Sunday, October 19, 2008

Links of the Day & Crash of 2008

UK: Passport Will Be Needed To Buy Moble Phones ~ link ~ Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin would be so proud.

See also: Why David Davis is a hero ~ link

Dr. Henry Makow on the New Financial World Order ~ link

Airboard ~ link

Twins? ~ link ~ link


Anonymous said...

Naive view about the posturing Tory MP, I'm afraid. He's happy with 28 days detention without trial, the death penalty etc. The guy has successfully positioned himself in the minds of the media (and, sadly, some of the UK public) as a champion of civil liberties, whilst being a complete insider. See here:

Steve said...

I definitely didn't need to see the site, regardless of what possible "positive" thing you may have had in mind. Hoverboard - good, - bad.