tanks and BMPs are moving towards Georgia's second largest city.

Good article on on Georgian War quoting the Russian Deputy PM

The Earl of Stirling was interviewed on national US radio show Nutrimedical Report on 12 August 2008; he will be interviewed on Canadian radio (up to 76 stations throughout Canada) on 14 August 2008 and on the Jeff Rense national radio show in USA on 14 August 2008.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

08/08/08 The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War


The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War

The Olympics are what is right about the world. On this last Friday, the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the new millennium we witnessed a fantastic spectacle, a peaceful gathering of the many nations of our small blue planet; a competition of the best young athletes from all over the world. The Olympics make us proud to be humans; proud to be citizens of Earth.

Sadly on this same day, we saw what future historians will count as the day that the Third World War began. It was designed this way, by the evil people who worked hard to begin the war under the cover of the Olympics.

We all like to be right, myself included, but sometimes it is not so wonderful. I have written a series of articles over the last few weeks on the coming nightmare centered on the neo-con grand strategy. I predicted the outbreak of hostilities in Georgia and Russia and said that there is a strong link between what is happening there and to what is about to happen against Iran. I said that the war in Georgia was intended as a strategic distraction for Russia as America, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and others prepare for their naval blockade of Iran, but a strategic distraction that would backfire.

As Russian troops and air force pilots, and thousands of Russian civilians, die in combat in Europe for the first time since 1945 (in a war between sovereign nations), only miles from their homeland (on land that was part of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union for centuries), the sleeping Russian Bear has been awaken and filled with a terrible resolve. The fact that only within the last few weeks have the 1,000+ American Marines, sent in to train the Georgians for this very war, left is not overlooked by the Russians. The fact that (according to DEBKE the well connected Israeli strategy and military site) over 1,000 Israeli “mercenaries” are actively engaged in combat with the Russian Army on the side of the Georgians is also not overlooked. The fact that the American neo-con administration and the Israelis have been engaged in a furry of advanced arms sales and deliveries over the last year, and that these weapons are killing Russians on their historic territory, is not overlooked. The fact that the Bush administration tried very hard to get its European NATO partners to accept Georgia as a NATO member without success (too many European nations saw the trap and smelled a rather large rat), and the fact that had this neo-con gambit succeeded NATO would be in war against Russia now ~ this also is not overlooked by the Russian bear. The fact that the Georgian Defense Minister is a ‘former’ Israeli and many current and retired Israeli generals are deeply involved in Georgia is also not overlooked by the Russian bear.

The American supported, Israeli commando staffed, attack on the civilian population of South Ossetia ~ where Georgian troops conducted volley-fire artillery cleanings of a number of villages and settlements housing Russian citizens, destroying people’s homes and killing 1,500 civilians (and killing 10 lightly armed Russian peacekeeping troops and wounding 30) in the opening stages of the attack ~ is also not overlooked by the Russians. This is the Russian 9/11.

While the Russian 9/11 was taking place, the European Union, acting under cover of the media coverage of the Olympics, has formally approved a blockade of Iran (not using the word blockade but establishing tough new sanctions on Iran with cargo inspections and intercepts ~in other words a BLOCKADE). Neither Russia nor China, which gets a large percentage of its oil and natural gas from Iran, are willing to allow this to happen. The strategic distraction for Russia is not going to work; nor is China going to allow its distraction ~ the hosting of the Olympics ~ to rob it of its strategic source of oil and natural gas, so necessary for its economy.

Grand strategy is very interesting and complex. It is rather like space chess or space checkers ~ played on several levels. However, in real life grand strategy, the various levels have players that are often not aware of the nature of the game on the level above.

We have the Israeli population, a majority who support an attack on Iran, “to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons of mass destruction”, who do not know that the Iranians already have advanced biological weapons of mass destruction with potential kill levels very similar to that of strategic nuclear war. They will pay with their lives for this lack of knowledge. On one level, the neo-cons are all about creating a new Middle East environment where Israel is safe from any regional Muslin power and holds regional military supremacy. On another level, the global bankers are using Israel and the neo-cons to bring about the End Game of their long quest to establish a New World Order with themselves as lords and masters of all those allowed to remain alive.

At one level, the public is told that Iran “must be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons” and that this is the reason for whatever action is necessary. Of course, we are not told ~ at least by the main stream news media ~ that even the American intelligence establishment (as well as United Nations inspectors) state clearly that the Iranian nuclear enrichment program is but several orders of magnitude below that necessary for a nuclear weapons program. The reality is that the nuclear enrichment issue is but a smokescreen for the on-going neo-con grand strategy. This same grand strategy gave us the 9/11 false flag attacks in America, the 7/7 false flag attack in England, and the Bali and Spanish false flag “terrorist” attacks and the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. The next targets on the hit list of the neo-con grand strategy are Syria and Iran. This has been the plan for years and the neo-cons are staying on course.

