Sunday, December 21, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Photos of the Greek Youth Revolution - not all are youths - Greece gave us democracy and they are attempting to reclaim the world from anti-democratic elements and putting their lives on the line ~ link

Greek youth revolution spreads - first event in USA happens in shopping mall in San Francisco ~ link

India steps up vigil along border ~ link

Russia starts delivery of advanced air defense S-300 missile system to Iran ~ link

Bill Clinton raised over half a billion US dollars for his "foundation" ~ link ~ Slick Willie cashing in big time.

Greek youth revolution continues - offices of company that keeps records of delinquent debtors and credit card holders destroyed ~ link
Also see ~ link

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence him - new book out ~ link
~ I knew that this was the case, but this book gives new specific information from the agent who set up his auto "accident". The Cold War was set up by the global banking families at the end of WWII. The massive amount of money spend on war and war preparations, over the last couple of hundred of years, and the millions of lives lost, millions injured, and countless lives disrupted and lived in horror was all due to a small group of families who are satanic and using war, and economic depression/recession, to enrich themselves via the debt that these events bring on us all.

US troops to replace British forces in southern Iraq ~ link ~ The USA needs to get the hell out of Iraq NOW and Afghanistan as well - both were based on lies and false flag operations

UK private firm's bailiffs to get powers to use force on "debtors" - to break into homes and to use "reasonable force" against homeowners who try to protect their possessions ~ link ~ More police state trash from the evil ones behind the Blair/Brown front men.

A World Enslaved ~ link ~ This is a most distressing story that needs to be told. My great-grandfather and his brothers fought in the American Civil War to end slavery; sad, very sad, to say it is not over.

Australian welfare groups praise homeless plan ~ link ~ Still too little - would only halve the number of homeless by the next decade.


gott_cha said...

Odd,...being that the CSA's constitution outlawed Slavery.

The War was never about that,....surprised an individual with your education would promote such a fallacy.

Lord Stirling said...

You are right, at least partially, as to what the war was really all about. The Rothschilds wanted to split the Union into two waring camps and to fund both sides, and spent a lot of money promoting events that led to the Civil War. Lincoln, with the assistance of the Tsar of Russia, did not play along. But to the average man enlisted in the Union Army, he was fighting to end slavery. I have not read the CSA constitution; but I do know that the South maintained its slaves during the Civil War.