Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008


Full Spectrum Dominance ~ link

Cracks begin to show in Israeli leadership on Gaza War ~ link

Bill Clinton - possible US Senator from New York State to replace his wife ~
Oh yes, Slick Willie would be so much better than the daughter of the martyred US President Kennedy. Just lay in a supply of bimbos and cigars.

Gazprom: Russia to cut natural gas supplies to Ukraine ~ link

Israelis get creative in coping with rocket threat ~ link

Gaza's tunnel economy collapses in bombing raids ~ link

Yellowstone Park hit by hundreds of earthquakes ~ link ~ Yellowstone sits on the most dangerous site in North America. If the giant dormant volcano, under Yellowstone, ever blows it would take several states with it and many millions of people. Scalar War involves, among other things, the ability to cause earthquakes. Perhaps, America is being sent a warning about the support of the current Israeli 'Gaza War' by Russia or China. Before you file this idea in the "nut file" take the time to learn about Scalar Warfare.

Bangkok nightclub fire kills 59, injures 130 ~ link

'Leap Second' will be added to 2008/2009 ~ link

Israel sends more troops to Gaza border ~ link

Hi Vitamin C linked to lower blood pressure ~ link ~ Don't look for the major pharmaceutical companies to tell you this however.

on full military alert - Pres. envisions major regional developments in wake of continuing Gaza War ~ link ~ And just before Bush leaves office.

Day Five - Gaza War ~ link

World outrage at Israeli blitz ~ link

Israel rejects calls from most nations on Earth to end Gaza War
~ link ~ Israel begins 2009 in a sea of blood and it is apt to be the worst year in human history.

In a rare judicial victory for Bush, a federal judge rules that two long time 'gitmo' detainees are lawfully enemy combatants ~ link ~ This judge needs to be impeached as he seems to lack even basic knowledge of the US Constitution.

Tiny province longs for Mother Russia's embrace ~ link

British and Commonwealth New Year's Honours List ~ link


Anonymous said...

Iran on full alert in wake of Israeli raids

Anonymous said...

I wonder if on a biblical level, there is a correlation between the Yellowstone activity and Israel going into an all out war. Maybe that part of the middle east is a pressure point for the earth. Just like people have pressure points. Israel blows up bombs on a sensitive area of the planet and the earth violently responds back. I just hope Yellowstone doesn't blow it's top or we'll all be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Bolton: Gaza raids precursor to Iran war

Anonymous said...

Bolton: Gaza raids precursor to Iran war

Anonymous said...

McCain predicts India-Pakistan war

We think, that Lord Stirling was / is absolutely right with his predictions.

There will be a 3rd world war in the not too far future.

John from Levittown, NY said...

Sadly, I believe the sale of the S300 missiles to Iran was the trigger mechanism that started the Gaza attack. They're at the stage of the game where everyone has placed their bets and now it's time to show what you got. Israel is not going to let itself lose like in Lebanon 2 years ago. And if Israel does win in Gaza, the enemies of Israel are not going to be able to stomach that Israel pushed back the resistance because that would mean that Israel will have peace on it's southern border area. The other worry is the price of oil. Iran, Russia, and other countries are going broke now. It's like when you corner a wild animal. It will attack you. I believe there was a famous world leader or war general from a previous war who said the best way to obtain peace is to feed the enemies, give them stuff. Now that people are losing their stuff, nobody is happy. That's how wars start.