If the well being of Israel is not the reason for the grand strategy at the highest level, we have to ask ourselves just what in the hell is the driving force. Sadly the answer lies in the wording of the question just posed ~ Hell. At a certain level you simply cannot separate the military/economic/political/strategic from the spiritual. When you analyze the grand strategy being employed, you essentially have to come to the conclusion that it is either so damn crazy as to be a form of mass insanity by its backers or just plain evil. I think that it is the latter.

The blockade is not being set up to “stop” the Iranians ~ there is in reality nothing to stop in terms of a nuclear weapons program and they already have a global strategic advanced biowar (ABW) program that is as good as a global strategic nuclear war program at a fraction of the cost. The blockade is being set up to cause a war. To cause a war with a nation that has a true MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with the neo-con controlled nations. To cause a war that will eventually result in the use of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. To cause World War III.

The “strategic diversion”, that is the war between Georgia and Russia, is being set up to drive Russia into the devil’s brew of the coming war; you can bet that China will also be given good “reasons” to be totally committed in the days and weeks ahead.

There are certain global banking families who have made countless billions and even trillions over the last 200+ years organizing wars, economic depressions, revolutions, etc. to profit on everyone’s misery. They have been very successful at this. But it is simply too late in human history to be doing this now. The level of mass murder/destruction from 21st Century warfare is beyond our ability to recover. So why continue. Again, we get back to the question is this just totally crazy or just plain evil.

On the 5th of August, days before the attack on South Ossetia, in my article “The Good and the Bad and the Truly Ugly”, I quoted an interesting prophecy from Nostradamus, Quatrain X.74 which reads "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." This could refer to the Seven Year Tribulation, which could well be the time from 9/11/01 to 9/11/08, at the time of the Olympic Games, not far from the age of the great millennium (the beginning of the Third Millennium in 2000/2001), and Armageddon (when many dead saints are suppose to "come out of their graves"). It is interesting that the dates of the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and now the 8/8/8 attack all have occult meanings.

I suspect that this is all simply unstoppable. However, being human we want to live not be killed in some insane Third World War. The trouble is, time is very short and most political leaders are totally corrupt, bought and paid for time and again by many of the same forces arranging the coming global war. Still, if you want to live, contact your political leaders and demand that they stop the coming war on Iran and the resulting global nightmare. It may be you only hope to stop the events that are unfolding before our very eyes.


Update: Bush has ordered US military forces to begin the delivery of "humanitarian" aid. Now Georgian President Saakashvili says that this means that America will take control of Georgian ports. If Bush tries to bully Russia using US military things could get bad, really bad, quick. Hopefully this will not happen. Link to a story on this.


The two-ton elephant in the living room of the neo-con strategy is the advanced biowar (ABW) that Iran, and to a lessor extent Syria, has. This places the motherlands of the major neo-con nations (America, France, the United Kingdom), as well as Israel, in grave danger. When the Soviet Union fell the Iranians hired as many out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts as possible. In the last 15 or so years they have helped to develop a truly world class ABW program utilizing recombination DNA genetic engineering technology to create a large number of man made killer viruses. This form of weapon system does not require high tech military delivery systems. The viruses are sub-microscopic and once seeded in a population use the population itself as vectors. Seeding can be done without notice in shopping malls, churches, and other public places. The only real defense to an advanced global strategic biowar attack is to lock down the population as rapidly as possible and let those infected die off.

If this were more widely known, it would be a great casus pax, a reason for peace, as war between enemies both having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is insane. Hence the aptly named "MAD", for mutually assured destruction, where both sides can cause truly massive fatalities on their enemy in the event of a all out war.

My recent article, WAR ON IRAN: THE PERFECT STORM FROM HELL, carried by several of the leading on-line/non-MSM sites, and read by hundreds of thousands world wide was a frightening eye opener for many to the intense danger from a all-out war between US/EU/Israel on one side and Iran/Syria/Hezhollah/Hammas on the other side. The public has been largely ignorant about the rise of a new type of global strategic warfare based on Advanced Biological War (ABW). Most people understand Biological War (BioWar or BW) as powered anthrax or smallpox and the like. That is really "your grandfather's biowar". Over the last twenty-five or so years, an entire new level of mass killing has evolved. Only this new ABW has a technology base that is far less expensive than than required for entry into the "nuclear club" of nuclear weapon producing nations. Where it costs approximately $1 million to kill a person using nuclear weapons, it only costs approximately $1 to kill one person using ABW weapons. Comparing BW to ABW is like comparing a old Model T Ford to a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom ~ both are automobiles (or types of biological warfare) but there is a difference of several orders of magnitude. ABW has a kill level in global strategic warfare similar to that of nuclear war.

