Monday, September 22, 2008

Links of the Day

Vietnam: Massive Protests As State Demolishes Nunciature, Besieges Church Buildings ~ link.

The Bailout Could Have Funded 40 to 50 Years of Social Security ~ link.

America Reduced to Third World Status ~ link.

Trillion Bailout for the Creators of the Market Crisis ~ link. But true amount is UNLIMITED according to proposed law.

Really - Why Is The US Election A Toss-Up? ~ link. Obama has not given the public a real reason to vote for him. His pro-war views and his support of the Federal Reserve and all the rest make his motto of "CHANGE" just that, a motto. The Democrats won control of Congress two years ago with the promise to end the two on-going wars but instead expanded them.

Lord Stirling is available for public speaking engagements ~

Scottish title of Baron for sale ~ link.

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