Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Nightmare of the British Labour Party

Will British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown keep his job? While there are serious efforts to seek his removal, so far Jack Straw and other cabinet ministers are supporting Brown. A number of years back the Canadian Conservative Party was in a terrible position going into a election and a few months before the election they replaced their Prime Minister, it did not save them and in fact they ended up not even being the official Loyal Opposition after that election.

Many years ago the British Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as the official Loyal Opposition party and then eventually formed the Government-of-the-Day. Since then they have always been either the governing party or the leading opposition party. In the summer of 2008 things are looking so bad that most Labour MPs are expecting to lose their Parliament seats. But with the global economic sickness in its early stage and far far worse to come, especially if the neo-cons launch a insane war on Iran, the voter backlash against the Labour Party is apt to be so strong that the Liberal Democrats will knock Labour into third place, setting the Liberals up for an eventual return to Number 10 and Labour for "just above minor party" status.

The Labour Party has not gotten over the rule of the failed spin masters, Blair and company. If Blair and several of his top people had went to jail for selling peerages, it would have had a cleaning effect on the Labour Party and while they still would have likely lost the next election, they would most likely have survived as one of the two main political parties in the United Kingdom. The deal between Brown and Blair, which saw Blair agreeing to a summer resignation in return for no one facing prison time has turned out to be another spin into trouble for Labour. I outlined how just my case alone (the attempted shake down of myself for a major "contribution" for a life peerage) could have put Blair and several senior members of his government in prison in my book CASH FOR PEERAGES: THE SMOKING GUN.

It is interesting that the Labour MPs ..... having done their very best to pass thousands of new laws, to fund one police state type surveillance camera for every 17 citizens, to trash traditional British rules of fairness and tradition, to discard hundreds of years of British constitutional law and to seek to ruin the House of Lords (to eliminate the ability of the hereditary peers to stand up to the corrupt government of the day) ..... are now facing the future as out-of-power political has beens or as future members of a little more than minor party in Parliament.


Hitler Would Be Proud

The city of Flint, Michigan is seeking commercial sponsors for police surveillance cameras. This puts a new spin on the growing police state use of surveillance cameras. We allow organized crime to sell addictive drugs to our children and then we allow our bought and paid for politicians to turn our neighborhoods into mini police states in order "to protect us". Someone should tell Gordon Brown about this idea. The United Kingdom has one police surveillance camera for every 17 citizens (and still the crime rate grows); wow....just think of the money the UK could save by getting business sponsors for its cameras. Link to a story on this.


Cash for Peerages: The Smoking Gun

Lord Stirling's book on the Cash For Peerages Scandal

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Casus Belli or Casus Pax

Casus Belli or Casus Pax
Are the Neo-cons Psychopaths or Satanists

The hottest story on both the internet and in the main stream media is the possibility of a war with Iran in the near future. We are being told by the neo-con dominated main stream media that the Iranian nuclear program is a casus belli, a reason for war. Of course, the recent official US National Intelligence Estimate stated clearly that there is no Iranian nuclear weapons program and numerous UN and international weapons inspectors have reported time and time again that there is no active Iranian nuclear weapons program.

We are not being told that Iran already has a global strategic weapons program that can kill hundreds of millions in North America, Western Europe, and Israel. This program is an Advanced BioWar program with recombination DNA (genetically engineered) unstoppable killer viruses. If this were more widely known, it would be a great casus pax, a reason for peace, as war between enemies both having weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is insane. Hence the aptly named "MAD", for mutually assured destruction, where both sides can cause truly massive fatalities on their enemy in the event of a all out war.

My recent article, WAR ON IRAN: THE PERFECT STORM FROM HELL, carried by several of the leading on-line/non-MSM sites, and read by hundreds of thousands world wide was a frightening eye opener for many to the intense danger from a all-out war between US/Israel on one side and Iran/Syria/Hezhollah/Hammas on the other side. The public has been largely ignorant about the rise of a new type of global strategic warfare based on Advanced Biological War (ABW). Most people understand Biological War (BioWar or BW) as powered anthrax or smallpox and the like. That is really "your grandfather's biowar". Over the last twenty-five or so years, an entire new level of mass killing has evolved. Only this new ABW has a technology base that is far less expensive than than required for entry into the "nuclear club" of nuclear weapon producing nations. Where it costs approximately $1 million to kill a person using nuclear weapons, it only costs approximately $1 to kill one person using ABW weapons. Comparing BW to ABW is like comparing a old Model T Ford to a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom ~ both are automobiles (or types of biological warfare) but there is a difference of several orders of magnitude. ABW has a kill level in global strategic warfare similar to that of nuclear war.