It is a known fact that when the Soviet Union fell, the Iranians offered US$5,000 a month salaries to a large number of destitute out-of-work former Soviet biowar experts. Not all took Iran up on the offer, but many did. The Iranians have built up, over the last 15 plus years a truly world class ABW program, as well as co-developing with Syria the Earth's largest chemical warfare program. ABW weapons do not require ICBMs and $2 billion dollar per copy B2 bombers to kill hundreds of millions. The genetically engineered viruses are sub-microscopic and can be spread unnoticed in public places and continue spreading, through replication from person to person. An advance global strategic biological war, like a global strategic nuclear war, cannot be kept in control. In fact, the horrific massive death from global strategic biowar will certainly lead to all-out nuclear war between Russia/China and NATO/Israel.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Advanced Breast Cancer

This is a request for anyone reading this who has any alternative medicine suggestion for a friend of a friend of mine who has advanced breast cancer. The lady, Sarah, lives in Manila area of the Philippines. I would suggest a Rife Machine but they cannot afford it and cannot find any Rife based treatment there. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR HER? Please write to me at earlofstirling@ and I will pass the information along.


Tim Earl of Stirling

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paris Hilton for President

Paris Hilton for President.....ok. But you know what, she not only looks one hell of a lot better than the other two candidates but her energy policy actually makes sense. Much more so than that of either Obama or McCain. Here is a link to Paris Hilton's response to the McCain ad that used her photo. She has a good sense of humor as well as a excellent grasp of public relations.


The Good and the Bad and the Truly Ugly

In a couple of days the Olympic Games begin. The modern Olympics can truly be called one of the best things that we humans do in terms of our international relations. The Games represent peaceful completion with nations sending the best of their young people ~ a "good" event and happening.

These Olympics come at a time of growing economic crisis with a possible global economic depression looming. These bad economic times could get really bad if the $1.2 quadrillion in derivatives go into melt down along with collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and various new structured investments vehicles (SIVs). The resulting global depression is apt to be even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Worse yet, is the demands of the neo-cons in America, and some European nations, along with the Israeli war hawks, for a war on Iran. A war that could get truly ugly in the extreme. Iran, having hired some of the best and brightest of the former Soviet Union's advanced biowar scientists 15 years ago, is a nation that already possess advanced biological warfare (ABW) with the ability to cause deaths in North America, Europe, and the Middle East on a level of global strategic thermonuclear war. The limited Iranian uranium enrichment program, legal under international law and even in the words of the American intelligence establishment not constituting a nuclear weapons program, is being used as the cover for the next stage of the aggressive neo-con grand strategy.

We are truly in a most interesting period. If sanity rules the day, we will avoid a war with Iran and the likely resulting Third World War. If not, then we are in for a truly horrific next few months.

In times of grave crisis and likely grave crisis it is human nature to turn to old prophecies to try to gain some view of what is apt to happen. This is always fraught with danger. The last book of the Christian Bible, and various other religious texts, contain horrible warnings of the Final Battle, Armageddon, which takes place in Israel. The trouble is the number of interpretations is close to the number of readers of the texts. Many turn to the writings of Nostradamus and here also, interpretations and the overall question of the validity of prophecy (or a certain prophecy) is key.

There is an interesting prophecy from Nostradamus, Quatrain X.74 reads "The year of the great seventh number accomplished it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." (from The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham). A slightly different translation is "The year of the great seventh number passed. An apparition at time of ritual sacrifice. Not far from the age of the millennium. When the buried go out from their tombs."(from The Prophesies of Nostradamus" by Avenel Books) . This could refer to the Seven Year Tribulation, which could well be the time from 9/11/01 to 9/11/08, at the time of the Olympic Games, not far from the age of the great millennium (the beginning of the Third Millennium in 2000/2001), and Armageddon (when many dead saints are suppose to "come out of their graves").

What does this mean? That is a matter of interpretation and there are many many interpretations.

What we do know for certain is that past recessions and depressions are man created, usually by the very persons/groups that intend to profit from the economic hardship of the many. A coming "Greatest" Depression would amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, with a small evil elite taking our property and possessions from the rest of us. We also know that it is simply too late in human history for engaging in global war with nations having global strategic weapons of mass destruction ~ that any such war is apt to cause such great world wide destruction as to effectively destroy human civilization.

The elected political leadership in America and much of the western world is so corrupt, so "bought and paid for" by globalist special interest groups, that they are not addressing the grave dangers of either the coming economic super depression or a global war. Somehow, the public had better get its act together and force the powers that be to change directions. If not, the old Chinese curse of "may you live in interesting times" could come true in a most horrific way.


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