Monday, December 22, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

France and Brazil to sign major new arms deal ~ link

Brown rules out early 2009 election ~ link

NeoCon Sarkozy drops 'reform' amid fears of riots ~ link ~ The Youth Revolution in Greece is causing some concern as at least some human beings are refusing to be led to the sheeple shaughter house.

Report: Saudis seek nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Actually, I believe that Saudi Arabia already has a handful of nukes, along with the Chinese supplied IRBMs to deliver them.

US Banks refuse to disclose how they are spending billions in taxpayer money/bailout aid ~ link ~ The biggest rip-off in human history. The American sheeple go along with whatever is done to them. However, the price for this will be almost beyond compression as the world's worse economic crash in history continues to unfold; as the growing NWO police state continues to expand; as we head into the Final Battle/World War III.

Pakistan scrambles fighter jets over major cities as both nations ambassadors (actually High Commissioners) are back in their home nations ~ link

Iraqi shoe-thrower's brother says he would do it again - says his brother was tortured in jail ~ link

British Minister for Africa: Mugabe will have to step down ~ link ~ The thug Mugabe needs to hang until dead and then be buried in a unmarked grave.

Belgian King accepts resignation of his Government ~

Ultimate Christmas Gift ~ link

Worldwide bankruptcy wave about to hit ~ link

Photos of the Greek Youth Revolution - not all are youths - Greece gave us democracy and they are attempting to reclaim the world from anti-democratic elements and putting their lives on the line ~ link

Global Stampede for "Bush Shoe" creats 100 new jobs ~ link

Dem. Congressman: Kennedy like Palin ~ link ~ Now hold on a minute, she is the only surviving child of JFK, sister of JFK, Jr., niece of RFK, all of who were killed by the evil hidden Illuminati powers that be. So give her a chance.

Rt. Hon. Robin Cook - former United Kingdom Foreign Secretary: There is no "Al Qaeda" ~ link ~ That is the truth. As some kind readers pointed out this is an old quote, Robin Cook died several years ago. But the point made is still valid. It may be that speaking the truth cost Robin his life (see comments).

Britain's coming job 'bloodbath' ~ link

Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush to sue security guards after beating ~ link

German police arrest 10 at Greek solidarity protest ~ link


mesa sucks said...

Stirling, Robin Cook must have made that quote a long time ago because he died August 2005

mesa sucks said...

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook good wiki here

Whats standing out to me is the conflicting reports of his death. The post mortem revealed that Cook died of hypertensive heart disease, although the paramedics at the scene had speculated that he died of a broken neck.

Most likely died right after he made those comments.