It is a known fact that when the Soviet Union fell, the Iranians offered US$5,000 a month salaries to a large number of destitute out-of-work former Soviet biowar experts. Not all took Iran up on the offer, but many did. The Iranians have built up, over the last 15 plus years a truly world class ABW program, as well as co-developing with Syria the Earth's largest chemical warfare program. ABW weapons do not require ICBMs and $2 billion dollar per copy B2 bombers to kill hundreds of millions. The genetically engineered viruses are sub-microscopic and can be spread unnoticed in public places and continue spreading, through replication from person to person.

If the knowledge of Iran having such lethal WMD is a casus pax, and those pushing a war on Iran know it (which they darn well do), then the question becomes WHY? Why would the neo-cons push for a war in which they know that the other side has global strategic weapons of mass destruction? If the neo-cons really have the interest of Israel at heart, which many clearly claim to, why would they push for a war that could leave one-third or more of the Israelis dead?

The large number of Iranian/Syrian/Hezhollah/Hammas rockets and missiles, capable of delivering radiological, chemical, advanced biological, and fuel-air explosives on Israel and American forces in the Middle East is a check-mate or MAD designed to prevent the next stated goal of the neo-con agenda, the destruction of Iran and Syria, from taking place. It is designed to appeal to the logical mind of Israeli and American leaders ~ don't try to destroy us because we can return the favor (perhaps using different technology but nevertheless horribly effective). The same type of MAD between NATO and the old Warsaw Pack that kept both from engaging in World War III for duration of the Cold War. So why is this MAD not working now?

It clearly makes no sense to go to war ~ and to actively push for war ~ with a enemy that can destroy your society. So what is really going on here? Is this a case of psychopaths who cannot and will not allow their "enemies" to checkmate them, no matter what the cost in human lives and in the effective destruction of the nations that they draw their power from? Or is this something more? Is this a case of pure unadulterated evil? Of a satanic desire for a orgy of death and destruction (including in your home counties)?

As crazy as it seems to be to ask this, it is a question that the current circumstances require.


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The Earl of Stirling was interviewed by Dr. Bill Deagle, on the national NutriMedical radio talk show for two hours on Tuesday the 29th of July 2008.

Lord Stirling was interviewed by Dr. Bill Deagle, host of the NutriMedical radio show on Monday afternoon (USA time zones) 14th July 2008.

Lord Stirling was interviewed on national American radio on Monday 7th July 2008 by Mike Revero of What Really Happened radio show.

HRH, Prince Harry ~ Good Guy

I generally make it a point not to do stories on the British Royal Family. There are several reasons for this. One, I am a Peer of the Realm and I am expected to show some loyalty and discretion to the British Royal Family. Secondly, many years ago, when I was Honorary Scottish Editor at the famous London genealogical firm and publishing house, Burke's Peerage, I saw first hand and up close the media feeding frenzy attached to the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of York and their families. The newspaper and television stories that resulted from this feeding frenzy were usually inaccurate, rude, intrusive to the human beings involved, and hurtful to the nation.

I am breaking my rule, not to publish on members of the Royal Family, to offer a brief story about HRH, Prince Harry, the second son of HRH, The Prince of Wales and the late HRH, Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho (younger brother of HM, King Letsie III of Lesotho) have formed the Princes' Fund for Lesotho ~ now called Sentebale. Lesotho is a beautiful but dirt poor landlocked nation surrounded by South Africa. Of the 1.8 million people living in Lesotho, fully one-third have HIV/Aids. This has resulted in a truly massive number of orphans, fully 40% of all the children in Lesotho are orphans.

