Monday, September 29, 2008


Hot Damn. The American public wins one! The crooked Wall Street bailout fails in the US House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

I hope that is the case, that the adverage joe has got one over the ruling elite. However I think that before long they will find someway to steal all that money out of everyones pockets. Then I will say God Damn!

Anonymous said...

The bailout idea wouldn't have worked anyway. It would have never ended, until the U.S. dollar had been rendered worthless. I hope that it is again defeated when they re-introduce the bill, as they seem to be planning in the next few days.Given its unpopularity, I can only hope the politicians in the upper and lower houses are thinking of their political future and defeat the bill.
A much better plan would be to raise money for real production, including renewed infrastructure.