Saturday, September 20, 2008


I just want to say thanks to my many loyal viewers. It is amazing to me the large number of viewers that I have from all over the world. My major articles, which are posted on several major news sites, have something like one to two million viewers. I know that often my articles are rather scary, but I try to tell the truth as I know it. I have the experience of having been a consultant to several high tech firms, including three aviation firms involved in advanced military technology; and I know a wide variety of people from the highest to the lowest levels in many parts of the world. This makes my writing interesting but often frightening. Again, thanks for viewing my blog.

Tim Earl of Stirling

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Rodman said...

well, no one's said it yet, so I will - thanks to you for keeping this blog up to date - it's a crazy world we live in - you do put a lot of doom and gloom on here, and I really do hope you're wrong about most of this stuff, and reading it regularly is making me a bit more paranoid about the state of humanity... BUT, I do enjoy checking it, and wish you the best, and thank you for organizing all this stuff. But I hope you're wrong about it :)