Prince Harry and 26 of his comrades from the Household Cavalry of the British Army are spending three weeks of their own off-time in back breaking labor building a dining hall, wheelchair ramps, and a septic tank system at a elementary school to help out the orphans. Harry is right in there doing all the manual labor and "leading from the front". To me this is what real leadership is all about.

Former President Jimmy Carter, and his wife, have put tens of thousands of hours in as volunteer carpenters for Habitat for Humanity and they have become the most respected former Presidential couple in living memory. I am sure that they have learned what I learned in helping to build a couple of Habitat homes and in cooking and serving at a couple of soup kitchens, that you get far more out of the experience than you put into it.

Shortly after he was elected Pope, I tried to get Pope Benedict XVI interested in visiting hospitals, jails, and serving/cooking at soup kitchens in Rome (as well as showing up unannounced to hold morning Mass at various Roman parish churches) every week. Either my letter did not make it through to him (usually the title opens doors; I have a couple of Holy Cards from Pope John Paul II), or he simply did not take the advice. He is poorer for it.

Good going Harry. Show them you are made of the right stuff.


Photos and Daily Mail article.
Sentebale organization ~ check out their site and make a donation if you can.

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The Pope and the Church of England and the Orthodox

Very historic events taking place in religion now. The Church of England's Bishops at their General Synod meeting ~ some of them anyway ~ have voted to ordain women bishops. The Church of England, along with the Catholic Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church are centered on the literal descent in an unbroken line of bishops, priests, and deacons from the 12 Apostles with each bishop/priest/deacon ordained by the laying on of hands from a bishop who himself was ordained by another bishop...etc. etc. going back to one or more of the actual Apostles. The Dogma is that without this unbroken line of descent it is not possible to celebrate Mass and turn the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ ~ an holy act established by Jesus Christ Himself and directed by Him to His followers that they shall "Do this in memory of Me".

In 2,000 years of history the Christian churches ~ at least the Catholic & Orthodox & Church of England ~ have not ordained women as bishops. There were no woman Apostles and church dogma is firm that women cannot be ordained ~ that their spirits cannot be infused with the holy order of a bishop regardless if a dozen other bishops lay their hands on their heads and pronounce words of ordination. This belief is centered on the fact that Jesus did not select women to be in the group of 12 Apostles.

If women cannot really be bishops, those women "ordained" as bishops cannot themselves pass on valid ordinations of priests and deacons and bishops, thereby ending the 2,000 year line of unbroken succession from the Holy Apostles themselves. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL for those still following the 2,000 year old Christian faith.

A significant percentage of Church of England (CofE) bishops and priests and deacons are prepared to break away and several bishops have been meeting with the Pope's top people to work out a deal for the reunion of many bishops, priests, and deacons with hundreds of thousands of faithful, with the Roman Catholic Church. A key problem is mandatory celibacy, the Church of England bishops and priests can be married and most are. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches have married deacons and married priests ~ in the Catholic Church the married priests are almost all in the Eastern Rite; some are former Anglican (Church of England) or Lutheran priests re ordained as Catholic priests. Neither the Catholics nor the Eastern Orthodox have married bishops.

The issue of celibate priests and celibate bishops is not, however, a matter of church dogma. It is a matter of tradition and man made rules. We know that the first Pope, St. Peter, was married and we know that at least several of the 12 Apostles were married. St. Paul says that deacons, priests, and bishops should be married. The rule of priestly celibacy is only about 800 years old in the Catholic church, not in effect for the first 1,200 or so years. The rule for celibate bishops is older but goes nowhere back to the time of Christ ~ there were mostly married bishops for hundreds of years in the Church (and this was before the Eastern Orthodox Catholics and the Roman Catholics split in the 1100s).

Will the Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI allow a mass return of a large part of the worldwide Church of England? This would include re ordaining the Church of England bishops, priests, and deacons as Catholic bishops, priests, and deacons. The issue of allowing a rite unique to former CofE clergy and faithful is a minor issue, easily solved if the celibacy issue can be resolved. Really the only way to resolve the issue is for the Pope to allow for married bishops and priests in the Catholic Church (at least in a English Rite for former CofE members).

