Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Flaw In The Bailout Wall St. Scam

There is an interesting flaw in the Bush Administration Wall Street bailout scam. The flaw is that it comes right at election time. They intended for this to work FOR THEM but it could be turned around. The American public is very strongly against spending a trillion dollars or more on saving the crooks on Wall Street. The strategy that the Bush/Wall Street/global banking families are using is the same that they always use: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The thesis is the crisis deliberately brought on by their efforts. The antithesis is the blank check that they are demanding. The sought after synthesis is the "compromise bill" that will give them what they really want and "throw the public some peanuts" ~ that is some "oversight committee" and "protections" for the public while they rape the nation for a trillion or more.

If we don't buy into the scam we can raise unholy hell with their plans. THIS IS A FEW WEEKS BEFORE A FEDERAL ELECTION WITH ALL OF THE HOUSE UP FOR ELECTION AND A THIRD OF THE SENATE UP FOR ELECTION. If everyone would just telephone their Congressman's office, and the offices of their state's two US Senators, and say NO BAILOUT, NONE AT ALL AND IF YOUR BOSS VOTES FOR ANY BAILOUT HE/SHE WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN, we can scare Congress into doing what we the people want for once.

You can sign all the petitions you want but they have very limited effect. And time is too short for letters. Just call the nearest offices of your Congressman and Senators. They are always willing to have a staffer take a nice call. Be sure to identify yourself and your hometown. But be firm, let them know NO BAILOUT ~ NONE AT ALL. When they start getting millions and millions of calls a few weeks before election the congress critters will actually get shook up.

Copy this to everyone on your email list; post it at work; tell your friends. Don't let the crooks pull off the biggest ripoff in history and drive more coffin nails into America's coffin. Show the bums that this is America. If we can do this, we may actually begin something very powerful. We have got to save America and what is left of our way of life and Constitution while we still can.


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