Monday, November 17, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

Extinction threatens Yellow-Pages publishers ~ link

Scottish barony title being offered as hedge against economic crisis ~ link

China coal mine flood traps 34 workers ~ link

Nissan: Buy our electric cars - rent our batteries ~ link

New high tech police car scans license plates, sniffs out bombs ~ link

$2 trillion handed out by Paulson and Bernanke - But who got it, nobody knows ~ link

Obama and the imperial presidency ~ link

China hints at aircraft carrier project ~ link

Russia's banal reality lies in between energy superpower and bankrupt state ~ link

Brown paves way for tax cuts ~ link

Saudi supertanker with British crew seized by pirates ~ link ~ The governments of the world need to do more to kill the bastard pirates.

Shares in UK bailed out banks tumble ~ link

Citigroup to cut 52,000 jobs ~ link

Lord Black on Obama's opportunities ~ link

Zaini Mohd Said: A new dawn on the horizon ~ link

New York Times: A military for a dangerous new world ~ link

Now is time to cut back on US spending for military ~ link ~ Actually there is a way to cut back on spending by perhaps 25% while actually expanding American ability to defend itself and to project its armed forces globally ~ I will be writing on this soon.

War on Taliban sparks refugee crisis ~ link

Coronation of new Bhutanese King in photos ~ link

Barack Obama brings hope of Iran talks, says President of Israel Shimon Peres ~ link

Foreign policy paths for a new president ~ link

Top US Senator: Cancel the 'blank check' bailout ~ link

Gardasil vaccine linked to outbreaks of genital warts in children ~ link

Signers of the American Declaration of Independence ~ link ~ The last person of note to claim the Earldom of Stirling, before me, was Major-General Lord Stirling, who fought on the American side and also lost his life and his fortune in the process.