The real question is will Pope Benedict XVI trade his support for celibacy for the reunion of a great many clergy and faithful from the Church of England (something sought by all popes for hundreds of years). If not, he will be in the position of placing a man made rule over a central theme of Catholic dogma ([bringing] all Christians [back] under the One True Church). If he accepts the married priests and bishops the demand to allow the same throughout the Church will be unstoppable. Local bishops will begin to ordain married priests, to end the critical shortage of priests, on their own authority in violation of his authority/central rules (this is actually happening in many nations already but it is being done quietly). How could he allow many or even most of his bishops to be in open revolt against him?

If he does not open the Church's arms to the Church of England's clergy and faithful, the Russian Orthodox (and its main overseas branch the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) and the Antiochian Orthodox Church both have Western Rites that are apt to welcome their fellow Christians from the Church of England. They have no problem with married priests but the issue of married bishops would be a problem.

This issue is one of great historic importance and will be increasing one of high drama in the days ahead.


UPDATE: Vatican Cardinal Dias tells 650 Anglican bishops at Lambeth Conference they have spiritual Alzheimer's ~ link.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


War on Iran: The Perfect Storm from Hell

As the global bankers’ plan to bring down the American and world’s economy continues (so that they can acquire as much of our wealth as possible at ‘fire sale’ prices ~ an old strategy), the world is facing another much worse danger. A regional war in the Middle East that will involve global strategic weapons of mass destruction with deaths in the hundreds of millions in North America, Europe, the Middle East and globally.

I have served as a consultant to three very high tech aerospace firms. My specialty is conceptualizing advanced warfare especially as it relates to new cutting edge advanced weapon systems. What I see unfolding with a war on Iran is the most frightening set of circumstances I have ever seen; and I have been involved in advanced theoretical weaponry strategy and design for over 20 years.

The rise of the Likud/neo-cons, with Benjamin Netanyahu as the unholy high priest, has been a disaster for Israel, America, the Middle East, and the world at large. The smartest thing that Israel ever did was to use American money to buy off Jordan and Egypt and make peace with them. The dumbest thing was to empower the Likud Party hardliners centered on Bibi Netanyahu and the Bush/Cheney Administration (with supporting roles played by Sharon, and neo-con leaders in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and elsewhere). Four years ago Israel was no where near a MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment. Today it has a very dangerous four-front MAD environment and it was unable, in the Second Lebanon War of two years ago, to overturn the dangers surrounding it, in fact the level of MAD danger has increased considerably since the summer of 2006.

The war party in Israel and America has facilitated the rise of a regional (Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine) MAD. I truly believe that the Likud/neo-con strategy is a total failure. The stated goal of the strategy is to break-up and weaken several Middle Eastern states that pose, or could pose, a strategic risk to Israel. To this end Saddam was encouraged to attack Kuwait resulting in the First Gulf War. When he was able to demonstrate, even in the face of intense allied air attacks, his ability to “deliver ordinance on target” using his Scud missiles the United States (and allies) decided not to drive all the way to Bagdad. We knew that he was holding back “the heavy stuff” and only using “dumb” high explosive warheads; not the chemical, biological and radiological warheads that could have caused massive damage to Israel and to the Saudi oilfields. Saddam Hussein's military had prepared what it called the "great equalizer", an arsenal of 25 Scud warheads carrying over 11,000lb of biological agents, including deadly botulism poison and anthrax germs (an additional 33,000lb of germ agents were placed in artillery shells and bombs). It was only after he was forced into denuding himself of his advanced weaponry that the neo-cons were able to begin the Second Gulf War.

After Iran, the Likud/neo-con war strategy calls for the neutralizing of Iran and Syria. The Iranians response was to train and equip Hezbollah in Lebanon and to deepen their strategic alliance with Syria.

