Friday, September 19, 2008

Syrian Tripwire For WWIII

Russian Rear Admiral Andrei Baranov has disclosed that 10 Russian warships are already anchored at the Syrian port of Tartus. Russian engineering crews are widening and dredging the port to accommodate additional Russian warships.

The Russians are making clear their intentions of using the large Russian naval presence in Tartus as a deterrent to Israeli air strikes against Syria using the powerful anti-air missiles on-board the Russian naval warships. These missile systems can sweep the sky over most of Syria and knock down Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighters. This changes the balance of power in the air over Syria.

This also places a tripwire for World War III in place in the Middle East. Any attack on Iran will also involve a war with Syria and Lebanon. This will now involve Russian military forces in direct support of the Iranian/Syrian alliance. Russia is a major nuclear power with the power to destroy every American and NATO city. George Bush has just agreed to sell Israel 1,000 very advanced American bunker buster bombs for use in the coming war with Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

The neo-cons are going to get most of us killed.


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Marcel said...

you give a much clearer picture with this information,but there is a bigger player than the neonuts.

'The neo-cons are going to get most of us killed.'
I do agree that the idiots will succeed with their madness borne out of arrogance but this is the way of all empires.
I've always seen that when God judges an empire,he makes her leaders idiots and we are there.
Not even the Democrats or a skirt can save us because it is God who has determned to judged wickedness on the earth.
The best hope for all is to Fear God and repent and seek to be in His hiding place,the only place of safety.

Dave In Santa Fe said...

The "neocons" are busy consolidating government and business functions within the USA, based on a pyramid of lies. Being immature souls, they both crave and fear power. But they are not suicidal. Look at their performance in the clash with Russia over Georgia.

profnasty said...

The CFR has recently stated america has strategic dominance over Russia. That is, Rus nuclear forces can be neutralized in wartime. I don't know if this is the case, but I doubt it. If they really believe this, then they will enter upon war with Russia. This is how far america's leaders will go to serve/pay tribute to Israel. And so, Israel IS Wallstreet, and Wallstreet rules america. Word to your mother.