Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Quickening ~ Economic Crisis

I have been using the term, the Quickening, to describe the recent series of political, economic, and military events and trends. Events have quicken, or increased in speed, with the trend line most negative in the last month, and this has been global in nature.

I believe that the time period from 9/11/01 (the false flag attack on America) to 9/11/08 was the Biblical Seven Year Tribulation. I think that we have so had our views of End Time events and theology shaped by Hollywood and the main stream media that most of us are expecting something unreal and hence many people cannot see the reality of events unfolding before their very eyes. My recent article on the Superholographic nature of the Universe laid out a scientific theory of how the universe is totally interconnected and how all time (past, present, and future) is a part of this interconnectedness. When both the Old Testament and the New Testament spoke of End Time events there was not only a theological basis but also a scientific basis for the belief that we can access the future in some limited way.

There is a key link between what is happening in the global economic crisis and the growing risk of World War III beginning in the Middle East. That link is the New World Order agenda controlled by the global banking families. The way they work is to control the money supply of nations through the various central banks, such as the privately owned Federal Reserve System of the United States and the privately owned Bank of England in the United Kingdom. When money is printed it is created out of thin air, an accounting entry on the books, by the central banks. However, the nation states have to pay the central banks for the money and pay interest on the money. The creation of money is a proper function only of governments (in America it is a function that is constitutionally allowed only to the central/federal government), but the global banking families have taken over this by bribery and the control of the mass news media.

Wars and economic recessions and depressions are the most important engines of wealth and power expansion that the global banking families have. Hence several families have profited from most wars over the last two hundred years, and from the distress caused by economic crisis like the Great Depression. To deliberately profit from, and worst to deliberately work to set up and cause wars and depressions, to enrich oneself is a very deep and sick form of evil. It is not surprising that many involved in these families are said to be satanic (Lucifer worshipers) in their beliefs. These are the evil criminals that control our politicians, our stock markets, our banking and insurance institutions, our industries, and our mainstream media.

The ultimate goal is one world government with a total lock on all power, all wealth, all resources by a handful of people. The technology of spying and 21st Century police state technology are becoming so all pervasive, so powerful that the monsters of the recent past, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin ~ all by the way created by these same global banking families as their front men ~ would be jealous.

The technology of mass destruction, of 21st Century warfare, however has also seen a dramatic increase since the last world war. This has not stopped the march to war in the Middle East and through this region the march to global war ~ to World War III. Lost in the focus of most people and the news media on the out of control global economic crisis, is the latest news from the Middle East. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister has not been able to obtain an agreement from the Russian government not to sell the S-300 air defense system to Iran and Syria. Further, the Russian naval base construction continues in Syrian ports. One has to ask if the heavy American and Israeli involvement in the Georgian attack on Russian civilians that began the recent Georgian War was really just stupid on the part of the neo-con forces, or a part of a organized plot to set up events for the coming World War III. To enrage the Russians by causing what the Russians call their 9/11. Remember, it was the Illuminati agent, Trotsky, who was the controller of the team that killed the Austrian Archduke that set off the First World War.

The emplacement of the very advanced S-300 air defense system in Syria and Iran will effectively preclude an Israeli Air Force strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. It will make any larger American attack much more costly and difficult. It is estimated that the time window left to the Israelis is three months to six months. However, this could be shortened by the Russians air lifting the S-300 system into Iran and Syria and using Russian operators to staff the system while Iranian and Syrian operators are being trained. This could put a "hair trigger" on events in the Middle East and may have something to do with recent Syrian armored deployments on the border with Lebanon.

You know you are living in most interesting times when more and more people are using terms like "new Great Depression" and "World War III".



Anonymous said...

great blog!! I check it regularly. I wonder what your thoughts about the military build up in syria and it's effect on a military confrontaion. Russian, Iran, and syria all have millitary aggreements. militant palestenians are in lebanon and could take advantage of the chaos to strike isreal with thier missiles. It does't take great foresight to see that isreal will use the oppurtunity to strike Iran as a Retaliation strike for providing military training. Will america enter to protect Isreals interests and if it does will russia intervene as well. I believe that we have one hell of a chicken fight going on right now...Your thoughts would be appreciated. i am just an ameteur international policy grad in san diego..Cheers.

Anonymous said...

With reference to the interpretation the Lord provided Daniel for the dreams of the Egyptian ruler, the seven lean years may have only just begun.

Carole Massey Reyner said...

I have read the Bible from cover to cover many, many times and have an entire library of theological commentaries which I read and study, and have done for many years. I have read all predominant points of view. Unfortunately, many of the points of view are tortured. In order to get the truth out of the Bible one cannot pick and choose. It's all true, or none of it.

The Great Tribulation could not possibly have begun or ended. The Bible is crystal clear on that. It begins with a peace treaty which Israel signs, and ends with the War of Armageddon, at which time Jesus Christ returns to earth and establishes His earthly kingdom.

This was the view of St. Paul and all of the early orthodox church fathers.

Just as all prophecy in the Bible which has been fulfilled has been literally fulfilled, so will all of the remaining end time prophecies be literally fulfilled.

(I haven't been to a Hollywood movie in years :-) I spend my time reading and studying Scripture. If more people made this their number one priority there would be far more understanding of what scripture says and how world events fit precisely into God's plan.

Carole Massey-Reyner

Lord Stirling said...

Dear Anonymous,

We could see a major war developing in the Middle East soon. I don't think that we are quite at the stage of WWIII just yet, but I feel it is coming in the next year or so.


Anonymous said...

For those that believe that there are forces in high places that are trying to bring about a one world government, I'm wondering if these "powers that be" allowed all this unregulated borrowing in the mortgage industry just so that it would eventually collapse and the government would have to be the savior and take everything over, just like what is happening now. Kind of like how the conspiracy theorists believe 9/11 was allowed to happen so that the government could get more power over our freedoms.