Monday, September 8, 2008

Links of the Day

Is Lehman Brothers in Trouble? ~ link.

McCain-Palin Take Crushing 10% Lead With Likely Voters ~ link. As I said right after McCain picked her, and repeated after her convention speech, selecting Sarah Palin was a brilliant choice. Obama is going to have to remember Bill Clinton's motto from his first run 16 years ago, "Its the economy stupid". Until and unless Obama clearly and simply convinces the swing voter that he will deliver a better economic future for them than McCain he will be in real danger of losing the election.

The attacks on Rense. com were very strong over the weekend, but today you can get through to this excellent news site. Some powerful forces simply cannot stand for the public to have access to the truth.

My thanks to Dr. Bill Deagle and the Nutrimedical Report for a great 2-hour interview on their American national radio show this Monday.

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