Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain Picked A Winner In Sarah Palin

WOW, I watched Sarah Palin give her speech at the Republican National Convention and I have to tell you, John McCain picked a winner! Sarah Palin knows how to connect with the average American voter. She is a powerful strategic choice for McCain. Barack Obama and his people better get their strategy and act together, and do so fast, or Sarah will eat them alive.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not supporting McCain. I do not agree with his support of the neo-con agenda. Of course, Obama and Biden largely support the neo-con agenda also. But as a political scientist and native American, I have to tell you that Sarah Palin strikes all the right cords for Americans. Remember, it is the undecided middle that must be won for either Obama or McCain to be elected President. Sarah Palin is a powerful torpedo aimed right at this middle.



Caryl said...

I think you are powerfully deluded. Sarah Palin is not qualified for high office. In fact her only qualification is a rabid Christian Zionism and being an Israelophile. The choice shows very bad judgment by McCain and the bankruptcy, cronyism, warmongering and frankly total evil of the Republican Party. How could an intelligent person like you be so taken in?

Lord Stirling said...

Caryl, I did NOT say that I support Sarah Palin or McCain or that I think she is qualified. My comments are about her impact on the election and specifically on the undecided middle ground. She will be a powerful tool for the McCain campaign. Obama has got to do a much better job of reaching the undecided middle ground if he is to be elected. He has largely lost the anti-war issue due to his support of the overall neo-con war agenda. Hence, he has to use the economy to reach this group and he has to do so in a simple but effective way.

mfs95 said...

Yes, caryl, you've unfortunately assumed that stirling supports McCain/Palin.

Palin is nails on a chalkboard for me. But, she is also a great political choice. Many Americans are comfortable with discomfort. And the governor knows how to bring it!

If I hear "thanks, but no thanks, on that bridge to nowhere" one more time, I may fund and build it myself!

stirling, keep up the good work.

Captain Jeff said...

Of course, I am posting this post-election, but my point is not that it turned out Sarah "Africa is a country" Palin turned out not to be a good political choice, but that I find it odd you would peg her as being someone to woo the middle.

Sarah Palin appealed to fundamentalists and racists. She appealed to rural and blue collar Americans while demonizing the majority of US Citizens as not "real-Americans". From the start, it was clear, she was an attack-dog and nothing more.