Thursday, September 11, 2008

Links of the Day

9/11 and the 'American Inquisition' ~ link ~ very good article.

Two interesting and contrasting articles on the ABC Charles Gibson Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. The interview was clearly not "friendly" towards Palin. She handled herself well, however, the weakness in Palin is her necessary defense of the Bush/Cheney war party line, which McCain is following. In reality there is little substanstive difference between Obama's position and the war party's position. But the more that Palin becomes a mouthpiece in defense of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and coming war with Iran, and a new cold war with Russia, the more ground she loses among many voters unhappy with Obama's war position and McCains as well ~ what the one article calls the "Jeff Rense voters". However, the pro-war/pro-America position will "hit home" with many undecided not too bright voters. Interesting trade-off, but the McCain/Palin strategy will/should be to get both sides, and that will be very hard to do.

1.) Palin: War with Russia may be needed ~ link ~ I did not actually see where she made this statement.
2.) ABC Charles Gibson Targets Jeff Rense Voters In Smearing Gov. Palin ~ link.

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