During the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the Iranian trained and equipped Hezbollah forces repeated the efforts of Saddam during the First Gulf War. They delivered a very large number of rockets with “dumb” high explosive warheads on Israel. The Hezbollah Special Forces are in-effect a highly trained and well-equipped Iranian commando force of at least a Brigade in size. They man and protect a large number of mostly unguided and rather crude rockets, generally Katyusha 122mm artillery rockets with a 19 mile/30km range and capable of delivering approximately 66 pounds/30kg of warheads. Additionally, Hezbollah are known to possess a considerable number of more advanced and longer range missiles. During the 2006 war Hezbollah fired approximately 4,000 rockets (95% of which were Katyshas) all utilizing only "dumb" high explosive warheads. Some Iranian build and supplied Fajr-3 and Ra'ad 1 liquid-fueled missiles were also fired. At the time of the 2006 war Hezbollah was reported to have in the range of 13,000 rockets. There are creditable reports that this number has been rebuilt and expanded upon since the end of that war and that the number of rockets is now at least 20,000 and perhaps 30,000 or more.

During the 2006 war the world watched as Israeli towns were hit time and time again by the Katyushas. What was not discussed by the main stream news media was the fact that the ordinance delivered by the Katyushas was mainly harassment fire with very limited effect. The Iranian/Syrian trained and supplied Hezhollah commandos were holding back their "heavy stuff" both in terms of their longer range guided missiles capable of hitting southern Israel and most importantly warheads of strategic military importance. That is NBC (nuclear [in this case radiological] chemical and biological) and advanced-conventional warheads. They were demonstrating their ability to deliver "ordinance on target" and their ability to survive a heavy Israeli ground and air combined arms attack.

Hezbollah has the capability of loading truly strategic warheads on the large number of mostly crude older technology unguided rockets that it has. The use of advanced-conventional fuel-air explosive (FAE) warheads on the Katyushas would have had a much more profound effect in Israeli cities. The use of FAE submunitions on the larger missiles capable of hitting any target in Israel would have given Hezbollah the firepower of low-yield nuclear weapons without crossing the nuclear threshold. Coupled with the large number of missiles in Syria and those in Iran, the Hezbollah rockets posed, and continue to pose, a truly grave strategic threat to Israel if FAE warheads are used. This threat is dramatically increased if radiological ("dirty bombs"), chemical, and/or biological warheads are used.

The massive number of Hezbollah rockets could also be outfitted with chemical warheads. It is worth noting that the joint Syrian-Iranian chemical warfare R&D and production program is perhaps the largest and most complicated on earth. Generally the Israelis have shown themselves to be prepared for chemical warfare, however a chemical war attack following closely behind a FAE attack (to open up bunkers and apartment buildings) would have greater effect. While it is not necessary to utilize a rocket to deliver a biological war attack, it could be done and there is some benefit militarily to a rapid dispersal of biowar agents under the cover of conventional attacks. Radiological weapons deliver the long term (which can be hundreds of thousands of years) lethal effects of radiation without the blast effect of a nuclear bomb.

The combined military strategic capability of NBC/Advanced Conventional warheads and very large numbers of rockets operated and protected by Hezbollah, coupled with the arsenal of Syria and Iran (and Hamas) acts as a MAD (mutually assured destruction) between Israel and Iran/Syria. Yes the Israelis can nuke the hell out of both Iran and Syria; however, they possess a fatal return punch.

The response from the Israeli and neo-con hardliners to the new MAD strategic environment has been frightening. Instead of recognizing the danger to Israel and to the entire world from the Iranian/Syrian “checkmate” on the aggressive Israeli/neo-con strategy, and making major changes to their strategy, they are attempting to “tough it out”. The issue of “danger from the Iranian nuclear program” is a smokescreen to facilitate the coming war on Iran and her allies (Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas) and to continue with the next stage of the neo-con strategy. The response from the hardliners is more war and damn their WMD (weapons of mass destruction). This is most unwise and most dangerous to the entire world.

When the USSR was falling apart, and in the aftermath of the USSR breakup, Iran spend a lot of money to hire some of the best Soviet biological war experts. The advanced biowar weapons that Iran has developed gives Iran a Global Strategic Weapon of Mass Destruction that can unleash levels of death among the populations of the major neo-con nations (USA, UK, France, German, Italy, etc.) very similar to that from a global strategic nuclear strike. This means that Iran and her allies have a MAD with America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, German, Italy, etc.

