Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Link

Greek-inspired protests spread across Europe - Clashes a trigger for opponents of globalization/NWO and the resulting economic/financial Crash of 2008 ~ link ~ The Revolution against what is happening in the world is beginning. The Illumuni have planned for this with all the police state laws and technology, in many nations throughout the world. The real ultimate plan to handle the people is WWIII - Armageddon - The Final War, and that is coming in Spring 2009, if the Obama Administration allows the then new Israeli government to attack WMD-armed Iran.


Rodman said...

qwertyuLike to read your blog a lot - thank you for the effort -
If... and I understand it's a big IF - IF WWIII doesn't start in the spring of 2009, might that make you re-evaluate the "life as we know it is going to end any day now" mentality?

Lord Stirling said...

I base my analysis on the MAD force that Iran has established on Israel's border. If this MAD force is used, its effect will be the most horrible event in human history and logically will trigger other events. We can get past the current danger, but it will require people like Obama to summon up a lot of courage to prevent an Israeli attack on a nation that has established a MAD force to prevent just such an attack.

Rodman said...

Lord Stirling - again, appreciate the effort u put into this - I follow regularly - Want to get a dialog going w you - AGAIN, like the blog a lot - NETANYAKU was the PM of Israel a few yrs back - wasn't the END of the world - ENJOY your links, enjoy your commentary - I started on your blog on 8/08/08 - u said that it was the start of WWIII and the end of the world - is it possible that you're just looking for any link to prove your point? Could you be grasping at straws? - Thank you 4 your time - Rodman

Lord Stirling said...

When did WWII start ~ Poland, China, or Austria, etc.?

Email me if you want a dialog. Thanks.