Friday, November 14, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

The danger of keeping Robert Gates as US Secretary of Defense ~ link

US Army gets its first four-star woman general ~ link

Obama, World Crisis, and the New World Order ~ link ~ There is also a direct connection between the NWO and WWIII and the Apocalypse.

Olbert warns of 'end of Israel' if no two-state solution with Palestinians ~ link ~ Olmert has recognized that the NeoCon/Lukid strategy is a total complete failure that has empowered the Iranians to build a MAD force on Isreal's border.

Bibi copies Barack's web page for Israeli campaign ~ link ~ Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) the man most likely to start World War III

New shoes on old debt - current economic woes have 1980's roots ~ link

White House told to preserve records
~ link ~ Why would Bush and Cheney start to obey the law and Constitution now, in eight years they have had nothing but total contempt for the Law of the Land and the US Constitution.

Paulson says banking system has been 'stabilized' ~ link ~ If you could package his words they would make great fertilizer for your garden.

Pentagon readies $82 billion new war supplemental spending package ~ link ~ Like America can afford it, right!

Financial crisis to dominate EU-Russia Summit ~ link

Europe has fallen in love with American again due to Barack Obama ~ link

Royal Bank of Scotland to cut 3,000 jobs ~ link
link to second article on this story

Sailor charged with causing deaths on Russian nuclear sub ~ link

Prince Charles at 60 - The Prince's life in photos ~ link

The North Korean Conundrum ~ Link

Barack Obama: Polynesia's First US President ~ link

Torture - Yes We Can? ~ link ~ Obama has got to clearly establish that America will not support torture in any way, ever again.


cashforloans said...

great site and great info sir

Anonymous said...

I think the Dollar will crash either on december 13, because Venus then has completed it's pentagram december or in februari, according to Hal Turner.