Most people think of biological warfare as anthrax and smallpox; they do not understand that there has been a major shift in technology. The difference between the old biowar (that most people think of) and advanced biowar (with its recombination DNA designer super killer viruses) is like the difference between an old Model T Ford and a 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom. Both are cars, or biological weapons, but there is a difference of several orders of magnitude.

Regardless of how a war against Iran breaks out, it is likely to very quickly escalate to the usage of WMD. There has been talk among USAF war planners of a 1,200 (some say 2,000 to 3,000 or more) target attack on Iran’s nuclear, industrial, military, political and religious infrastructure. If a foreign enemy were to bomb 1,200 or more targets in the United States what would be the response of the American government and it’s military? Actually the answer to this question is well known. The stated doctrine of the United States of America is to rain hundreds of hydrogen bombs (WMD) on the territory and people of such an aggressor; this has been our policy for approximately 60 years. Why do we presuppose that the Iranians would not do the same?

If Iran is hit by either an Israeli and/or an American air attack, it is certain that Iran will respond. This response, even if is non-WMD at first, will certainly result in more escalation and counter-escalation. The chances of a regional Middle East war between Iran/Syria/Hezbollah/Hamas and Israel/USA not becoming a nuclear and advanced biological war nightmare are very low. In fact, since both sides know this, there is a strong military incentive to move to all out usage of WMD when the first bombs begin to fall (in order to utilize more of one’s weaponry before its destruction).

The end result will be a third or so of Israelis dead and large parts of the Israeli nation poisoned for hundreds of thousands of years by radiological warheads. Syria, Iran, and large parts of Lebanon and Palestine will cease to exists and will be little more than a green radioactive debris field poisonous to all forms of life higher than a cockroach for hundreds of thousands of years (longer than modern man has existed). The Iranian oilfields and most likely the oilfields of a large part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other areas of the Middle East are also apt to be so poisoned by Iranian radiological warheads or Israeli/American nuclear fallout.

The world will suffer its most complete economic collapse in history. All of this will take less than one week.

At about two weeks, after the beginning of the war on Iran, emergency rooms and doctors offices will begin to see a sudden spike in a number of new diseases with numerous very ill people being admitted to hospitals in North America, and Western Europe and what is left of Israel. By that time the Iranian and Syrian states will have effectively ceased to exist with insufficient manpower and organization to even bury their dead.

The many new genetically engineered viruses causing the strange diseases showing up will have been spread by sleeper agents supplied with a number of new viruses and distributed in public places (movie theaters, shopping malls, churches, etc.) quietly without anyone knowing. Humans themselves will become the vectors of the diseases/biowar agents. Although the Bush Administration has spent $40 billion on biowar defense in the last couple of years, there is little that can realistically be done against a global strategic advanced biowar attack. The tactic of necessity will be to lock down everyone, with only key persons being allowed to leave their homes, in order to let the multiple genetically engineered diseases burn themselves out (a nice way of saying letting everyone who has the illnesses die off).

Expect to see dear old Bibi Netanyahu as ‘head’ of what is left of Israel. Expect to see sub dermal RFID chips implanted under the skin of the population left in the major neo-con states to “prove your disease free status” and necessary to buy, sell, or work. Expect to see military checkpoints everywhere and total control by the neo-con national governments over all aspects of life. Expect to see concentration camps for persons suspected of disloyalty to the state (this will include many viewers of sites like this one). Expect to see levels of death, fear, repression that are almost incomprehensible.

Expect to see the various biological warfare diseases spread throughout the world, even with a total shutdown of international travel. Millions will die in Russia and China. Expect to see those national governments not controlled by the neo-con masters to go ape shit when their populations face the nightmare of advanced biowar. Expect the regional war in the Middle East to trigger an all out global battle utilizing all forms of weapons of mass destruction within a few months of the initial attacks on Iran.


Update 6 July 2008: A article in the Sunday Times (London, England) supports what I am saying about Iran and its biowar program. Name of article is "Germ warfare fear ovr african monkeys taken to Iran".

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Several sites have linked to this story or have run this story in whole on their web pages, including, The Truth Seeker, OpEd News, Jeff Rense Program, etc.